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13 Best Caramel Apple Toppings

Caramel Apple

Caramel apples are the ultimate fall treat! Here are 13 toppings that are sure to delight every taste bud. Pick and choose your favorites for the perfect flavor combo.

Whether you’re having guests over for a party or simply craving something sweet at home, caramel apples are a delectable treat that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you’re looking for ways to dress up your caramel apple with some extra treats, here are some of our favorite toppings!

Chocolate Drizzle

1. Chocolate Drizzle

Let’s start with something simple, shall we? You might say this is a basic topping, but it’s also a sure crowd pleaser!

You can even dress your apple up for Halloween by adding black gel coloring to the chocolate. If you want to make different colors, you can also use white chocolate! I personally prefer something milkier to go with the apple. Give it a try! 

Chocolate Chips and Marshmallos

2. Chocolate Chips and Marshmallows

Everyone loves s’mores right? Well, you can definitely have a s’mores flavored caramel apple by topping it off with some chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Think of it as semi-healthy s’mores… Okay. Not really. But it’s still really good!

Chopped Pistachios and White Chocolate

3. Chopped Pistachios and White Chocolate

I absolutely love this pistachio and white chocolate combo and even use it with other desserts and sweets.

You can use any kind of chopped nuts you want but this is definitely the best pair for me. You can use either white chocolate drizzle or white chocolate chips, but I’m on team drizzle!

Crushed Oreos

4. Crushed Oreos

Here’s another crowd pleaser: Oreos. If you’ve never tried this, you’re missing out!

Roll that caramel apple over some crushed Oreos and you can even drizzle some extra white chocolate on top. Just a tiny bit more sweetness never hurt anyone, right?

Shredded Coconut

5. Shredded Coconut

If you’re trying not to go overboard with the sugar, don’t worry, we’ve got something for you. Shredded coconut!

It’s the healthiest one on this list and even though it’s not as popular, trust me, this one tastes amazing with apples.

If that’s not enough, you can also add in some dried fruit like pineapple or mango for a tropical twist on the classic caramel apple.


6. Popcorn and M&Ms

Movie snacks on an apple, anyone? If you’re looking to snack on caramel apples while watching some Netflix, try this popcorn and M&Ms combo.

I like to experiment with different flavors of popcorn. The most popular one is caramel but for that classic salty and sweet combo, you can simply use salted popcorn. Delicious!


7. Crushed Pretzels

Speaking of sweet and salty, a pretzel caramel apple is definitely worth a try. Plus, it also makes a great movie snack. Add a generous amount of crushed pretzels to your apple for the perfect kick of saltiness. Warning: This one is super addictive!

Crushed Butterfinger

8. Crushed Butterfingers

Growing up, my favorite candy bar was always Butterfinger so of course I had to add it to this list. That crunchy, flaky, peanut buttery goodness plus the extra chocolate goes so well with the caramel apple.

This one is another addictive one and will definitely be a hit with the kids!


9. Crushed Graham Crackers and Peanut Butter

Okay, I’m partial to peanut butter. But can you blame me? It’s a sweet treat that’s just too hard to resist.

You can try different kinds of peanut butter. Whether you want it creamy, crunchy, or a little bit on the saltier side, you just can’t go wrong with this topping. For added texture, roll it on some crunchy graham crackers. Yummy!


10. Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon

For the perfect fall-themed caramel apple, definitely try this pumpkin spice and cinnamon combination.

This will take a few extra steps, but trust me, it will be worth the extra effort! You’ll need a packet of instant pumpkin spice coffee to add to your caramel sauce. Dip your apple in and drizzle over some ground cinnamon.

If that’s not enough, you can also put an extra coat of almonds. I don’t know about you but I could eat this any time of the year! No need to wait for fall.

Gummy Bears

11. Gummy Bears

The kids will definitely be thanking you for this one! Gummy bears are one of the simplest (and yummiest!) toppings you can add to your caramel apple. Make sure to place them face up on your apple for a truly Instagram-worthy treat. 

Strawberry Pop Tarts

12. Strawberry Pop Tarts and Butter Cake Crumble

For a festive way to dress up your caramel apple, some crushed strawberry Pop Tarts and butter cake crumble will do just the trick.

Looking for a delectable combo of your favorite childhood snack and some cake? This one will be hard to resist. I love the balance of a soft spongy cake, sweet Pop Tart flavor, and the crunch of the apple. Yum.


13. Fireball

No kids allowed for this one! This isn’t exactly a topping but the adults will definitely enjoy this one.

You’ll need some Fireball nips (those baby bottles of alcohol, good for about one shot) for every apple. Before coating it with caramel, remove the stem of the apple and poke a small whole. Plug in the Fireball nip and  let it chill in the fridge until the apple has full soaked all the liquids.

Pour over your caramel and you’ve got a delicious, adults-only, boozy caramel apple!

DIY Caramel Apple Bar

If you can’t decide which of these toppings you’d like to add, try setting up a DIY Caramel Apple Bar! This will be a sure hit with your guests so they can customize their perfect caramel apple. Here are some tips!

  • For a mess-free and easy way to enjoy caramel apples, you can slice them in advance for your guests. Make sure to have them ready on popsicle or craft sticks.
  • Arrange your dips. Caramel will go first followed by solids like nuts, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. Last will be your drizzles like chocolate or peanut butter. This way your guests will know what to put first and can customize to their heart’s content.
  • Have a tray prepared so people can drizzle their apples with their preferred sauce without mixing in other ingredients. This will also keep your apple caramel bar neat.
  • Add a good number of options to your caramel bar depending on how many guests you have. More guests, more topping options!

13 Best Caramel Apple Toppings


  • Chocolate Drizzle

  • Chocolate Chips and Marshmallows

  • Chopped Pistachios and White Chocolate

  • Crushed Oreos

  • Shredded Coconut

  • Popcorn and M&Ms

  • Crushed Pretzels

  • Crushed Butterfingers

  • Crushed Graham Crackers and Peanut Butter

  • Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon

  • Gummy Bears

  • Strawberry Pop Tarts and Butter Cake Crumble

  • Fireball


  • Pick and choose your favorite caramel apple toppings. Or combine a few of your favorites for the ultimate dessert!
Caramel Apple Toppings

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