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14 Best Australian Recipes

Looking for authentic Australian recipes? From Vegemite pasta to Tim Tams, these are the best dishes from Down Under!

Australia is famous for so much more than just shrimp on the barbie.

Homemade Jam Donuts with Powdered Sugar
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Some Australian recipes might be completely unfamiliar, and yes, many are cooked on the BBQ, but they’re all insanely delicious. 

So if you’ve finally worked up the courage to try Vegemite, this list of 14 Australian recipes is for you.

1. Pineapple Lump Slice

Pineapple lumps are an Australian candy – or lolly – that are pineapple flavored and covered in chocolate. 

For this no-bake bar, you will be folding chopped pieces of the candy through a fudgy mixture made from condensed milk.

Since these can only really be found in Australia and New Zealand, you can recreate something similar using any pineapple flavored candy you can find, provided it’s chewy. 

I’ve made a great alternative using pineapple Laffy Taffy!

2. Vegemite Pasta with Parsley Pangrattato

The reason most people hate Vegemite is that they put waaaaaaaay too much on. 

Vegemite should be applied in a super-thin layer, not like you would smear your bagel with cream cheese. 

The flavor is difficult to describe. It’s savory, slightly bitter, and very rich. When done right, it’s pretty delicious. 

This pasta uses such a small amount, but the flavor really pops.

3. Australian Meat Pie

You’re more likely to see an Aussie with a meat pie or sausage sizzle than shrimp on the barbie. 

This traditional recipe uses ground beef for the filling, with no veggies in sight. 

Of course, there are plenty of other fillings available in bakeries across the country!

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The only thing you have to worry about is how to eat it. You should take one bite at a time or have the filling first.

4. Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Day is the day reserved for Australians and New Zealanders to remember their fallen heroes. 

Anzac Biscuits were created by soldiers’ wives and were sent to the front lines to bring a little bit of home to the men at war. 

Crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle, they are made with oats and golden syrup.

If you can’t find golden syrup, there really is no good alternative, so I would highly recommend making your own!

Soft and Chewy White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

5. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

You might not be aware, but these cookies are huge in Australia. 

They can be found all over, but most people agree they first became popular in the coastal town of Byron Bay.

Buttery, chewy, and creamy, these definitely give chocolate chip cookies a run for their money.

6. Vegemite on Toast

For those of you wondering, the amount of Vegemite needed for a slice of toast is no more than ⅛ teaspoon. 

Some daredevils take it higher, but for those just starting, ⅛ teaspoon is more than enough. 

The trick is to generously butter your toast, to prevent it from being too dry. 

The Vegemite is just supposed to be an ultra-thin layer on the top.

7. Weetbix and Date Loaf

Is Weetabix still a thing?

I remember having it for breakfast all the time growing up! Though I never thought to make it into a cake.

This recipe is surprisingly moist and is just the right amount of sweet.

And since you’re using dates and breakfast cereal, there’s nothing saying you can’t start your day with a thick slice. 

8. Australian Sausage Rolls

Regardless of their country of origin, sausage rolls are so tasty and should be made available everywhere.

Using store-bought puff pastry makes your prep a breeze.

Though, you will need to add seasoning to your sausage meat if you didn’t buy it with anything already added. 

In a pinch, I like to buy sausages and simply remove the casings.

These can be served as appetizers if made small or as a mid-morning snack with plenty of ketchup. 

9. Classic Cherry Ripe Slice Recipe – No Bake

A Cherry Ripe is a cherry and coconut confection enrobed in dark chocolate.

Sold all over, it’s like the Australian Reese’s cup, and everyone loves it.

This no-bake recipe takes everything you love about the candy bar and puts it into a thick and decadent treat.

Condensed milk provides the creamy sweetness to go along with the cherries and coconut, and there are some added crushed cookies for texture. 

Top with dark chocolate, and be sure to let cool completely before slicing.

10. Homemade Tim Tams

If you’re from the UK, you grew up eating Penguins. Our cousins from Down Under prefer Tim Tams. 

Honestly, the two are interchangeable for the most part, though Tim Tams offers a few more flavor options.

The classic is made from a chocolate biscuit with a malted chocolate buttercream filling. 

When your little sandwich cookies are paired, the whole thing gets dipped in chocolate!

11. Australian Bush Bread – Damper

As far as bush bread goes, damper is iconic. 

Using baking powder instead of yeast, it rises quickly and can be cooked over the coals for a simple and filling meal. 

Once you have the dough mixed, it will need just a few turns on a floured surface before going straight into a hot oven. 

When baked, it will have an incredible golden crust. 

12. Jam Doughnuts

Jam doughnuts are an absolute staple for most Aussie kids (Brits too).

Best eaten the day they’re made, they need just an hour total to proof. 

Take note of the size of your pot, and be sure not to overcrowd the oil.

Turn your doughnuts once the bottom is golden and remove them onto a paper towel-lined tray.

Some like their donuts rolled in sugar, which should be done when they’re still hot.

If dusting with powdered sugar, do so just before serving. 

13. Barbecue Snags

BBQ snags are simply sausages cooked on the BBQ.

Unlike in the states, the Aussies love to BBQ sausages, and they like good quality, not the crayon-colored frankfurters we’ve become used to. 

In fact, it’s normal not to see burgers at an Aussie BBQ.

Once cooked, serve in a slice of bread with onions and ketchup to make your own sausage sizzles.

14. Traditional Australian Pie Floater Recipe

This one is a little out there but bear with me. 

A pie floater is an upside-down pie in a bowl, covered with a generous helping of mashed pea and ham soup. 

Mashed peas – or mushy peas as they’re known across the pond – are precisely what you would think; mashed peas with butter and salt. 

For this recipe, they get mixed with some cream and garlic for a thinner consistency.

14 Best Australian Foods (+ Recipe Collection)

Looking for authentic Australian recipes? From Vegemite pasta to Tim Tams, these are the best dishes from Down Under!


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