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20 Best Desiccated Coconut Recipes

When your sweet tooth strikes, forget the usual cookies and cakes and try these desiccated coconut recipes instead.

They’re light, nutty, and to die for.

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Desiccated coconut is flaked or shredded coconut meat that’s been allowed to dry.

Unlike shredded coconut, which looks a bit like long-grain rice, this dried version is ground, making it more like almond meal in texture.

Usually unsweetened, dried coconut is excellent in everything from cakes and cookies to chocolate treats.

So try these desiccated coconut recipes the next time you’re in the mood for something scrumptious. You won’t regret it!

20 Easy Desserts with Desiccated Coconut

1. Chewy Coconut Macaroons

Sweet, coconutty, and irresistibly chewy, you’ll crave more than one (or two) of these sticky macaroons. 

Rich and indulgent, they’re perfect for any occasion, and they’re naturally gluten-free to boot!

For an extra special treat, dip the bottoms in melted chocolate and add a quick drizzle over the top.

You can even make them vegan with coconut condensed milk and vegan butter.

2. Coconut Cake

There’s nothing quite like a freshly baked cake, and this coconut sponge is sure to please. 

It’s light and fluffy with a beautiful silky-smooth buttercream.

There’s coconut milk and desiccated coconut in the cake itself. Plus, coconut extract in the frosting.

Finally, the whole thing is coated in more coconut for maximum flavor. Delish!

3. Hong Kong Style Coconut Tarts

I first had these little delights in non-other than Hong Kong. I was jet-lagged and exhausted, but nothing was going to stop me from getting dessert!

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And I’m so glad I made the trip because the crust is light and flaky, and the filling is rich and creamy.

Seriously, it’s no wonder they’re so popular! 

Best of all, they’re not too sweet, so they make the perfect ending to any meal or partner to your mid-morning coffee.

Serve them on their own or with a dollop of whipped cream. Either way, they’re sure to please. 

4. Coconut Tart with Raspberry Jam

I used to make this all the time as a kid – pastry and all! It’s deliciously tart and sweet with a hint of coconut and plenty of buttery goodness.

The coconut helps to round out the sweetness and gives the tart a tropical twist I know you’ll love.

And while it’s tender and tasty at room temp, it’s extra special served warm with some vanilla sauce drizzled over the top.

5. No-Bake Chocolate Coconut Brownies

Chocolate and coconut are two flavors that were made for each other. 

The rich, creamy chocolate pairs perfectly with coconut’s slightly sweet, nutty flavor.

And when these two flavors come together in a no-bake treat that’s gluten-free and vegan, the result is truly heavenly. 

6. Coconut Cupcakes

Cupcakes are delicious, there’s no denying that. But sometimes, you want more than a boxed cake mix and canned frosting.

And these coconut cupcakes will make you feel like you’re on a sandy beach with a cocktail in hand. 

From the coconut cake to the coconut frosting, the flavor is pleasant and relatively mild.

So if you want a boost of fruity goodness, try adding some fruit curd to the middle.

7. 2-Ingredient Coconut Truffle Balls

These simple truffle balls are an easy and delicious treat that can be enjoyed any time of day. 

Made with just desiccated coconut and condensed milk, they’re packed with flavor and have an irresistible texture. 

Best of all, they can be made in under 30 minutes!

8. Eggless Coconut Cookies

Looking for a delicious cookie recipe that doesn’t require any eggs? You just found it!

These cookies are packed with flavorful coconut, and they’re sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

And they couldn’t be more straightforward!

Simply combine the ingredients in a bowl, mix them up, and bake! You’ll have a batch of delicious eggless cookies in just a few minutes.

9. Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Packed with flavor and sure to please any crowd, you’ll love the blend of rich coconut, bitter-sweet chocolate, and soft, chewy cookie dough. 

For an extra touch of elegance, drizzle the cooled cookies with melted chocolate or sprinkle with chopped nuts and sea salt.

Make them for your next cookie exchange or just for the weekend.

10. Alfajores (Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies)

If you’d prefer something without chocolate, I’ve got you covered there too.

Alfajores are a type of sandwich cookie from South America. They are traditionally made with two biscuits filled with dulce de leche.

The cookies can be dipped in chocolate or coated in various toppings, such as sprinkles or crushed nuts.

But they’re most often served with desiccated coconut.

Serve them with a cup of coffee or tea.

11. Moist Coconut Pound Loaf Cake

This decadent cake is to die for!

It’s packed with flavor, and the texture is as close to perfect as can be – not too dense, but still hearty enough to satisfy. 

Like any good pound cake recipe, this is great with whipped cream and a few fresh berries.

12. Homemade Lamingtons

I fell in love with lamingtons on my epic trip to Australia. And I still crave them to this day.

They’re tasty squares of cake dredged in chocolate and rolled in coconut.

Some versions have raspberry jam in the middle (which I prefer), but they’re always light, fluffy, and super delish.

They’re a must-have for any Aussie-style BBQ.

13. Coconut Lush Dessert

Sweet, creamy, and insanely luscious, this dessert is one you’ll crave again and again.

It’s a fun no-bake treat that combines coconut, vanilla, and nuts to create a truly unique taste experience.

To serve, simply cut into squares and enjoy! You can also top it with whipped cream or shredded coconut for an extra special touch.

14. Ube Bars 

How fun do these ube bars look? And yes, they’re a twist on the classic lamington recipe above.

If you can find canned ube-flavored sweetened condensed milk, awesome! Get a bunch because you’ll quickly fall in love.

If not, make it yourself using the recipe provided in the post.

I like a layer of chocolate ganache in these for a kick of deep flavor, but they’re pretty perfect as is.

15. Carrot Coconut Cake

Carrot cake is a classic dessert that typically features a moist, dense cake loaded with yummy ingredients and sweetened cream cheese frosting.

However, this version takes things to the next level.

Instead of nuts and raisins, you’ll add desiccated coconut to the batter.

And instead of cream cheese frosting, you’ll pour over a simple lemon glaze for a zippy citrus twist.

Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

16. Simple 4 Ingredient Coconut Ice

Coconut ice is a classic British sweet that’s also super popular in Australia and New Zealand.

And it’s so good, you’ll want to eat it by the spoonful!

Made with only four ingredients, it’s also effortless to whip up. 

Just mix desiccated coconut with condensed milk and powdered sugar. Then split the dough in half and color one bowl pink.

The resulting ice is rich and creamy, with a deep coconut flavor offset by the sugar’s sweetness. Yum!

17. Eggless Mango Coconut Muffins

Egg and dairy-free, these mango and coconut muffins are tender, fruity, and to die for.

The cardamom brings a charming hit of floral spice, while the mango puree ensures every bite is sweet and moist.

The chopped almonds are optional, but I love the crunch they bring!

18. Lime and Coconut Cake

Lime and coconut might just be a better match than chocolate and coconut. And this cake is proof.

It’s like a big, fluffy cloud of tropical goodness, full of tart, zesty flavor that’s balanced perfectly by the sweetness of the coconut. 

But if you want this to be over-the-top amazing, try adding mini chocolate chips to the batter. Or better yet, a drizzle of chocolate over the top.

Because the only better than lime and coconut is lime, coconut, and chocolate!

19. Super Easy No-Bake Coconut Candy

Are you in the mood for something sweet but don’t have the time or effort to bake? Then this super easy no-bake coconut candy is just what you need! 

The flavors complement each other well, and the texture is both light and crunchy. 

Plus, these bite-sized candies are ideal for snacking on the go. So why not give them a try? You won’t be disappointed!

20. Coconut Date Balls

Here’s another terrific little sweet snack you can take with you on the move.

Between the sweet, sticky dates and the lightly nutty coconut, they’re just what you need in that mid-day slump.

They’re a healthy alternative to sugary snacks and make a fabulous pre-workout energy boost or post-dinner dessert. 

Serve them on their own or with a dollop of yogurt or honey for an extra special treat.

20 Best Desiccated Coconut Recipes

When your sweet tooth strikes, forget the usual cookies and cakes and try these desiccated coconut recipes instead. They’re light, nutty, and to die for.


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Desiccated Coconut Recipes

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