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20 Fruits That Start With L

Aside from lemons and limes, can you think of other fruits that start with L? No need to rack your brain, as I’ve come up with 20 of them.

The earth has an abundance of fruits for us to discover. Let’s be open to the many things life has to offer! 

That said, it’s time to widen your fruit vocabulary with this collection of fruits that start with L.

This round-up will broaden your knowledge and excite your taste buds. Who knows, you might even find a new favorite fruit on this list!

From limequat and loquat to lucuma and laranja, here are 20 fruits that start with L. 

Fresh Yellow Lemons

1. Lemons 

Let’s get the ball rolling with the versatile citrus fruit, the lemon.

The tart Asian fruit is not only a fantastic ingredient in both dessert and savory dishes, but is also a highly effective cleaning agent as well.

Fortunately for us, lemons grow all year round! In fact, a lemon tree can produce up to a whopping 600 pounds of lemons annually.

Ripe Lychee Fruits

2. Lychee

Up next is the sweet and aromatic lychee. It tastes somewhat like a cross between a pear and a grape.

It’s mostly sweet and slightly tart, with a touch of rose-like flavor.

Because of its origin and appearance, it is also referred to as the “Chinese strawberry.” 


3. Limes

The lime is another ultra-tart citrus fruit loaded with nutrients.

But while it has an impressive nutritional value, did you know that it can cause skin darkening?

If your skin comes in contact with lime juice and is afterward exposed to ultraviolet light, a reaction called phytophotodermatitis occurs, causing discoloration, or worse, blisters.

Lucuma Fruits

4. Lucuma 

Lucuma is a fleshy fruit native to Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, and Bolivia. Attempts to grow it in Florida were unsuccessful.

The yellow fruit is super sweet with a dry and mealy texture. It’s mainly used to flavor juices, milkshakes, and ice cream.


5. Lingonberries 

Lingonberry is a sour berry commonly used in Nordic countries.

They’re also known as dry cranberries, although they’re actually slightly juicier.

Because they’re very tart, lingonberries are not typically eaten raw. Instead, they are sweetened and turned into syrups and jams. 

Lady Apples

6. Lady Apples

Lady apples are one of the oldest and most attractive apple varieties in America.

Their hues vary from yellow to green, with highlights of crimson. 

Lady Apples have a subtle flavor and are more tender than crisp.

As such, they are grown more for their decorative purposes rather than for consumption.


7. Loganberry

The loganberry is the love child of the blackberry and the raspberry.

The hybrid berry was created after its creator, James Harvey Logan.

While it looks more like the blackberry, it gets its dark red hue from the raspberry.

8. Lancetilla Mango

The Lancetilla mango is mainly grown in Honduras but was introduced in South Florida in 2001.

The fruits are bigger compared to most mangoes and can grow up to 2 to 5 pounds.

The skins are red while the flesh is bright yellow. And the flavor is so wonderfully sweet!

Langra Mango

9. Langra Mango

Another sweet mango variety is the Langra. It is most widely grown in Northern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. 

While the fruit stays green up until its maturity, it’s much softer and sweeter than other mango varieties.

10. Le Conte Pear

Le Conte Pear is named after John Eatton Le Conte, who brought the fruit to Georgia in 1856.

Much like the Asian pear, it’s quite sweet and can be enjoyed either raw or cooked.

11. Liberty Apple

THe liberty apple is an apple variety cultivated by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.

It was first produced in 1955 and was released for public consumption in 1978.

Like the McIntosh, the liberty apple is sweet, albeit with a hint of tartness.  

Bowl of Limequat

12. Limequat 

As the name suggests, the limequat is a hybrid between a lime and kumquat.

It has a tartness much similar to a lime, but not too intense that you can’t eat it as is. 

The fruit is small and oval, and can be eaten whole, rind included. The juice can also be used to flavor dishes and drinks.

13. Lippens Mango

The Lippens mango is a Florida-based variety.

It was first planted in 1931 but only started to bear fruit until 1938. It was commercially produced 7 years later, in 1945.

Lippens mangoes grow up to a pound in weight. 

14. Lord Lambourne Apple

The Lord Lambourne apple is a UK-based variety known for its strong, sweet flavor.

It’s so tasty that it has earned the seal of approval and has the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. 

Laranja or Portuguese Orange

15. Laranja 

Laranja is the Portuguese term for orange, though you might not have heard it before! So, there’s no difference between a laranja and an orange.


16. Loquat 

Loquat is an evergreen shrub that originated from China. The plant is very useful.

Its leaves are perfect for making tea, while its round, orange-like fruits are full of flavor.

There are different sub-varieties of the loquat, ranging from yellow to red-orange.

They all have two things in common: they’re all small and ultra-sweet. 

17. Louise Bonne of Jersey Pear 

The Louise Bonne of Jersey pear is wonderfully sweet with a soft flesh that melts like butter.

It’s also a lot prettier than other pears, with its lovely, bi-colored green and yellow skin. It gets an A+ on both appearance and flavor!


18. Lardizabala 

Lardizabala, or zabala, is a Chilean evergreen plant known for its beautiful flowers and sweet fruits called coguil

They’re sweet, high in fiber, and can be eaten either raw or cooked.

19. Lemon Aspen

The lemon aspen, or lemonwood, is a species of rainforest tree native to Queensland, Australia.

Its acidic fruit tastes like a cross between a grapefruit and a lime.

It’s commonly used to flavor sauces, desserts, and beverages.

20. Langley Bullace Damson Plums 

Langley Bullace Damson plums are tart and firm, which is why they’re best eaten cooked.

Because of their flavor, Damson plums are usually turned into preserves.

20 Fruits That Start With L


  • Lemons

  • Lychee

  • Limes

  • Lucuma

  • Lingonberries

  • Lady Apples

  • Loganberry

  • Lancetilla Mango

  • Langra Mango

  • Le Conte Pear

  • Liberty Apple

  • Limequat

  • Lippens Mango

  • Lord Lambourne Apple

  • Laranja

  • Loquat

  • Louise Bonne of Jersey Pear

  • Lardizabala

  • Lemon Aspen

  • Langley Bullace Damson Plums


  • Try a fun new fruit that starts with L!
Fruits That Start With L

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