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15 Best Concord Grape Recipes

Try these Concord grape recipes for something sweet and refreshing!

When you think of concord grapes, you likely think of jelly. But there are so many more uses than just jelly! 

Concord grapes have a distinctive flavor that’s sweet with a mild tartness.

Slice of Concord Grape Pie Served on a Black Plate
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As an early autumn harvest, they’re a great way to celebrate fall flavors (move over, pumpkins). 

These recipes include cookies, pie, streusel, frozen yogurt, and muffins. And yes- even wine. 

Check out these concord grape recipes below if you want a unique treat!

1. Concord Grape Crumb Cake

It’s sweet, a little tart, and explodes with grape flavors.

This Concord grape cake is so buttery and delicious and goes great with coffee or tea. 

It tastes like a delicious cobbler with a buttery brown sugar crumble on top that just melts in your mouth. 

And the best part? It takes 30 minutes from start to finish!

2. Concord Grape Pie

Move over, cherry pie. Concord grape pie is incredibly delicious and an excellent choice for your next summer BBQ. 

With a fusion of fresh Concord grapes and a hint of lemon juice, it’s so tart, and the flavors are out of this world. 

Instead of a basic pie crust, opt for a buttery streusel topping that takes this pie from delicious to spectacular. 

3. Pan-Seared Salmon with Concord Grape Sauce

Grapes and salmon is an unlikely pairing, but one taste, and you’ll fall in love.

It’s the perfect pairing of salty, savory, and sweet. 

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The concord grape sauce incorporates unlikely ingredients that work so well together.

It combines garlic, fresh herbs, red wine, and fresh Concord grapes. 

Spoon that delicious sweet and savory mixture over a tender piece of pan-seared salmon, and it’s like heaven on a plate. 

4. Goat Cheese Crostini with Pan-Roasted Grapes

Looking for a great appetizer to bring to your next holiday party?

These tasty little morsels deliver a powerful punch of bold flavors. It’s hard to eat just one. 

It pairs goat cheese’s creamy, tangy flavors with a delicate grape, herb, and garlic jam. 

Plus, it doesn’t incorporate any added sugar. The grapes produce the perfect amount of sweetness. 

5. Rosemary Pear & Concord Grape Galette

This rustic French rosemary, pear, and Concord grape galette is the perfect fall treat.

It pairs fall’s greatest hits: pears and Concord grapes. 

The flavors of this dessert are very delicate and mild, as any French pastry should be. 

It infuses a gluten-free crust made from oat flour and just a touch of sugar, which makes this a guilt-free dessert. 

6. Concord Grape Cornmeal Cake

It doesn’t get much easier than this rustic Concord grape cornmeal cake. 

The concord grapes add a delicate sweetness and burst of grape flavors that perfectly pair against a gentle cornmeal backdrop. 

It’s sweet, savory, and tart, earning a nutty kick from olive oil. 

7. Wine Harvester’s Chicken

Wine harvester’s chicken is so rich and fragrant that I can almost smell it through the photo!

It pairs the robust flavors of bacon, white wine, concord grapes, and spices with tender chicken thighs. 

Those chicken thighs absorb that rich sauce when baked low and slow in the oven.

It’s a meal your family will rave about for months. 

8. Concord Grape Muffins

You know and love blueberry muffins. But what about Concord grape muffins?

Blueberry muffins are great in the early summer when blueberries are in season.

But these grape muffins are a must-have for those cooler fall months. 

The tart and sweet flavors of Concord grapes are the perfect backdrop for a super moist and melt-in-your-mouth muffin batter. 

They’re delicious!

9. Concord Grape Frozen Yogurt 

Concord grape frozen yogurt is perfect for those uncharacteristically warm fall days. 

Making frozen yogurt at home sounds intimidating, but it’s so easy.

This recipe incorporates three simple ingredients: grapes, Greek yogurt, and honey. That’s it!

It’s deliciously creamy with a hint of savory sweetness from the honey. Plus, it’s a cool treat that won’t undo your diet. 

10. Concord Grape Wine Fragolino

While we are on the topic of Concord grapes, let’s talk wine, shall we? 

This recipe for Fragolino is a classic Italian wine banned in Europe, which makes this homemade recipe extra special. 

It has a delicious strawberry flavor that occurs naturally in Concord grapes, and those flavors intensify in the wine-making process. 

While it’s tedious to make (and takes some time), it’s an excellent treat to bring to surprise guests at your next get-together. 

11. Peanut Butter and Concord Grape Jelly Cookies 

It’s not a grape party if we don’t talk PB&J. These tasty peanut butter and jelly cookies are the best of both worlds. 

It pairs a buttery peanut butter cookie with homemade Concord grape jam sandwiched in between.

Is there anything better than a cookie sandwich?

And you could buy a jar of store-bought jam, but homemade jam is so much better (and easier than you think)!

12. Grape Focaccia

This recipe is sweet and insanely delicious.

With chewy homemade focaccia and sweet Concord grapes, this homemade bread doesn’t need any butter. 

It makes a beautiful appetizer because it’s the perfect blend of savory and sweet flavors. 

The focaccia is easy to whip together even if you’re a bread newbie.

And the generous helping of Concord grapes ensures that every bite is an explosion of flavor. 

13. Concord Grape Gummies

There’s just something about grape candy that makes me so happy. It reminds me of being a carefree kid. 

These homemade grape gummies are so deliciously chewy, and they recapture your childhood while keeping the sugar content low. 

With fresh concord grapes, grass-fed gelatin, and a hint of sweetness from honey, they are the perfect way to treat yourself. 

Because sometimes, grownups need candy, too. 

14. Concord Grape Granita with Mint + Lime

Granita is an Italian shaved ice dessert that’s delicate, light, and perfect on a hot summer day. 

And the flavors of this granita with Concord grapes, mint, and lime take the flavors over the top.

It’s sweet, tart, and 100 percent refreshing. 

The recipe combines Concord grapes, lime, fresh mint, and sugar to create the perfect (and healthy) post-dinner dessert. 

15. Concord Grape Soda 

I loved grape soda as a kid but found it a little too sweet as an adult.

Think of this Concord grape soda recipe as the adult version of classic grape soda. 

The recipe mixes Concord grapes with sugar, orange, and lemon zest (to tame the sweetness) and a splash of club soda.

It’s sweet and tart and gives lemonade a run for its money. 

15 Best Concord Grape Recipes

These Concord grape recipes are sure to be a hit! From cakes to chicken to muffins, there are plenty of great ways to use these grapes.


  • Concord Grape Crumb Cake

  • Concord Grape Pie

  • Pan-Seared Salmon with Concord Grape Sauce

  • Goat Cheese Crostini with Pan-Roasted Grapes

  • Rosemary Pear & Concord Grape Galette

  • Concord Grape Cornmeal Cake

  • Wine Harvester’s Chicken

  • Concord Grape Muffins

  • Concord Grape Frozen Yogurt

  • Concord Grape Wine Fragolino

  • Peanut Butter and Concord Grape Jelly Cookies

  • Grape Focaccia

  • Concord Grape Gummies

  • Concord Grape Granita with Mint + Lime

  • Concord Grape Soda


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  • Prep a Concord grape recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Concord Grape Recipes

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