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20 Clam Recipes To Make at Home

From bisque and chowder to pizza and lasagna, these clam recipes are all a great catch!  

Clams are God’s gifts from the sea. This wonderfully soft, chewy, and briny shellfish is the bomb!

Baked Clams with Lemons
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While these bi-valves seem intimidating to work with, they’re actually a breeze to prepare.

So “clam” down, there’s nothing to be afraid of. These recipes will show you how it’s done.

Of course, I’m featuring several chowder recipes on this list, but know that there’s more to clam than just chowder. 

There are a myriad of recipes that showcase the deliciousness of this shellfish! Clam pizza, anyone?

How about a hearty seafood lasagna? Some clam-stuffed mushrooms, perhaps?

Whatever you’re in the mood for, this list has you covered. Let the cooking commence!

Clam Chwoder

1. New England Clam Chowder 

This is the first of many clam chowder entries on this list. There are several types of clam chowder, with New England being one of the best.

Every spoonful of this thick and creamy soup has clams, potatoes, and bacon!

From chewy to starchy to crunchy, this chowder has every wonderful texture you can imagine. 

It’s easy to boot! It all comes together in one pot and under an hour!

2. Spaghetti with Clams

There’s always room for seafood pasta in my belly. Unlike pasta sauces that are ultra-rich and creamy, this one’s light yet scrumptious.

It’s buttery and garlic-y, and that briny clam flavor is on point. Chopped parsley adds a nice pop of color.

Pair this beautiful dish with a glass of wine for a romantic meal your partner will surely be impressed with.

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You don’t need to tell them it only took a few minutes to make. 

Clam Dip with Green Onions

3. Clam Dip  

Cream cheese and clams together in one dip? I had no idea they worked together so well!

This dip is creamy, briny, and garlicky with a bit of tang from lemon juice. It has every delicious flavor you can think of! 

This dip obviously tastes amazing with chips, crackers, crostini, and crudites, but you can also just grab a spoon. 

4. Mediterranean-Style Steamed Clams Recipe

Steamed clams – kinda sounds a bit too basic, but wait until you hear what goes in the broth it’s steamed in.

The white wine broth is made with sauteed onions, peppers, and garlic; tomatoes, cumin, paprika, red pepper flakes, and white wine.

Talk about next level!

And because clams only take about 10 minutes to steam, this dish, while holiday-worthy, is also ideal even on random weeknights. 

5. Garlic Butter Steamed Clams 

Here’s another steamed recipe that’s also simple, yet bursting with flavor.

This time, the clams are cooked in garlic, butter, lemon, and fresh herbs. 

It’s hard to believe how such an easy recipe yields such beautiful complex flavors!

It’s so elegant, it’s as if it came straight out of a fancy restaurant.

You can serve these clams as a light appetizer or an entree with a side of rice, bread, or pasta. 

6. White Clam Pizza

Garlic and clams star this highly addictive pizza! I can never limit myself to just one slice.

New Haven-style pizza is rich and creamy, and doesn’t contain tomato sauce. It’s all white, and it’s all good.

New Haven pizza was invented at Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana back in the ‘60s.

Unlike typical pizza loaded with marinara and mozzarella, this one has clams, garlic, oregano, oil, and Pecorino Romano. 

7. Cape Cod Clam Chowder 

Say hello to clam chowder number twp! Cape Cod clam chowder makes use of large, hard-shell clams called quahogs.

This chowder is just as creamy, but thinner than usual. A combo of heavy cream, chunky potatoes, and quahogs makes it a huge hit.

Serve this chowder with oyster crackers or saltines for a nice crunch.

8. Caesar 

To be completely honest, I personally am not a fan of this cocktail. But some people love this recipe, including my own dad!

A mixture of Clamato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, horseradish, and celery, this cocktail is savory with a bit of a kick.

If you like Bloody Marys, I’ll bet you’ll enjoy this drink, too.

Fun fact: this cocktail is so beloved in Canada, they dubbed it their national drink!

There’s even a National Caesar Day, celebrated on May 18th.

9. Linguine with Red Clam Sauce

Picture your favorite pasta marinara, and then multiply the flavor by 10. That’s what you can expect from this recipe.

The classic Italian treat is given a delicious seafood makeover! It’s still light and refreshing, but with a briny twist.

The clams add a nice texture contrast to the al dente pasta, to boot.

10. Clam Stuffed Mushrooms 

Stuffed mushrooms always make me happy. Just by looking at it, you can tell it’s amazing!

These earthy, meaty, and cheesy appetizers are impossible to resist.

Mini portobellos are filled with clams, Italian seasoning, garlic, sherry vinegar, breadcrumbs, and Parmesan cheese.

Once baked, the tops turn golden brown and crunchy, which is a nice contrast to the chewy mushrooms. 

11. New England Clam Strip Rolls 

Also deemed the barbeque of New England, fried clam strips are crunchy and bursting with delicious flavor.

The texture contrast between crispy batter and chewy and slightly rubbery clam strips is amazing! 

Served in a soft, buttery hoagie roll and a homemade tartar sauce, this is the sandwich of every seafood lover’s dream. 

You’ll use a box of Gorton’s breaded clams for this recipe, so the effort is minimal.

12. Seafood Lasagna 

Unlike traditional lasagna, this version is all-white.

It may not have that classic marinara sauce, but oh my goodness, it’s rich and creamy as can be.

I was completely mindblown when I tried it.

The idea of making a cream sauce out of crabmeat, shrimp, and clam juice is pure genius, and I love it!

Aside from the seafood sauce, you’ll also be treated to layers of a ricotta and parmesan mix.

It’s sprinkled with mozzarella too, for an ooey-gooey topping. It’s umami-ness to the highest level! 

13. Corn and Clam Chowder 

Clam chowder number three features sweet golden corn kernels. It’s one of the easiest clam chowder recipes on this list, too.

If you’re looking for a quick appetizer for an impromptu get-together, look no further.

It all comes together in one pot and in no time. One batch feeds a crowd, too, so it’s perfect for gatherings.

14. Coconut Broth Clams with Lemongrass 

This Asian-inspired soup is bright, creamy, and coconut-y! Combining clams and coconut is such a brilliant idea.

Ginger, cilantro, and lemongrass also give the broth nice earthy and warming flavors, as well.

With all its complex flavors, you’d think it takes a while to make. But in fact, you’ll only need 20 minutes.

You can serve this soup as an appetizer with crackers or bread, or a main entree with fragrant jasmine rice.

15. Bucatini with Fresh Corn and Clam

Full disclosure – I’ve never heard of Bucatini until I came across this recipe. This pasta is fantastic! Where have you been all my life??

Bucatini, also known as perciatelli, look a lot like spaghetti, except they have holes running through the center.

Think of them as slender, narrow, and long tubes.

With a light, wine-based sauce, juicy corn kernels, and chewy clams, this pasta dish is the perfect summer meal.

16. Clam and Asparagus Risotto

Creamy risotto is made even better with chewy clams, crunchy asparagus, and cheese. 

The risotto is cooked in butter, olive oil, clam broth, and wine, so even on its own, it’s already tasty. 

The addition of clams, asparagus, and parmesan takes it to a whole new level of awesome.

That’s why even risotto is such a filling dish, I won’t mind having a second bowl.

17. Manhattan Clam Chowder 

Clam chowder recipe number four!

The Manhattan chowder also features clams and potatoes, but this time, the broth is tomato-based. It’s rich and creamy, but on a different level.

This chowder is also loaded with bacon, carrots, celery – all that good stuff.

Topped with crunchy oyster crackers and chopped parsley, this chowder is as pretty as it is delicious.

18. Rhode Island Clam Chowder 

Rhode Island chowder is the healthiest option among all the chowders.

It has a clear broth, so it’s not as creamy and spicy as the other two.

It’s still pretty tasty, though, and is the perfect option if you’re looking for something lighter and more wholesome.

19. Linguine with Clam Sauce

This super-easy linguini recipe only takes 20 minutes, so go ahead and add it to your weekly meal rotation.

Al dente pasta is coated in a thick and creamy clam sauce and finished with fresh clams, parsley, and parmesan. It’s simple yet spectacular.

20. Crab and Clam Bisque 

Smooth and velvety bisque is packed with crabmeat, clams, potatoes, celery, and carrots.

It’s so good, it’s surprising it only takes 20 minutes to make.

Fun fact: ever wondered what the difference is between a chowder and a bisque?

They’re both creamy and often seafood-based, but the difference lies in the consistency of the broth.

A chowder is chunky, while a bisque is smooth.

20 Best Ways to Cook with Clams

From bisque and chowder to pizza and lasagna, these clam recipes are all a great catch! Treat the family to a seafood dinner they won’t forget.


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Clam Recipes

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