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10 Best German Breads

Get some European-style eats on the table tonight with this list of deliciously different German breads.

Germany takes its baked goods very seriously.

Slices of Breaded Sweet Bread with Milk
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They’ve turned the humble loaf into an art form – using many varieties of flour, seasonings, sweeteners, and flavorings.

Most of the below are time-honored traditions, created by long-forgotten generations to make the most of cheap ingredients like wheat and other grains.

In times of scarcity, they knew how to turn a boring loaf into something special – stretching it into snacks, desserts, sides, and breakfast.

And in times of plenty, they celebrated by adding more decadent ingredients like exotic fruits, sugar, and nuts.

From stollen to pretzels and rolls to pastries, this list of satisfying sweetbreads is a quick trip around the very best of German baking.

Top 10 German Bread Recipes To Try at Home

1. Bauernbrot (Farmer’s Bread)

Made with farmers in mind, this chunky bread is just the thing after a day in the fields.

It’s thick, filling, and tastes amazing fresh from the oven. 

Made with rye flour and caraway seeds, it has a rich dark flavor that pairs perfectly with sharp cheese.

It uses a sourdough starter, which helps it rise perfectly and adds an intriguing tangy note.

Crusty and dense, this bread isn’t playing around. It’s a heartier version of standard loaves and is enjoyed in country kitchens all over Germany.

2. Stollen Amish Friendship Bread 

With a name like friendship bread, this loaf can’t be eaten alone.

Bake it and invite your neighbors over. They’ll love the fluffy crumb and sweet tastes of this holiday cake.

Stollen is usually served at Christmas time. It’s made with the typical festive flavors – dried fruit, candied citrus, and sweet spices.

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This recipe adds marzipan to give it a deeper nutty taste, and it’s crazy good. It’s so good, you might not want to share!

3. Vollkornbrot (Whole Wheat Rye Bread)

This rustic treat is authentically German. It’s a country-style bread with many textures and flavors.

Made with seeds, oats, and einkorn flour, it’s chewy, crunchy and very filling. 

And you know this recipe is authentic because there’s beer in the batter. A mild German brew gives the crumb more lift, resulting in a dense but moist loaf. As an added bonus, you can finish off the bottle while you bake!

4. German Pretzels

Also known as Laugenbrezel, these soft knotted breads are salty and addictive.

They’re a popular treat at Christmas markets and beer fests because there’s nothing like a soft and crunchy snack while you’re getting festive.

If you really want to eat these like a German, serve them with a side of runny honey or spicy mustard.

5. German Brotchen Rolls

Brotchen rolls are a must-have at the dinner table. They’re crusty, soft, white rolls that can be enjoyed with any main dish.

Use them to soak up meaty juices, dip them into rich stews, or just split them open and slather them with butter.

These tasty rolls were originally created as breakfast food, but they’re a versatile side that you can use in a variety of settings. 

6. Hefezopf (Braided Sweet Bread)

It’s traditionally known as an Easter dish, but this fun braided bread is delicious year-round.

Light and sweet, it’s a chewy yeast bread that’s also popular in Austria and the Czech Republic.

The Germans know it as Hefezopf, which is a mash-up of the words for yeast and braid.

You don’t need expert-level baking skills to create this crowd-pleaser. Just make your dough, thread it together, and bake until browned. 

This recipe talks you through the entire process, with helpful diagrams thrown in so you can braid like a pro.

It’s fun to make this a weekend project and get the kids involved!

7. Kornstangen (German Seeds and Nuts Rolls)

These gorgeous rolls are the perfect combination of chewy and crunchy.

The outer crust is studded with seeds and nuts, making them beautifully crunchy and savory. Inside is an airy crumb just begging for butter.

With notes of aromatic caraway, fragrant fennel, and dark rye, this is a flavorful bread that’s a step up from the usual bland dinner rolls.

8. Apfelmushörnchen (German Quark or Applesauce Croissants)

Easy to make, and even easier to gobble up, these sweet pastries are to die for.

They’re bite-sized croissants featuring a buttery, flaky crust wrapped around a soft apple filling.

There’s applesauce in the dough as well as the center for extra fruity flavor.

And as they bake all that applesauce browns to become a gorgeous caramelized goo. 

Despite the fruit, these aren’t too sweet. If you’re in the mood for something more dessert-like, fill or spread them with jam and sprinkle with a dusting of powdered sugar.

9. German Potato Bread

Germany meets Ireland in this dense but moist loaf made with potatoes.

The starchy vegetables add moisture and bulk, keeping the texture beautifully soft so each slice melts in the mouth.

Thick and hearty, this is a savory bread that pairs well with savory sides like cheese, soups, and meats.

It’s also known as kartofelbrot, but don’t worry, you don’t have to know how to pronounce it to eat it. 

10. German Pumpernickel 

Germany is famous for its dark breads. Pumpernickel originates from the country’s northwest area, where it dates back to 1570 AD.

After all those years, it’s no surprise that German bakers have perfected their pumpernickel.

This rye bread is made with a sourdough starter, wheat, and yeast – giving it a pillowy soft crumb that’ll have you reaching for a second slice.

Try it toasted to really make the most of its beautifully rich flavor and dark depths.

10 Best German Breads

Try these German breads for a festive start to your meal! From friendship bread to pretzels to sweet bread, take a virtual trip to Germany in your own kitchen.


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German Breads

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