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10 Easy Dessert Soup Recipes You’ll Love

This list features 10 dessert soup recipes that are perfect for any occasion.

Dessert soups aren’t as popular in the United States as in other parts of the world. 

Here in the States, we like our desserts to be big, elaborate, and super sweet.

It doesn’t hurt if they also look like works of art. A simple, sweet soup isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

Bowl of Sweet Strawberry Soup
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After checking out the dessert soup recipes on this list, you might want to have them all the time.

These sweet soups might not be as pretty as some of our typical desserts. That doesn’t make them any less tasty, though. 

There are some genuinely phenomenal dessert options here. So check them out, and don’t be afraid to try the recipes.

You might find that dessert soups are “your thing” after all.

10 Best Sweet Soup Dessert Recipes

1. Danish Cold Buttermilk Soup (Koldskål)

This sweet, cold soup looks like a bowl of milk. While I love milk, this simple dessert is much more scrumptious. 

It’s a combo of seven simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. It’s light, sweet, and has just a hint of tanginess. 

Slice some strawberries or add some blueberries to make it even tastier. You can also crumble cookies or cake into the soup or add granola.

2. Strawberry Soup

This silky pink soup is smooth, creamy, and sweet. It takes 5 minutes to make and mixes contrasting ingredients for a delightful flavor. 

The sweetness comes from the strawberries, vanilla, sugar, and coconut milk. Lemon juice and orange juice add a dash of citrus tartness. 

The yogurt is tangy, and the cinnamon and ginger add warmth and spice. It’s an incredible combination that makes this soup downright addictive. 

Serve it for dessert at your next spring or summer party. Your guests won’t be able to get enough of it. 

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3. Ginataang Bilo Bilo

This soup is also known as glutinous rice balls in coconut milk. (Ginataang bilo bilo sounds more fun, though!)

It’s a popular dessert or snack in the Philippines. 

It’s also colorful and fun, though it looks a little strange. 

First-time eaters often wonder what all those colorful bits are floating in it.

They’re sweet potatoes, plantains, jackfruit, and glutinous rice balls.

It’s sweet and fruity, and the tapioca pearls give it a unique, bubbly appearance.

It’s actually pretty nutritious, too, so it can double as breakfast in a pinch.

4. Snow Fungus Dessert Soup

Here’s another strange-looking dessert that tastes fantastic. You can serve it hot or cold, and it takes just 30 minutes to make. 

It’s a comforting, nourishing dessert with a light, natural sweetness. It’ll give you plenty of flavor but won’t overwhelm you with a super sugary taste.

*Note: The longer you let this soup sit, the softer the snow fungus gets. 

Eating it straight away will leave it somewhat crunchy. Give it a bit more time for a smoother, melt-in-your-mouth experience.

5. Chocolate Soup

Chocolate soup is a decadent, indulgent dessert that’s best saved for special occasions.

It looks like a big bowl of chocolate pudding or cocoa gravy, but it isn’t. 

According to the recipe’s author, its perfect texture is “thicker than hot chocolate but thinner than chocolate mousse.” 

As you could guess, it’s super chocolatey and sweet. Of course, that’s also what makes it so good. 

It’s incredibly easy to make, requiring only four simple ingredients. You should be able to whip it up in 15 minutes with no trouble. 

Feel free to add colorful toppings to give it a bit more flair. You can use berries, sprinkles, edible glitter, or anything else. 

As you can probably guess, this one is a massive hit with the kids.

6. Chinese Black Sesame Soup

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This soup has a rich black color that shines when the light hits it. It’s an excellent choice for Halloween. 

It has a mildly sweet, nutty flavor and smells phenomenal. It’s thick but not too thick and won’t weigh you down after eating it. 

As far as desserts go, it’s pretty healthy, too! One serving has less than 250 calories. Plus, you can have it ready in just 15 minutes. 

7. Sweet Red Bean Soup

Thick and sweet, red bean soup is a Chinese delicacy. The tapioca pearls in it don’t have much taste.

However, they add a nice chewiness and texture that most people enjoy. 

Like most Chinese desserts, red bean soup isn’t super sweet. (Compared to what Americans think of as “sweet,” it’s not all that sweet at all.)

It is tasty, though, and it’s easy to make. You’ll need just five ingredients, and there are only five steps in the recipe.

It takes about 90 minutes to complete, though. 

Also, don’t forget to soak your beans overnight!

8. Kisel Recipe with Berries

Kisel is a tart and tangy, totally sticky mess. That doesn’t mean you won’t love it.

It has a consistency that’s somewhere between strawberry glaze and jam.

And its taste is pure berries. The mixed berries and sugar lend enough sweetness to make this a “dessert.”

However, there’s plenty of tartness, as well. The cup of cranberries sees to that. 

9. Zenzai (Oshiruko) – Red Bean Soup with Mochi

This recipe for red bean soup is pretty similar to the one above. There are a couple of changes, but they’re slight.

Mostly, the difference between the two recipes is the mochi in this one. Mochi are traditional Japanese rice cakes. 

They’re soft, chewy, and sweet, and they make the red bean soup much sweeter.

If you want an especially sweet treat, give this recipe a try.

10. Longan Tong Sui

This recipe is pretty similar to the snow fungus one above. However, this one puts more emphasis on the longan than the snow fungus. 

It also adds ginkgo nuts instead of goji berries and lotus seeds. It takes a little longer to make, as well.

Either way, both soups are sweet and feature traditional Asian ingredients. 

This one also works well as a refreshing summer drink.  

10 Easy Dessert Soups You’ll Love

Try these dessert soup recipes for a sweet, refreshing finish to your meal. From strawberry to chocolate to sweet red bean, you just might find a new favorite treat.


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Dessert Soup Recipes

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