Home Dinner 23 Easy Armenian Recipes You’ll Love

23 Easy Armenian Recipes You’ll Love

Let me introduce you to Armenia through these amazing Armenian recipes! 

If you can’t travel, the best way to experience new cultures is through their cuisine. And if you make it to Armenia… then you already know what to order!

23 Easy Armenian Recipes You'll Love featuring Homemade Khashlama Stew with Meat, Potatoes and Tomatoes
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Authentic Armenian Recipes

Armenia is a small country in the stunning Caucasus mountains. It has a rich food culture, with influences from Europe and the Levant. 

But with a local, traditional flair all its own! 

Every Armenian dish exudes deliciously bold flavors. Whether you want a savory or sweet dish, you will love these 23 Armenian recipes. 

1. Khashlama (Armenian Lamb Stew)

Khashlama, the national dish of Armenia, is the perfect way to start this list. This is a celebratory meal served (mostly) on special occasions.

And it is scrumptious! 

Every spoonful of this comforting stew is loaded with savory spices and tender veggies. It has potatoes, tomatoes, and onions.

But you can add any other veggies you like. 

The Armenians do. 

But one thing that must be included is lamb. Bone-in lamb offers the most flavor and enriches the broth. And because the lamb is stewed, it falls off the bone. 

Red wine adds even more richness, while fresh herbs are the finishing touch. 

2. Dolma (Armenian Stuffed Grape Leaves)

Stuffed grape leaves are a popular dish around the Mediterranean and Levantine regions. You may have heard of dolmades, the Greek version of this dish. 

And if you’ve ever had stuffed cabbage, the process is very similar. But this recipe features strong Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. 

Each dolma is stuffed with a well-spiced mixture of ground lamb, beef, onion, and parsley. Plus rice, onions, shallots, and more herbs.

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And then everything is cooked in tomato sauce. 

3. Homemade Armenian Manti 

Almost every culture has its own version of dumplings. And Manti is the version you’ll find in Armenia, Turkey, and other countries in Central Asia. 

Now, I don’t mean the biscuit-like flour ball dumplings you get in the States. Think more like Chinese dumplings… though not in taste. 

Mantis are stuffed with wonderfully savory seasoned meat. But that’s not all! They’re served in a garlic yogurt sauce that is mouthwatering.  

4. Armenian-Style Rice Pilaf

Think Rice-A-Roni but so much more wonderful! Armenian-style rice pilaf is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. It’s buttery and textural and savory- and just plain delicious. 

5. Armenian Cucumber and Tomato Salad

You can’t get much fresher than this tantalizing cucumber and tomato salad. It’s easy to make and ideal for adding a vegetative bite to any meal. 

Every forkful is light, with a savory twist. This salad features cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions, mint, and parsley tossed in lemon juice and oil.

It’s seasoned with salt and sumac for extra yumminess. 

This isn’t traditional, but I’d add some feta for an extra salty, creamy element.

6. Armenian Gata

I love pastries with a passion. There’s nothing quite like the buttery, flaky layers of a well-made pastry. Especially when it’s filled with goodies. 

In this case, that goody is a sweet roux filling. 

Yes, roux. The flour and butter mixture you make for gravies and cream sauces. When it’s baked with sugar, it creates a super soft and flavorful filling. 

You’re gonna love it! 

7. Lahmajoun (Armenian Pizza) 

This delicious pizza-like Lahmajoun packs a bold punch of flavor. It’s so tasty, it’ll knock out your taste buds! 

And this Lahmajoun is special! It’s a “cheater” recipe made with flour tortillas. The tortillas are the base of the dish. 

Each tortilla is topped with ground meat, veggies, herbs, and spices. Everything is chopped finely and made into a paste-like spread.

Like a pizza, Lahmajoun is baked in a boiling oven. And when it’s ready, eat it right away with a bit of lemon juice. It’s O-M-Yummy!

8. Khorovats (Armenian Grilled Vegetable Salad)

Grilling is one of the best ways to enjoy veggies. It imparts so much delicious flavor. In this recipe, eggplant, tomatoes, and bell peppers are grilled whole. 

Then, the veggies are chopped and mixed with garlic, salt, herbs, and olive oil. I daresay that even salad haters will like this one!

9. Armenian Meatball Soup

It looks like tomato soup. It tastes like cabbage rolls (sort of). But this soup is WAY more interesting than both and just as comforting. 

Meet the Armenian meatball soup.

It features homemade beef and bulgur wheat meatballs. They’re seasoned with onion and paprika, plus salt and pepper. 

The meatballs are cooked in the soup liquid. And the soupy part is totally delicious. It’s tomatoey and lemony and just a little beefy… wonderful!

Garnish with fresh mint and prepare your taste buds for adventure!

10. Armenian Shish Kebabs

Who doesn’t love a good kebab? Seasoned meat on a stick that’s grilled over an open flame? Count me in! 

And this one is particularly delicious. It features lamb marinated in a tomato, onion, and red wine marinade. It’s so rich and flavorful. 

Of course, you can use beef instead.

11. Armenian Semsek

FRIED MINI PIZZA. Enough said. 

But if you need a little more… Semsek is meaty, spicy, doughy, and delicious! A flavorful mix of lamb, beef, Aleppo pepper, and spices sits atop chewy dough.

Then, everything is fried until golden, crispy, and utterly sensational. 

12. Bishi (Zing-a-Ling)

This dish lives up to the awesomeness of its name. Because if a dish called zing-a-ling wasn’t good… well, that’s a crime against humanity. 

But fear not! Bishi are like doughnuts or beignets. But lighter. 

And they’re crispy on the outside but super soft on the inside. 

Typically, Bishi are topped with powdered sugar. But you can do so much more. You can serve them with maple syrup or golden syrup… or better yet, chocolate sauce! 

13. Armenian Grilled Potatoes

This recipe is more about teaching you a technique than an actual recipe. But I love this style of recipe because it improves my skills in the kitchen. 

These delicious potatoes are parboiled and then grilled. But before they go on the grill, they’re scored and smothered in lard.

Which means that they are smothered in flavor! Add whatever, and as many, seasonings you like.

14. Homemade Sujuk

If you’re feeling adventurous, try to make this homemade Sujuk. Sujuk is a type of hard dry-cured sausage.

It’s made from raw beef and spices. But it’s cured so you can eat it as is. If you’re a jerky lover, you’re gonna fall head over heels for Sujuk.

15. Matzoon Cookies

Matzoon cookies + you = a “batch” made in heaven!

Because you make one batch of matzoon cookies and you’ll have to make another. One batch is not enough. 

These cookies are so scrumptious. They’re nutty and sweet and every bite is pillow soft with a slightly caramelized edge.

You’d never guess that yogurt is the star ingredient! 

16. Spas (Armenian Yogurt Soup)

Speaking of yogurt… let me introduce you to Spas, a typical Armenian yogurt soup.

It’s made with yogurt, sour cream, water, egg, flour, seasonings, and fresh herbs.

Plus, cooked wheat berries. Which adds a wonderfully fun texture. It’s light, refreshing, and so tasty! 

17. Armenian Flatbread (Lavash)

Lavash is the ideal companion food for soups, stews, and harissa. It’s basically a Middle Eastern flour tortilla that’s baked instead of cooked on a griddle.

P.S. You can use these instead of tortillas for “cheater” Lahmajoun. 

18. Topik

If you like sweet and savory foods, you’ll love Topik. They’re vegetarian meatballs made with potatoes and chickpeas. Plus, plenty of spices and herbs. 

They’re mostly savory, but they have a hint of sweetness thanks to cinnamon and currants. It’s an unexpected twist for a Western palate but super enjoyable. 

19. Harissa (Armenian Wheat and Chicken Porridge)

I don’t know about you, but when I think of porridge, I think of breakfast. And though you could have this for breakfast, it’s actually a dinner dish.

But you do you. 

Honestly, it’s so tasty, it’s good any time of day! 

It’s chicken plus wheat cooked in stock or water until it’s mush. But, it’s a yummy, comforting, and Michelin-star kinda mush. 

Top it with Aleppo pepper browned butter, and prepare to fall in love. 

20. Cake Ptichka

Ptichka means “little bird” in Armenian. And no… no birds were harmed in the making of this cake. Though, it adds a whimsical quality to the bake. 

Ptichka cake features layers and layers of honey cake stuffed with vanilla custard cream.

The entire cake is covered in a layer of custard and topped with chocolate glaze. 

This is an icebox-style cake. It needs to be refrigerated. And the longer it sits… the better it gets!  

21. Nazook (Armenian Pastry)

Nazook is another type of Gata. But it’s stuffed with butter, flour, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, walnuts, and vanilla. So, it’s fancier.  

22. Armenian Nutmeg Cake

Nutmeg is a common ingredient in Armenian desserts. But it is highlighted the best in this rustic, delicious cake. 

If you love the simplicity of coffee cakes, you will love this one. Making it requires no fancy equipment. And you only need a tongue to enjoy it. 

It has a brown sugar crust that’s just the right amount of crispy. But the rest of the cake is soft and beautifully spiced.

And walnuts add fantastic texture you will love! 

23. Armenian-Style Layer Cake

I CANNOT get enough of this layer cake. It looks like a stack of chocolate chip pancakes. But I promise, it’s a real cake. 

And it’s freaking decadent. 

It is a soft, though-still-kind-of-crumbly nutmeg cake loaded with cocoa nibs and hazelnuts. Each bite is sweet, but it’s not gonna give you a toothache. 

However, this is the dessert that keeps on giving. So, it doesn’t stop there. 

Sandwiched between each layer of cake are two layers of deliciousness. One of coffee whipped cream and the other of rich chocolate ganache.

How amazing does that sound?!

23 Easy Armenian Recipes You’ll Love

These Armenian recipes will take you on a delicious culinary journey. Learn how to create traditional dishes and explore the rich heritage of Armenian cuisine.


  • Khashlama (Armenian Lamb Stew)

  • Dolma (Armenian Stuffed Grape Leaves)

  • Homemade Armenian Manti

  • Armenian-Style Rice Pilaf

  • Armenian Cucumber and Tomato Salad

  • Armenian Gata

  • Lahmajoun (Armenian Pizza)

  • Khorovats (Armenian Grilled Vegetable Salad)

  • Armenian Meatball Soup

  • Armenian Shish Kebabs

  • Armenian Semsek

  • Bishi (Zing-a-Ling)

  • Armenian Grilled Potatoes

  • Homemade Sujuk

  • Matzoon Cookies

  • Spas (Armenian Yogurt Soup)

  • Armenian Flatbread (Lavash)

  • Topik

  • Harissa (Armenian Wheat and Chicken Porridge)

  • Cake Ptichka

  • Nazook (Armenian Pastry)

  • Armenian Nutmeg Cake

  • Armenian-Style Layer Cake


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious Armenian recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Armenian Recipes

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