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10 Types of British Pies

British pies are the ultimate hearty feast for a chilly day!

They’re full of comforting savory ingredients that will make you feel super cozy and satisfied. 

Homemade British Cornish Pastry with Beef and Meet
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The British are famous for their pies for a reason, they’re amazing.

From minced meat to steak, savory pies are a British tradition that’s been around for centuries. 

Timeless classics like these will certainly take some time to make. But it’s so worth it in the end, especially when you bit into the flaky, buttery pie crust.

There are even some that feature a cheesy mashed potato crust instead.

From vegetarian to meat pies, here are my favorite 10 British pies you won’t want to miss!

10 Most Popular British Pies For Dinner

1. Steak Pie

Carnivores won’t be able to resist this juicy and tender steak pie. The inside is overflowing with organic stew meat and OXO beef cubes. 

Similar to beef bouillon, OXO beef cubes are a British staple that gives pies a more robust flavor. If you can’t find them, go with bouillon instead.

You’ll also need to use a double crust pie pastry to capture all this goodness.

Double check to be sure it doesn’t have any sugar because that will distract from all the savory flavors.  

If you’re a meat and potatoes lover, I highly recommend whipping up a side of buttery mashed potatoes and gravy to go along with this hefty pie. 

Add in some peas, and you’ll have a full-on traditional British plate.

2. Cornish Pasty

The Cornish pasty is the British version of a meat hand pie.

The inside is rife with skirt steak, potatoes, and turnips. Add a pinch of cayenne if you want a spicy kick. 

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Unlike most baked goods, you’ll need to really work the dough for this one, making overmixing a requirement.

It might sound blasphemous, but it’s a must for creating a thick crust.

These take some time to make, so save this for when you don’t need a quick meal.

I like to make extras to freeze and have on hand, so these hand pies are ready when I want them. 

3. British Fish Pie

Another phenomenal traditional British pie is this fish pie. Between the topping and the filling, I can’t decide which is better. 

The inside is like a thicker fish chowder that’s rich and creamy. The outside, on the other hand, is all about buttery and cheesy mashed potatoes. 

Also known as fisherman’s pie, you’ll need three types of fish for this recipe. This includes white fish, salmon, and smoked salmon. 

I prefer to use a semi-firm white fish, as anything more delicate will more readily fall apart. 

4. Irish Stew Pie

What does this Irish stew pie have to do with British pies? More than you think.

Irish stew is a popular dish that consists of lamb and root veggies. The British pie version of this is a shepherd’s pie with lamb and a mashed potato topping.

Combine the two and you get this scrumptious stew pie!

The filling features lamb shoulder roast, potatoes, beef stock, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce, while the outside is a flaky store-bought puff pastry. 

5. British Mushroom and Chicken Pie

By now, you get the picture that the British love their meat pies. However, this one is by far one of the most popular pies.

The filling is chock-full of chicken breast along with aromatic herbs and leeks in a creamy white wine mushroom sauce.

It’s very satiating and rich thanks to the double cream. 

Double cream is very popular in Britain and has one of the highest milk fat contents. If you can’t get your hands on some, heavy cream will work in a pinch. 

With so much meat and veggies, you won’t need a side for this dish. One slice is filling enough, but sometimes I can’t resist eating two. 

6. Cheese and Onion Pie

Not all British pies are all about the meat. For instance, this one is all about cheese!

I can’t resist a gooey, cheesy meal, and this one is no exception. It’s oozing with cheddar cheese on the inside and has parmesan cheese in the crust. 

Of course, you’ll need something a bit more substantial in the filling than just cheese. So what better accompaniment than cubed potatoes? 

In my book, cheese and carbs go hand-in-hand, and this recipe is rich in both. While it’s vegetarian-friendly, it’s far from keto. 

But everyone deserves a cheat day!

7. Lamb Pie    

Lamb is a common filling in British pies. While shepherd’s pie is the standard, I love this variation. 

Rosemary is the perfect herb to pair with the juicy lamb roast. This gets even better with the addition of a rich lamb gravy. 

To cut through the meat, you’ll want to add in some onions and carrots. I think some peas will also pair nicely.

As for the crust, it’s the epitome of perfection! I think it’s a fantastic choice for a show-stopping main course for holidays and gatherings alike. 

8. Cottage Pie

Embrace tradition and sink your teeth into this flavorful meat pie. 

Cottage pie is the beef version of shepherd’s pie. This one uses a blend of lean ground beef and beef broth to make the filling rich and hearty. 

However, the real secret is in the seasoning. You’ll need a mixture of spices and herbs, including parsley, Italian seasoning, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

While I love the filling, my favorite part is the topping. It’s a thick layer of fluffy mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese!

9. Minced Beef and Onion Pies

British minced meat pies are usually mini pies served around the holidays. But you don’t need to wait to make this delicious British delicacy.

Minced refers to the meat being finely chopped. This helps it meld with the juicy filling of beef stock, veggies, and tomato paste. 

I like how a simple ingredient like tomato paste makes these pies richer and more robust.

You’ll have to make the dough for each mini pie, but the entire recipe can be ready in about an hour tops.

Chicken Pot Pie

10. Pot Pie

If you want a truly comforting savory pie, you’ve got to whip this up. This stuff is so cozy it tastes like it came straight from grandma’s kitchen.

It’s a tasty concoction of chicken, veggies, and Campbell’s cream of chicken soup. All those hearty ingredients are stuffed inside a flaky, golden-brown crust.

Unlike other pies on this list, this one takes a fraction of the time, which is great because hungry bellies are waiting!

10 Types of British Pies

These British pies are comforting, savory, and delicious! From fish to cheese and onion to minced beef, you won’t be able to resist these traditional pies.


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  • Prep a British pie in 30 minutes or less!
British Pies

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