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The 4 Best Lettuces for Wraps (Low-Carb)

Looking to ditch the tortilla for a low-carb bite? Then you need the best lettuce for wraps!

Leafy greens can make or break your meal. Flimsy, and it’ll fall apart. Too small, and you can’t fit anything inside. 

The 4 Best Lettuces for Wraps featuring Healthy Homemade Tuna Cucumber Wraps with Lettuce

Best Lettuce for Wraps

So what should you use? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. 

I’ve compiled the best for all your meat and veggie needs. Vegan, keto, Whole30, paleo, or gluten-free- these work for every diet.

Prepare to make the ultimate wrap with the best lettuce fit for the job.

1. Butter Lettuce

Fresh Butterhead Lettuce on a Burlap Cloth

Butter lettuce is one of the most popular options for wraps. Also known as bibb or Boston, it’s a type of loose-head lettuce.

The leaves are soft but sturdy, large, pliable, and naturally cup-shaped. They’re ideal for holding a variety of fillings.

A single leaf fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. So it’s easy to grip and eat.

Unlike other types, the leaves don’t tear easily. Yet, they’re easy to remove from the head. So you’re less likely to damage the leaf.

Butter lettuce also has a mild flavor and buttery texture. It’s a complementary wrap for both proteins and vegetables alike.

2. Romaine Lettuce

Bunch of Romaine Lettuce Hearts in a Wooden Box

Another suitable option is romaine lettuce. The leaves are very long and fabulous for wrapping. 

The ridged rib provides a sturdy center. Fold the outside over to form a wrap. It has a boat-like shape that holds all kinds of fillings. 

The flavor is somewhat bitter, which isn’t bad. It’s just a matter of taste preference. 

The texture, however, is the best part. Romaine is very crispy with a nice crunch. 

Use the outer leaves for wraps and leave the inner leaves for something else. The smaller ones inside are harder to stuff.

But some are sizable enough for a party appetizer.

3. Iceberg Lettuce

3 Heads of Fresh Iceberg Lettuce on a Cloth

For a super crispy option, you can’t beat iceberg lettuce. It has a delightful crunch and mild flavor. 

The shape makes it a good choice for wraps. It grows round like cabbage, offering a wide surface area for fillings. 

The leaves aren’t as hardy as butter lettuce. Yet, they’re plenty sturdy. 

The neutral taste also means it won’t distract from the overall flavor.

Stuff them with tuna salad, buffalo chicken, or crispy tempeh. Iceberg is fantastic for all kinds of delicious lettuce wraps

4. Green Leaf Lettuce

Fresh Organic Green Leaf Lettuce on a Wooden Cutting Board

Green leaf is a type of head lettuce that’s widely available and wrap-friendly. 

The shape and structure are like romaine. Long and broad, the leaves have sturdy ribs. The difference is they’re more flexible.

They offer a good amount of crunch and aren’t too bitter. So Green Leaf lettuce works well with an assortment of wraps. 

But don’t stop there!

Green leaf lettuce is a great bread substitute for protein-style burgers or sandwiches.

What Makes Lettuce Good for Wraps? 

The best types of lettuce for wraps are hardy, crisp, and sizable. You want something you can stuff that won’t fall apart.

So there are a few aspects to consider.

First, think about your fillings. Are they heavy, meaty, and saucy? Perhaps you’re making something light and veggie-packed?

The sturdiness, shape, and size should match the stuffing/inside ingredients. You want to make sure everything fits without busting.

Next, consider flexibility. 

Some types of lettuce fold well for easier wrapping. Others wilt under weight. You want something robust with the right amount of give.

And don’t forget the flavor! 

From mild to bitter, lettuce ranges in taste. Consider how much flavor you want your leafy wrap to contribute.

How to Avoid Weak Lettuce 

Wilted lettuce is a no-go for wraps. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to keep your greens in top shape.

  • Revitalize droopy leaves by placing them in an ice bath. About 15-30 minutes will do. Then, dry them off well.
  • Also, store your lettuce correctly. Always leave the heads intact and only wash them right before eating. Stick a paper towel in the bag to help combat moisture.
  • Remove any damaged leaves. And keep the lettuce in the crisper drawer.

These tips will help maintain freshness.

Alternatives to Lettuce For Wraps 

Lettuce isn’t the only low-carb choice for wraps.

Cabbage, collards, and Swiss chard are all excellent options. 

  • All three have large leaves, making them perfect for stuffing.
  • They’re also flexible and sturdy. 

For a high-protein meal, try egg white wraps. Another idea for a keto-friendly and low-calorie option is cauliflower wraps. 

  • Both contribute a unique flavor and texture.
  • And each adds different nutrients, too.

Pick your favorite, and let’s make some wraps!

The 4 Best Lettuces for Wraps (Low-Carb)

This is a list of the best lettuce for wraps! After all, not all lettuce is created equal. But these varieties can hold up to some tasty sandwich filling.


  • Butter Lettuce

  • Romaine Lettuce

  • Iceberg Lettuce

  • Green Leaf Lettuce


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious lettuce wrap in 30 minutes or less!
Best Lettuce for Wraps

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