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14 Traditional German Breakfast Foods

We know the Brits love their bacon sandwiches, and the Aussies will eat a pie any time of the day.

But have you ever wondered about traditional German breakfast foods?

Like us, they often incorporate potatoes into the mix, though not with as much bacon as I would like!

German Farmers Breakfast: Egg, Potatoes, Bacoon and Onions
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When it comes to the sweet stuff, they love simple dishes with fresh fruit toppings.

Though mostly, they go for crusty bread with Nutella, marmalade, or deli meat.

If you’re looking for something a little different, try out one of these 14 popular German breakfast foods.

1. German Apple Pancakes

Pancakes are the quintessential American breakfast dish. Stacked high and covered in butter and syrup, they are revered worldwide. 

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of international options to work into the rotation. 

These German apple pancakes are better known as Dutch babies in the states. They’re thick, often stuffed, and made with a sweetened pancake batter.

Rather than a stack of individual pancakes, these are baked as one big pancake and sliced to serve. 

2. German Potato Omelet

An omelet is a protein-packed way to start the day. This German version is just as nutritious but is much more filling with its filling of fried potatoes. 

Similar to a Spanish tortilla, the potato and egg combination is a favorite for a reason. 

Cooked in butter with a sprinkle of salt and green onions, the potatoes will crisp up on the outside while staying tender on the inside. 

When loaded into the omelet, it looks almost like a calzone

Try adding some bacon, caramelized onion, or breakfast sausage into the mix.

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3. Farmer’s Breakfast (German Bauernfrühstück)

This recipe is a combination of the German potato omelet and the Spanish tortilla.  

The potatoes will be cooked in a skillet until crisp before adding the onions to soften.

The egg mixture and herbs, including rosemary and basil, get poured right over the top and left to cook. 

Serve sliced from the pan with a heap of bacon and a sprinkling of smoked cheese. 

4. German Apple Custard Cake (German Apfelkuchen) 

I like to think that anything that’s loaded with fruit is suitable for breakfast. 

As far as breakfasts cakes go, the Germans got it spot on with this. 

The cake is tender and moist, thanks to the abundance of apples throughout.

It also has a custard that gets poured over the baked cake so it can soak in. 

You can even add nuts or dried fruits for that extra breakfast feeling.

Serve it with your morning coffee for a sweet, but totally healthy(ish) breakfast treat.

5. Broetchen (German Bread Rolls)

As mentioned, most Germans wake up to coffee or tea with crusty bread.

They like it with anything combination of butter, jam, Nutella, sliced meat, cheeses, or sausages.

It’s easy, great for on-the-go eating, and always a winner.

6. Homemade Bircher Muesli

Give your overnight oats an upgrade with this traditional muesli. 

Combine oats with dried fruits, cinnamon, nut butter, and your milk of choice. Stir in half of the apple before leaving to soak overnight. 

When you’re ready to eat, add some extra fresh apples to the top for tart crunch. 

Served cold, try adding a little extra honey or milk to the bowl.

7. Hopple Popple German Breakfast Casserole

Traditionally an egg casserole made with leftovers; this was a favorite of the German housewife as a way to save a few Deutsch marks back in the day. 

This recipe is somewhat of a breakfast pizza. 

The base is something you would expect, with shredded hash browns and egg. But the topping is pepperoni and cheese. 

If eating pizza for breakfast is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

8. Potato Pancakes (German Kartoffelpuffer)

These pancakes are made with finely grated starchy potatoes, onion, egg, flour, and sea salt. 

The trick is to drain and squeeze the potatoes of any liquid remaining. If you skip this step, the pancakes won’t get that gorgeous golden crisp edge.  

Cook on high heat and tap the excess grease off onto a paper towel. 

Serve with fried eggs and bacon. 

9. Apple Cinnamon Kaiserschmarrn Recipe

Another wonderfully different pancake recipe from across the pond, these pancakes are closer to French crepes than the Dutch baby or classic American style pancakes. 

You can make your pancakes in a skillet, making sure to keep the batter thin or use a crepe maker to speed things along.

These taste great with a little powdered sugar or spread of your favorite jam. But the classic German version has a generous helping of apple cinnamon compote.

10. German Semolina Pudding (Griessbrei)

A cheaper version of rice pudding, this dish is best served warm, sweet, and thick.

It usually has a porridge-like consistency and tastes best with a dollop of something sweet, such as jam or Nutella. 

The Germans like it with a similar apple cinnamon topping and made with sweetened warm milk. 

11. German Eggs in Mustard Sauce

This is a great vegetarian dish that is frugal and super tasty. 

If you’re a fan of egg salad or deviled eggs, you’ll love this hard-boiled egg and creamy mustard sauce. 

The sauce comes together with vegetable stock and flour, along with mustard, cream, lemon juice, and dill.

Nestle pre-boiled eggs into the sauce and serve with a side of potatoes.

12. German Waffles

German waffles tend to be a little thinner than what you might be used to but otherwise have a very similar flavor. 

So what makes them German?

In Germany, they are often baked into a heart shape and served with a tart cherry sauce.

These are great to freeze and have on hand. You can thaw them and cook right in a toaster. 

13. German Potato Breakfast Casserole

The last of the potato and egg dishes, this one is topped with cheese and peppers.

Baked and served like a quiche, this recipe uses a pre-made potato salad for its base. 

If you can’t find the same thing, you can par-boil your own and use them in place. 

14. Sticky German Cinnamon Buns (Schnecken)

Who doesn’t love a sticky bun?

Regardless of where it’s from, it tends to be soft, sweet, and incredibly moreish. 

These get a pecan and brown sugar syrup on the bottom of the baking dish.

Once the dough is made, rolled, and baked, you can turn it out with a beautiful and nutty caramel topping. 

14 Traditional German Breakfast Foods

Looking for the most popular German breakfast foods? From custard cake to muesli to potato pancakes, these traditional dishes are worth waking up early for.


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German Breakfast Foods

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