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13 Easy Brittle Candy Recipes to Make at Home

Crunchy brittle candy recipes go well beyond the classic peanut brittle. These crunchy candies have been popular for decades. 

If you haven’t had brittle before, it’s similar to crunchy toffee. The essential ingredients are butter, sugar, water, and nuts.

Thankfully, there are dozens of ways for you to make new favorites of brittle candies. 

Sweet Peanut Butter Brittle Candy
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These sweets are sure to please all and make a great gifting treat.

Stick to classic peanut brittle, or try tropical macadamia brittle. Try one, or try them all!

These 13 brittle candy recipes are absolutely scrumptious. You’re sure to find one you love!

1. Peanut Brittle

This brittle is the most classic candy on this list! Peanut brittle is sweet, crunchy, buttery, and widely known.

For this recipe, you need just seven ingredients and the stovetop.

Boil sugar, water, and corn syrup to make a thick bubbly syrup. Add in your peanuts, vanilla, and butter and you’re ready to go.

Be sure to let your brittle cool for at least 30 minutes before cracking and serving. 

2. Chocolate Almond Brittle

You’ll love the rich flavor of this brittle. It has a sweet and buttery flavor like almond toffee, yet it’s so easy to make.

Layer almonds, brittle syrup, and chocolate, and sprinkle with chopped pecans. Don’t forget the butter and vanilla for rich and deep flavors.

This nutty and sweet brittle is rich and delicious. Anyone will love biting into this crunchy candy.

3. Easy Chocolate Bark

Who can resist crunchy chocolate bark? Bark is a great variation of candy brittle. Rather than a sugary base, bark is made with chocolate, of course. 

Check this link out to find six ways to make candy bark in five minutes.

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From zesty peppermint to creamy peanut butter, there are so many toppings for this candy. 

Grab your chocolate and favorite candies and enjoy these chocolate barks.

4. Microwave Chocolate Peanut Brittle

Microwaves are a game-changer for putting together treats in a pinch.

There’s no sense in slaving over the stove when you can pop your brittle in the microwave.

To make this chocolate brittle, add cocoa powder to your brittle mix.

Combine your ingredients, stir, and cook! The resulting treat is sweet, crunchy, and delicious for all.

5. Butter Toffee Brittle

I often crave toffee, but I don’t want to face such a great expense. This toffee brittle is an excellent substitution for those cravings. 

You’ll love how short the ingredient list is for this rich buttery brittle. First, make the buttery toffee brittle base.

Then, stir in cashew and top with chocolate and crushed cashews. 

The resulting treat is one I love to gift to some of my favorite people. And definitely keep a batch for those late-night toffee cravings. 

6. Salted Nut Brittle

You’ll notice how excellent cashews are in brittle recipes. They’re creamy, buttery, and irresistible when coated in brittle candy.

Sea salt adds the perfect balance to the sweetness of nut brittles. Make your cashew brittle and sprinkle it with sea salt to elevate the flavor. 

You’ll spend more time allowing this recipe to cool than actually cooking it! This recipe offers easy, sweet, and addicting brittle for all.

7. Sea Salted Pumpkin Pecan Brittle

Kudos to you if you can resist the pumpkin spice craze. You might not be able to after trying this brittle recipe.

You get that delicious fall flavor by using pumpkin spice in the brittle. Pairing those flavors with pecans is truly divine. 

If you’re willing to share, be sure to make a double batch. You’ll thank me later!

8. Easy Almond Brittle

Almond cookies are one sweet treat that I have a hard time saying no to! This brittle has that same flavor and crunch with no flour.

You just need four ingredients to whip up this delectable brittle. Everyone gobbles this up, so be sure to make extra for a secret stash.

9. Cashew Brittle

Delicious desserts don’t have to be a labor of love. This cashew brittle serves as evidence to make easy sweets.

Who can resist crunchy brittle bursting with creamy cashew flavor?

If you need a sweet snack, this recipe comes together in no time. Eight ingredients and 15 minutes are all you need! 

10. Macadamia Nut Brittle

Macadamia nuts are a delicious addition to any brittle candy. The result is a treat that’s crunchy, sweet, and creamy all in one pan. 

Oh, and did I mention this recipe takes less than 30 minutes? The most time-consuming part is waiting for the brittle to cool.

Simply combine brittle ingredients and macadamia nuts and sprinkle them with sea salt.

All that’s left is to enjoy and share. (Maybe!)

11. Coconut Brittle

Why confine brittle to nuts and holiday sweets? This recipe shows just how diverse brittle candy can be. 

In this recipe, you combine macadamia nuts and coconut in a brittle base.

I love the light tropical notes and gentle sweetness coconut adds to brittle candy. 

12. Peppermint Brittle

If you’ve never made peppermint brittle, you’re missing out! You only need two ingredients to whip up this holiday favorite.

Crunch up peppermints and stir them into melted white chocolate.

Pour this mixture onto your sheet pan, allow it to cool, and break it up to serve! This is a holiday candy that everyone will love. 

13. White Chocolate Bark

White chocolate bark is an incredible holiday treat that can be adapted for any time of the year.

After all, who doesn’t love delicate and creamy white chocolate?

Similar to other chocolate barks, you’re welcome to add a variety of toppings. Pretzels, candies, and even Oreos are perfect add-ins. 

Sweet lovers of all ages will rave over these white chocolate bark recipes!

13 Best Brittle Candy Recipe Collection

These brittle candy recipes make homemade treats so easy! From classic peanut to tempting butter toffee, no one will be able to resist these incredible candies.


  • Peanut Brittle

  • Chocolate Almond Brittle

  • Easy Chocolate Bark

  • Microwave Chocolate Peanut Brittle

  • Butter Toffee Brittle

  • Salted Nut Brittle

  • Sea Salted Pumpkin Pecan Brittle

  • Easy Almond Brittle

  • Cashew Brittle

  • Macadamia Nut Brittle

  • Coconut Brittle

  • Peppermint Brittle

  • White Chocolate Bark


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a brittle candy in 30 minutes or less!
Brittle Candy Recipes

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