Home Recipe Roundup 25 Easy 400-Calorie Meals for Mindful Eating

25 Easy 400-Calorie Meals for Mindful Eating

Not too heavy, not too light, these 400-calorie meals are just right!

Flavor-forward and diet-approved, these healthy dishes will satisfy your cravings. 

25 Easy 400-Calorie Meals for Mindful Eating featuring Two Bowls of Homemade Spicy Lentil Meatball Soup on a Green Gingham Cloth
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Best 400-Calorie Meals

Counting calories does not have to leave you hungry and unhappy. These meals will show you the light.

Indulge in a chimichanga. Help yourself to a serving of pesto gnocchi. Give into temptation with turkey pot pie.

Every one of these 400-calorie meals is within your allowed caloric range. Plus, they are diet-friendly dishes you actually want to eat!

1. Grilled Skirt Steak Fajitas

Start with a bang and fix yourself a plate of these skirt steak fajitas. This is a mouthwatering meal beckoning you to fire up that grill.

The caramelized onions and peppers have a sweet kiss of char. 

But the meat steals the show. The zesty marinade packs a big flavor, creating a crave-worthy steak.

Cookouts, summer bashes, or lazy Sundays- these fajitas are a meal worth sharing. 

Calories: 430 kcal

2. Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Bring the Mexican restaurant to your home with these chicken enchiladas. 

You get the cheesy goodness you crave for less than 500 calories! I know. It sounds too good to be true- but it isn’t. 

It has layers of shredded chicken, gooey Monterey jack, and tortillas smothered in sauce. Some peppers and onions are hiding in there, too. 

Calories: 433 kcal

3. Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta 

Shrimp and pasta? Count me in!

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This light bite leaves you feeling the perfect amount of fullness. It blends fresh flavors with comforting ingredients, giving you the best of both worlds.

The shrimp is dripping with white wine-infused garlic butter. Worcestershire sauce gives it the little something extra that it needs. 

Pair it with fettuccine, and it is a cozy yet classy dish.

Calories: 403 kcal (Yes, this includes the noodles!)

4. Pineapple Pork Stir-Fry with Peppers 

Takeout is not in the cards when you want lower-calorie meals. Luckily, this stir-fry is! So, it is the best of both worlds. 

The sauce is so yummy you’ll want to lap it up. Combine it with pork tenderloin, sweet pineapple, and tender peppers- oh my, yum. 

It is a match made in heaven. 

This stir-fry has the umami flavors you crave with a Hawaiian twist.  

Calories: 404 kcal

5. Turkey Pot Pie 

Turkey pot pie is big on comforting flavors, not on calories. 

On the top is a buttery, flaky layer of puff pastry. Dig in to find a thick and creamy filling of roasted turkey with veggies.

It is a cozy and heartwarming meal- just like mom’s cooking. 

Calories: 396 kcal

6. Baked Oats

How about a bowl of chocolate oats to start your day? I knew you would say yes!

This is not your average instant oatmeal. From the flavor to the consistency, this breakfast is decadent. 

The oats have an airy cake-like texture and zero refined sugar. Instead, these get their sweetness from banana and maple syrup. 

Calories: 400 kcal

7. Moroccan Lentil Meatballs with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce 

Spice up your dinner routine with a taste of Morocco. Family-friendly and fast, this vegetarian dish uses pantry staples. 

The plant-based lentil meatballs feature a spicy roasted red pepper sauce and pearl couscous. 

This meal is a fantastic idea for Meatless Monday. Yet, it is so quick you can make it any night of the week.

Calories: 400 kcal

8. Baked Cod with Panko Crust 

Clocking in at just under 400 calories is this panko-crusted cod. Fresh, light, and bright, it’s a beginner-friendly and easy seafood dinner.

The herby coating adds a delightful, crisp texture. Spoon the lemon butter sauce on top to enhance the meat.

Also, the panko breadcrumbs are gluten-free.

Calories: 382 kcal

9. Pesto Gnocchi 

Looking for an easy 15-minute dinner? I have your answer right here!

Pesto gnocchi is one of my favorite things. The pillowy potato dumplings are heavenly. And don’t even get me started on the sauce!

Fresh, creamy, and cheesy, it’s an indulgent dish. And yet, a single serving is less than 400 calories. You literally cannot beat that! 

Calories: 381 kcal

10. Spicy Fish Taco Bowls With Cilantro Lime Slaw

These spicy fish taco bowls are my jam!

They are like a deconstructed burrito with a healthy twist. You get battered cod, a zippy slaw, creamy avocado, and protein-packed quinoa.

You only need a few dashes of homemade hot sauce like mango habanero to complete it!

Calories: 436 kcal

11. Salsa Chicken

Need something low-carb and high-protein that meets your caloric needs? Salsa chicken is your solution.

It is an easy five-ingredient dish that skips the gluten and the grains. Instead, salsa chicken is all about sprucing up the meat. 

Salsa and cheese coat the taco-seasoned chicken breasts. Add a pinch of herbs for a fresh pop. Perfection. 

Calories: 412 kcal

12. Teriyaki Tofu

Teriyaki tofu is an effortless meal you need in your week. It’s fast, nutritious, and light on the wallet. 

More importantly, it makes your taste buds happy. The umami gingery sauce makes the crispy tofu and broccoli very flavorsome. 

Serve it on white rice for a substantial meal.

Calories: 386 kcal

13. Slow Cooker Chicken Korma

Some Indian dishes have a reputation for being high in calories. Lucky for you, this is not one of those.  

What it lacks in caloric content, it more than makes up for in flavor. The succulent chicken gets submerged in a creamy curry sauce. 

You will not find any jarred stuff here. Everything is from scratch. And worth the (little) effort it takes to make! 

Calories: 375 kcal

14. Apple Crisp with Gala Apples

You didn’t think I’d forget about dessert, did you? Treat yourself right with this crisp. 

The juicy caramelized apples and sweet cinnamon topping hit the spot. It satisfies your sweet tooth without all the guilt. 

Calories: 372 kcal

15. Instant Pot White Chicken Chili

Lighten up your regular chili by opting for white chicken. It’s the ideal balance of health and comfort. 

The thick cheesy broth is brimming with corn, green chilis, and beans. Shredded chicken adds more substance and protein. 

Keep the toppings light with cilantro, lime, and jalapeno.

Calories: 389 kcal

16. Pan-Seared Salmon

This is how to make the best pan-seared salmon ever!

Butter, garlic, and lemon highlight the sweet meat. Red pepper flakes give it a hint of heat. (It is just a tiny little bit of spice.)

Cook it to perfection. And pan-seared salmon is crispy, flaky, and succulent. 

Calories: 399 kcal

17. Cheese Steak Chimichangas

Face it. Chimichangas are a calorie bomb. But not these!

These beefy burritos are under 400 calories. And they’re as mouthwatering as it gets. 

The butter-brushed tortillas are full of flank steak and two kinds of cheese. Add the salsa, and sink your teeth in. 

Calories: 354 kcal

18. Apple Cinnamon Pork Loin

Try something different with pork loin and pack it with fall flavors. 

Juicy apples, warming cinnamon, and sweet honey are very complementary. 

They add an enticing contrast that plays on the savoriness of the meat.

Cooked low and slow, it infuses the pork with flavor inside and out. Your family cannot resist it! 

Calories: 453 kcal

19. Chopped Chicken Shawarma Salad

Chopped salads like this make it so easy to eat healthy. It bursts with Mediterranean flavors, making it seriously crave-worthy. 

It has a crunchy mix of veggies, pickled red onion, feta, pita, and more! 

The shawarma rub on the chicken is the best part. Every bite is a flavor-packed mix of warming spices, making it even more enticing.

Calories: 404 kcal

20. Cheesy Spaghetti Squash With Spinach

Spaghetti squash is a fabulous alternative to regular pasta. It contains far fewer calories and more nutrients. 

And these cheesy boats are a special treat!

The squash melds with a creamy parmesan spinach filling with plenty of mozzarella. It’s a comforting, low-calorie dinner that even the family will eat.

Calories: 380 kcal

21. Eggs in Purgatory with Italian Sausage

For breakfast or dinner, this dish is a complete meal all in one skillet. 

Suspend the poached eggs in a thick, spicy tomato sauce. But what is inside the sauce really brings the flavor. 

You can’t see it, but it is full of Italian sausage, peppers, and onions. 

Hearty, bold, and meaty, it is big on flavor.

Calories: 384 kcal

22. Keto Turkey Gobbler Chaffle Sandwich

Don’t slap your Thanksgiving leftovers on bread and call it a day. Make it a meal to remember, like this sandwich. 

It comes with turkey breast, cranberry sauce, and mayo on a cheesy Chaffle. 

This bread substitute is a protein-packed alternative that is keto-approved.

Calories: 386 kcal

23. Creamy Vegan Mushroom Risotto

Risotto is a decadent meal you can make low-calorie. Not only that, but you can make it plant-based, too. 

With a few minor swaps, you get a creamy bowl of garlicky mushroom heaven. 

You cannot even tell it’s vegan.

Calories: 396 kcal

24. Chicken Wonton Soup

Skip the takeout. You do not need it when you’ve got this wonton soup. 

Bok choy, celery, and carrots are swimming in a light broth. Bobbing among them are chewy chicken wontons.

Nourishing and light, it does your body right.

Calories: 373 kcal

25. Grilled Flank Steak with Roasted Tomatoes

Treat yourself to this grilled flank steak the next time you crave red meat. It’s got summer vibes and bright, smoky flavors. 

The meat bathes in a tangy herb marinade. Then, you top it with roasted tomatoes for an acidic finish. 

 Combined with the smoky char from the grill, it’s the perfect bite. 

Calories: 359 kcal

25 Easy 400-Calorie Meals for Mindful Eating

These satisfying 400-calorie meals are ideal for healthy weight loss. With recipes like fajitas and pasta, you can eat mindfully without restricting. #balance


  • Grilled Skirt Steak Fajitas

  • Chicken Enchilada Casserole

  • Garlic Butter Shrimp Pasta

  • Pineapple Pork Stir-Fry with Peppers

  • Turkey Pot Pie

  • Baked Oats

  • Moroccan Lentil Meatballs with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

  • Baked Cod with Panko Crust

  • Pesto Gnocchi

  • Spicy Fish Taco Bowls With Cilantro Lime Slaw

  • Salsa Chicken

  • Teriyaki Tofu

  • Slow Cooker Chicken Korma

  • Apple Crisp with Gala Apples

  • Instant Pot White Chicken Chili

  • Pan-Seared Salmon

  • Cheese Steak Chimichangas

  • Apple Cinnamon Pork Loin

  • Chopped Chicken Shawarma Salad

  • Cheesy Spaghetti Squash With Spinach

  • Eggs in Purgatory with Italian Sausage

  • Keto Turkey Gobbler Chaffle Sandwich

  • Creamy Vegan Mushroom Risotto

  • Chicken Wonton Soup

  • Grilled Flank Steak with Roasted Tomatoes


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious low-calorie recipe in 30 minutes or less!
400-Calorie Meals

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