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Can You Freeze Fudge?


Fudge is a sweet and creamy treat that’s hard to resist. But while it tastes ever so heavenly, this is a food I like to savor, eating just one or two pieces at a time. More than that and I’d probably go into a sugar coma.

Fortunately, you can freeze fudge and enjoy it for up to a year!

While fudge stored at room temperature will last up to two weeks, it’s better if you freeze it to preserve its taste and texture.

Want to know how to properly store, freeze and thaw your fudge? Well, keep scrolling!

How to Freeze Fudge

If you want your fudge around for several months, and even up to a year, follow these simple tips:

Do not freeze hot fudge. Be sure to cool it to room temperature before freezing.

Don’t place fudge in the freezer door’s shelves. This area of the freezer is warmer than the rest and is prone to temperature fluctuations. Store the fudge at the very back of the freezer to protect it from temperature changes brought about by opening and closing the door.

Seal each chunk of fudge individually in a double layer of plastic wrap to maintain its integrity. Then place all the pieces in a bigger container.

Be sure to place your fudge in an air-tight container or a resealable freezer bag. Not only does this preserve the taste and texture of your fudge, but it also protects it from absorbing the odor of neighboring items.

Separate each layer of fudge with parchment or wax paper. These methods will prevent it from getting freezer burn.

Can You Freeze Fudge Made with Condensed Milk?

Sure you can! While some people claim that frozen fudge with condensed milk won’t have the same consistency and flavor once thawed, I don’t think that’s the case.

As long as you are careful with the packaging, you’ll still get great-tasting fudge post thawing.

Here’s how: Freeze fudge made with condensed milk with three items. First, double wrap the fudge in cling wrap or plastic wrap.

Next, wrap the fudge pieces in aluminum foil, and last, pop them into a large freezer bag. Press all the air out, seal the bag, and place it in the freezer for another time.

Can You Freeze Fudge to Set It?

Sorry, but no. But here’s a tip in case your fudge did not set as expected: beat it with some powdered sugar and refrigerate! 

Alternatively, you can heat the failed fudge and mix it with a little bit of cornstarch and water or evaporated milk. This will thicken the consistency. Beat again once it cools down. 

If all else fails, just use your stubborn fudge to make chocolate truffles instead.

How to Thaw Frozen Fudge

When you’re ready to enjoy this tasty treat, transfer the fudge into the fridge and let it thaw overnight. That’s it!

Do not place defrosted fudge back in the freezer. Keep it in the fridge from now on.

Tips & Tricks

If you don’t need your fudge to last several months, then just store it at room temperature. It will keep well on the counter for up to two weeks! I don’t recommend refrigerating it, as this will cause the fudge to dry out. 

Label your bags with the current date, that way you know how long your fudge is good for.

While frozen fudge will last a while, you still want to check for freshness before you serve or eat it. If your fudge has formed deep cracks, just throw it out as it won’t taste good anymore.

If the fudge is too wet, soft, or mushy, then it’s most likely expired. If there’s a pool of liquid forming at the surface, it’s time to go. Also, if you see oil on the surface, that’s no good either.

But when stored properly in the freezer, you can enjoy your fudge for up to a year!

How to Freeze Fudge


  • Fudge


  • Let the fudge cool completely to room temperature.
  • Double-wrap each fudge square with plastic wrap. Place them in freezer-safe containers.
  • Label accordingly and store at the very back of the freezer. Frozen fudge will keep well for up to a year.
Can You Freeze Fudge?

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