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14 Fruits That Start With E

These fruits that start with E are grown all around the world. It’s so interesting to see the unique types of fruit different regions have to offer.

Some of these fruits may be familiar, while others are new and interesting. You just might learn something new looking at this list!

fruits that start with E

It would be interesting to learn if these fruits are available near you. Collect a few and have a taste test, or try them out in a new recipe.

From sour to sweet, these fruits all have one thing in common– they start with the letter E! Read on to learn about these interesting fruits.

Elephant Apple

1. Elephant Apple

This tropical fruit is native to China and other parts of Asia. It gets its name not from its large size, but from being a favorite snack for the elephants that live there.

Though it may look different, this fruit is related to the same apples on your kitchen table! Instead of a core, elephant apples have a pit. 

People describe the flavor as bitter and often add sugar when eating it.

Fresh Emblica Fruit

2. Emblica

Also known as the Indian Gooseberry, Emblica berries are superfoods that are high in vitamin C. Many people eat Emblica as holistic anti-inflammatory medicine.

The berries are fibrous and range from being bitter to sour in taste. They become ripe in the fall and are hard work to harvest!

The berries only grow in the topmost branches of the tree, and people must climb to the top to pick them.

Dried Eastern Hawthorn Fruit

3. Eastern Hawthorn Fruit

This fruit is technically a berry but is similar in taste and appearance to apples. Though, their flavor is much milder than the traditional apple.

While these fruits are edible, few people choose to eat them because they are so tiny! It can be a lot of work for one small nibble of fruit.

4. Emu Apple Fruit

The emu apple fruit is native to Australia and grows on trees that can reach 10 meters in height! The berries start green and turn purple when they’re ripe.

The emu apple fruit is a sour berry and consumption has side effects such as hallucinations.

5. Emu Berry Fruit

The emu berry fruit grows in southwestern Australia and has a very unreliable harvesting season. 

Some years, the plants do not produce any fruit at all, while other years there are so many berries!

People grow this fruit because the plant is pretty. The berries do not have much of a taste.


6. Elderberry

The elderberry became popular in the early 2000s when people rediscovered its immune-boosting properties. 

Similar to blackberry in appearance, the elderberry has less flavor and can be bitter in its organic form.

Many people take elderberry supplements to fight cases of flu and colds.

Fresh Eggplants

7. Eggplant 

The eggplant is a popular ingredient in many vegetarian dishes because its high-fiber flesh makes it a great meat replacement.

Eggplant has a neutral flavor, and the fruit takes on the taste of the spices you prepare it with. Try it fried with garlic and parmesan or baked in a ratatouille.

Etrog Fruit

8. Etrog

The etrog fruit plays an important part in Jewish culture and is used to celebrate Sukkot. The fruit can be candied or made into jam.

Etrog looks like a larger lemon and has a dense center with two rows of seeds. It’s rarely eaten raw or unsweetened.

Egg Fruit

9. Egg Fruit

This yellow fruit is shaped like a heart and happily grows in the warm soils of Latin America. Some cold-hardy varieties are grown in the southern United States.

This fruit is very sweet and gets its name from its texture. Many people compare the egg fruit to the consistency of a hard-boiled egg.

Egg fruit may be enjoyed raw– and often is! Because of its dense texture, there isn’t a lot of juice in this fruit.

10. Entawak

This interesting fruit looks like a porcupine! These seedpods are equipped with spikes to be used as a natural defense. The spikes help some of the seeds grow to maturity.

The inside of the entawak is a fibrous layer wrapped around sweet and juicy seed pods. You can suck the juice out of the pods or roast the seeds and salt them.

The flavor is described as being similar to the taste of pumpkin. Entawak pie anybody?

Raw Evergreen Huckleberry Fruit

11. Evergreen Huckleberry

This plant is native to North America and thrives in almost every weather condition, even extreme cold. 

The berry is a deep purple and they grow in clusters on low shrubs. It’s described to taste similar to a blueberry.

Enjoy this fruit raw, or in jams and jellies. What a delicious spread for your morning toast!

Early Gold Mangoes

12. Early Gold Mango

The early gold mango was engineered in Florida to extend the mango growing season. This fruit is lighter in color than the traditional mango, but just as sweet!

If you have bought a mango from the store in May-June, chances are it was an early gold mango!

Because mangos are only ripe for such a short period of time, mango farmers needed a crop to sell the rest of the year. The early gold mango helped solve that problem!

Enterprise Red Apples

13. Enterprise Apple

This beautiful apple is shocking bright red, just like the fruit from a storybook! It is an offspring variety of the honey crisp apple and maintains a strong flavor!

This heirloom variety is popular among hobby gardeners because it is disease-resistant. 

The enterprise apple can be stored for up to a month, and some people think they taste better over time.

European Pear Fruit

14. European Pear

The European Pear is also called the common pear because it is such a popular pear variety! Only one other variety is grown more prolifically, and that is the Bartlett pear.

Twenty five percent of all pears produced are European pears, and I’ll bet you could find some in your grocery store today. 

European pears are sweet and slightly gritty. When ripe, they have light green flesh and can be enjoyed raw or in baking.

14 Fruits That Start With E


  • Elephant Apple

  • Emblica

  • Eastern Hawthorn Fruit

  • Emu Apple Fruit

  • Emu Berry Fruit

  • Elderberry

  • Eggplant

  • Etrog

  • Egg Fruit

  • Entawak

  • Evergreen Huckleberry

  • Early Gold Mango

  • Enterprise Apple

  • European Pear


  • Try a fun new fruit that starts with E!
Fruits That Start with E

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