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Coffee Bombs (Easy Recipe)

With these coffee bombs, your morning cup of joe is about to get even more explosive! 

Are you familiar with hot chocolate bombs? They’re a popular food trend that blew up in 2020.

Coffee Bombs
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If you’ve never tried them, you’re in for a treat!

They’re similar to hot chocolate bombs.

Hot chocolate bombs are these gorgeous-looking chocolate balls filled with mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips inside. 

You drop them onto a cup of hot chocolate and watch the magic unfold right before your eyes.

Coffee bombs follow the exact same concept. However, instead of using them in hot chocolate, you’ll drop them in coffee.

Are you ready to get your mind blown by these dynamite coffee bombs? Let’s get started!

Easy Homemade Coffee Bombs

I was surprised to find out how easy coffee bombs are to make.

They only call for basic ingredients and a silicone mold that you can get in specialty stores and on Amazon.

The best part about it is that you can customize each coffee bomb to contain any coffee mix-in you can think of.

This recipe makes caramel-flavored coffee bombs, but feel free to pick any flavor your coffee-loving heart desires.

Coffee Bombs

What are Coffee Bombs?

They’re the same exact bombs that became such an explosive hit in 2020.

Coffee bombs are made of a chocolate sphere with a special filling.

It could be powdered coffee, cream, and sugar, or other elements that taste great with coffee.

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In this recipe, we’ll be doing the latter. Specifically, these bombs will contain a mix of caramel sauce and crushed hard caramel candies. 

The idea is to drop a coffee bomb over a cup of coffee. As the chocolate shell melts, it releases the fillings inside the bomb.

You stir everything together to create a more flavorful and exciting cuppa joe.

Coffee Bombs Ingredients


Even though they look so complicated, coffee bombs actually call for basic ingredients!

Check your pantry, as you most probably already have these on hand.

  • Chopped Dark Chocolate – This will be used as the outer shell that holds all the coffee mix-ins. You want to use good-quality chocolate with at least 65% cocoa content. 

Use real chocolate and not candy melts. Those are usually waxy, and sometimes, they don’t even contain chocolate at all, just flavoring.

I like to use either Ghirardelli, Callebaut, or Belcolade but any brand of Belgian chocolate works great. 

You can use dark, semi-sweet, milk, or white chocolate depending on your taste. You can even do a mix of 2 kinds of chocolate to create a pretty marbled effect.

  • Caramel Sauce – Adding a drizzle of caramel to your coffee enhances its flavor by a mile!
  • Crushed Hard Caramel Candy – It gives another layer of caramel goodness to your favorite cup of joe. Place the candies in a Ziploc bag and crush them with a rolling pin. 
  • Chocolate Or Butterscotch Chips – These are optional, but I highly recommend them! More chocolate, more fun.

You’ll Also Need

The most crucial thing you’ll need to have in order to make these coffee bombs is a half-sphere silicone mold.

Don’t worry, you can get them for cheap on Amazon.

This recipe is enough to make 24 (3/4-inch) half-spheres, which is equivalent to 12 coffee bombs. Be sure to have 2 molds with 12 cavities each ready.

Another helpful tool to have for this recipe is a small pastry brush.

It’ll allow you to spread the melted chocolate evenly inside the cavities of the mold.

coffee bombs

How to Make Coffee Bombs

Step 1: Melt the chocolate.

The easiest way to do this is via the microwave. Place the chopped chocolate in a large microwave-safe bowl.

Microwave the chocolate for 30 seconds at 75% power. Stir the chocolate with a spoon or spatula.

Microwave it some more in 15-second increments at 75% power, until it’s melted. Stir the chocolate in between heating.

Pro-tip: heat the chocolate at medium power. 

Melting the chocolate in an overly hot environment will cause it to seize.

This is a phenomenon wherein the fat in the chocolate separates from the cocoa particles.

If your melted chocolate has turned grainy and gritty with oil pooling on top, yep, it’s seized. 

The key to avoiding this is to melt the chocolate at medium temperature. Here are the melting points of chocolate, for your reference:

  • Dark Chocolate: 120 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Milk and White Chocolate: 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2: Coat the molds.

Using a pastry brush, coat the mold cavities with a thin layer of melted chocolate. 

If you don’t have a pastry brush, you can perform this step using the back of a spoon.

Be sure the entire half-spheres are coated well. 

Refrigerate or freeze the molds for 5-10 minutes, or until the chocolate hardens.

Following the previous instruction, coat the mold with a second layer of chocolate. Chill again for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Remove the chocolate from the molds.

Very carefully slide the hardened chocolate shells from the molds. 

Step 4: Fill in the coffee bombs.

This is the fun part! Fill the half-spheres with whatever mix-ins you want in your coffee.

For this recipe, you’ll use caramel sauce, crushed caramel candies, and optional chocolate or butterscotch chips.

Keep in mind to only fill half of the half-spheres. The remaining half will be used to close the bombs.

Step 5: Seal the bombs.

Take a microwave-safe plate and microwave it until warm. You can also use a heated skillet for this step.

Place an empty half-sphere, rim side down, onto the heated plate or skillet.

Press it lightly to melt the rims a little. This should only take around 2-3 seconds. 

Working quickly, seal the filled-up half-sphere with the empty melted half-sphere. 

Note: Perform this step one bomb at a time.

How to Use a Coffee Bomb

Simple: just drop one bomb in your coffee mug and pour the hot coffee in. 

As the hot liquid melts the chocolate coating, the fillings will start to ooze out. Stir the coffee and fillings until well-combined.

Alternatively, you can also prepare the coffee in the mug first before dropping the bomb.

This is a much better approach if you’re using instant coffee and powdered creamer.

Chocolate Coffee Bombs

Tips for the Best Coffee Bombs

  • Be sure to coat the molds with just the right level of thickness. If the chocolate is too thin, the coffee bombs will instantly break. If it’s too thick, the hot coffee might not be enough to melt it.
  • Put latex gloves on when you’re sealing the bombs so your hands won’t get dirtied with chocolate. This’ll also keep you from leaving fingerprints on the coffee bombs. 
  • Also, since human hands are naturally warm, the gloves will serve as a layer of protection to keep your hands from melting the chocolate.
  • Don’t over-cook the chocolate! If you overdo it, your melted chocolate will be grainy and gritty, not smooth and creamy.
  • Wait until the chocolate has completely hardened before you take it out of the mold.
  • Work in batches. Don’t do more than 2 bombs at a time. Let the chocolate shells rest in the fridge while they wait their turn.

Flavor Variations

There are so many ways to customize coffee bombs. There are seriously endless flavor combinations to try! 

This recipe makes 12 coffee bombs, but I suggest you use different fillings for variation. Here are some fantastic ideas:

  • Put actual powdered coffee and creamer as the filling. This way, all you need is to pour hot water into the mug. Be creative with coffee flavors. It can be anything from cinnamon and peppermint to caramel and hazelnut.
  • Chocolate chips and mini-marshmallows. This’ll give your coffee a fun, hot cocoa-esque vibe.
  • Use different crushed candies. For this recipe, you use caramel candies, but try candy cane and other hard candies as well.
  • Adding flavored syrups such as hazelnut and chocolate will significantly enhance the flavor of your coffee.
  • Garnish the coffee bombs with more melted chocolate and/or sprinkles on top.

How to Store Leftovers

Place the coffee bombs in small cupcake liners and store them in an air-tight container. Store them at room temperature for up to 8 weeks.

If you live in a warm climate, though, it’s better to store the bombs in the fridge.

Can I Freeze Coffee Bombs?

Certainly. Just place the coffee bombs, again, in small cupcake liners and store them in a freezer-safe container. Freeze them for up to 2 months.

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Coffee Bombs (Easy Recipe)



Prep time


Cooking time






  • 24 ounces chopped dark chocolate (65% cocoa or higher)

  • 12 ounces caramel sauce

  • 6 crushed hard caramel candies

  • Chocolate or butterscotch chips, optional

  • Tools
  • 3/4 -inch half-sphere silicone mold

  • 1 -inch pastry brush


  • Place the chocolate in a large, microwave-safe bowl. Microwave it for 30 seconds on a 75% power level. Stir the chocolate from the outside to the center. Microwave it in 15-second increments, stirring in between, until the chocolate is completely melted.
  • Spread a thin layer of chocolate inside the silicone mold using a pastry brush. Refrigerate for a few minutes, or until the chocolate hardens. Brushthea second layer of chocolate and refrigerate for 10 minutes. This recipe makes 24 half spheres.
  • Carefully push the hardened chocolate shells out of the molds.
  • Fill 12 of the half-spheres with 1 ounce of caramel sauce and fill the rest of the space with crushed caramel candy and chocolate or butterscotch chips, if using.
  • Warm a skillet or microwave a plate to low heat. Place an empty half-sphere, rim side down, onto the heated skillet or plate until lightly melted. Stick the melted half-sphere on top of one of the filled half-sphere to close the coffee bomb. Repeat this step with the remaining empty half-spheres.
  • Optional: garnish the coffee bombs with a drizzling of melted chocolate and/or more crushed caramel candy. To use drop a coffee bomb in hot coffee and allow it to melt. Stir and enjoy.
Coffee Bombs

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