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8 Best Potatoes for Baking

If you’ve ever had a lackluster spud, you might wonder: what are the best potatoes for baking?

Luckily, the answer is simple:

Loaded Hasselback potatoes with bacon and sour cream.

The best potatoes for baking are Russet potatoes because they have a high starch content and are low in moisture.

This allows the skin to crisp up and the flesh to become fluffy.

Waxy potatoes (like Kipflers), on the other hand, have too much moisture and will have chunky flesh, not fluffy.

Which Potato Is Best For Baked Potatoes?

As mentioned, Russet potatoes are the best choice for baking.

However, there are plenty of potato varieties out there. And they mostly fall into three categories with different flavors and textures. 

So, knowing which type is best for the job can make all the difference between a soggy side dish and a deliciously baked masterpiece. 

Russets have thick skins, which provide a crispy outer layer that balances perfectly with the fluffy middle. 

But there are a few other options to consider. For example, Yukon Golds are terrific all-round spuds for most dishes.

Before we go into the specific types, let’s go over the three main categories:

Types of Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the most popular and versatile foods in the world. And there are three main types – starchy, waxy, and all-purpose. 

Starchy Potatoes

Starchy potatoes are fluffy when cooked and are high in starch/flour. 

They usually have thin skins that are easy to peel and hold their shape well after cooking. 

These potatoes are best used for mashed potatoes, French fries, roasted potatoes, and other dishes where you want them to keep their shape.

Waxy Potatoes

Waxy potatoes have a creamy texture when cooked and contain very little starch. 

The skins are thick but smooth, making them harder to peel than starchy potatoes. 

Waxy potatoes work best for salads and boiled or steamed dishes like dumplings, potato pancakes, and gratins. 

All-purpose Potatoes

All-purpose potatoes are a good combination of starchy and waxy varieties. 

They have a medium texture and hold their shape well after cooking. 

All-purpose potatoes work great for boiled dishes as well as mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, hash browns, and other oven-cooked dishes.

Best Potatoes for Baking

Russet Potatoes in a Burlap Bag

1. Russet 

The Russet potato is, without a doubt, one of the most widely-used types of potatoes out there! 

With its rough, textured skin, this hearty spud always looks like it can take whatever comes its way. 

Not to mention, it’s loaded with so much starch, you could make a small nation with it, which is great for baking! 

The high starch content makes the Russet potato surprisingly fluffy when cooked and perfect for mashing or baking. 

Yukon Gold Potatoes on Top of a Cloth Sack

2. Yukon Gold 

Prized for their creamy texture and buttery taste, Yukon Golds are incredibly versatile.

The yellow hue and impressive size make them highly recognizable, and they give off a warm glow when added to a meal. 

One of the best qualities is that they bake exceptionally well.

There’s nothing better than crunchy edges giving way to soft and fluffy insides.

Raw Sweet Potatoes on Top of a Wooden Table

3. Sweet Potatoes

From baking and mashing to roasting, these delectable tubers are an excellent addition to any recipe. 

One of the best characteristics of sweet potatoes is that their sweetness makes them perfect for baked goods too. 

They provide natural sweetness as well as moisture to cakes, cookies, pies, and more!

Maris Piper in a Metal Colander

4. Maris Piper

Maris Pipers are quite floury and have a really nice, fluffy texture when cooked – perfect for mash and wedges. 

They boast an almost buttery taste with a subtle sweetness, making them hard to resist! 

Maris Piper also works well for baking. They cook fairly quickly, take on flavors well, and are incredibly starchy.

Whole and Slice Désirée Potatoes on a Wooden Table

5. Désirée

These marvelous mounds of starch have everything that a baker needs.

They have a low sugar content for sweet bakes, high levels of solids (starch) for creamy casseroles, and lots of moisture to keep cakes moist – you can’t ask for more!

Bunch of Freshly Picked Sebago Potatoes

6. Sebago

With a creamy texture and mild onion-like flavor, Sebago potatoes are perfect for baking.

They hold their shape well and provide a delicious balance between sweet and savory. 

Additionally, because it’s not overly starchy, this potato doesn’t absorb much moisture, meaning you get glorious crunchiness. Yum!

King Edward Potatoes in a Metal Colander

7. King Edward 

These creamy, fluffy spuds boast a lovely buttery flavor that truly sets them apart. 

If you’re in the mood for some serious baking, King Edwards is a great option. 

They have an excellent blend of moisture and starch levels which makes them ideal for mashing, roasting, boiling, or frying, too.

Coliban potatoes on a burlap sack

8. Coliban

You know what they say, the best things come in small packages.

These dinky spuds might be little, but they sure pack a punch when it comes to flavor. 

Plus, their waxy texture makes them ideal for baking. 

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8 Best Potatoes for Baking

If you’ve ever had a lackluster spud, you might wonder: what are the best potatoes for baking? Luckily, the answer is simple: Russet potatoes!


  • Russet

  • Yukon Gold

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Maris Piper

  • Désirée

  • Sebago

  • King Edward

  • Coliban


  • Select your favorite potato for baking.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Best Potatoes for Baking

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