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25 Whole30 Breakfast Recipes

These Whole30 breakfast recipes make following the plan so much easier!

Whole30 asks you to cut everything from alcohol and sugar to grains, dairy, and anything processed for 30 days. So it’s no wonder people struggle to find things to make.

Sweet Potato Hash with Egg and Bacons
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The good news is that you can eat as many fruits and veggies as you like, plus meat, fish, and eggs.

That makes these Whole30 breakfast recipes filling and super satisfying.

Don’t be surprised to find a lot of egg recipes on this list. They’re loaded with protein and are known to keep you fuller for longer. 

Oh, and they’re not just for breakfast, either! You can serve these as Whole30 lunch ideas or even for dinner.

20+ Easy Whole30 Breakfast Ideas

1. Whole30 Breakfast Salad with Poached Egg

Before I came across this recipe, I’d never thought of having salad for breakfast.

But when it’s full of crispy bacon and luscious runny yolks, how can anyone resist?

Use spinach as part of the greens for a boost of nutrition, and feel free to add any number of roasted veggies to help bulk this out.

2. Eggs Benedict Casserole

This super simple egg breakfast takes everything you love about eggs benedict and makes it into a casserole to feed a crowd. 

You’ll need Whole30 Hollandaise sauce, which is available in some stores. Alternatively, try making your own.

3. Sweet Potato Bacon Egg Muffins

These sweet potato bacon and egg muffins are Whole30, and Paleo approved.

So make a big batch and enjoy these Whole30 snacks whenever the craving hits. 

Best of all, you can even freeze these for later. Just ensure they’re totally cool and store in an air-tight container.

4. Sweet Potato Hash with Sausage and Eggs

There’s nothing more satisfying than a skillet full of crispy potatoes. Serve it with sausage and eggs, and you’ll have one incredible Whole30 breakfast recipe. 

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You’ll need to find sugar-free sausage meat for this, which means you’ll need to check the ingredient list before buying.

5. Easy Whole30 Shakshuka

Full of tomatoes, peppers, and beautiful spices, this Whole30 breakfast is served right in the skillet.

Nestle the eggs in the sauce and let them poach, soaking up all that incredible flavor. 

6. Avocado Egg Salad

You won’t need lashings of calorific mayo to make creamy egg salad. Just add avocado instead!

It’s full of healthy fats and mild enough that it doesn’t overpower the flavor of the eggs. Not to mention it adds a lovely green hue.

7. Brussels Sprouts Hash

Give Brussels sprouts a tasty makeover with this lovely hash and egg breakfast dish.

Sautée them with lots of crispy bacon for maximum flavor, and don’t be surprised if you crave another helping for lunch.

8. Keto Cauliflower Hash Browns Recipe

Hash browns should be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and these keto cauliflower hash browns certainly don’t disappoint.

You can have these on the table in just 15 minutes, and all it takes is a handful of pantry staple ingredients. 

9. Breakfast Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes 

Twice-baked potatoes are known to be decadent and are often loaded with cheese, bacon, and sour cream. 

This sweet potato twist is a little lighter but just as indulgent.

Mix bacon, peppers, and scallions into the sweet orange flesh, then nestle an egg right on top.

10. Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Frittata

This frittata is so good, you’ll want to keep it on the menu even after the 30 days are up.

Pair melt in your mouth smoked salmon with bright and fresh asparagus for a Whole30 breakfast recipe worthy of the ‘Gram. 

11. Sweet Potato Crust Quiche

Looking for an easy, filling, gluten-free breakfast? How about this incredible sweet potato crust quiche?

Full of spinach, peppers, and feta cheese, this healthy and scrumptious Whole30 recipe is perfect for your next brunch with the gals.

12. Vegan Grain-Free Hot Cereal

Oatmeal is a fantastic, healthy, filling, and inexpensive way to start the day. But, unfortunately, oats are a no-go on Whole30.

Instead, try combining flax seeds with walnuts and bananas, plus a few key spices. It’s rich, tasty, and will keep you full until lunch with ease.

13. Skillet-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Any “diet” that allows me to have potatoes for breakfast is a winner in my book, and these roasted fingerling potatoes might just be my new go-to.

Use a skillet and plenty of oil to get an excellent crispy coating while the inside stays nice and fluffy.

14. Spicy Pulled Pork Fried Eggs

Between the hot sauce and jalapeños, this isn’t one for the faint at heart. So, if heat isn’t your thing, keep scrolling!

But if you like your breakfast with a kick, I can’t recommend this insanely delicious egg and pulled pork dish enough. 

15. Paleo Pancakes Recipe

These babies are grain, gluten, and dairy-free, while still being crazy-fluffy, thanks to the blend of almond and coconut flour. 

You’ll use bananas for sweetness and moisture, and you just have to try this unbelievable date syrup to drizzle over the top.

16. Easy Sausage and Pepper Skillet

Sausage and peppers are a match made in heaven, and they’ll be your new best friends if you try Whole30. 

Not only are pepper crazy flavorful, but they’re stunning and will brighten your plate, so you’ll want to dive right in. 

17. Two-Ingredient Baked Egg and Sweet Potato Nests

These would make such a cute little breakfast or brunch to serve at Easter.

Use a spiralizer if you want the potatoes to look like nests or grate them for a similar effect.

Once the potatoes are crispy, all you need to do is add an egg to the middle and let it cook. 

18. Whole30 Zucchini Noodle Breakfast Bowl

I don’t know what I love more about this dish: the vibrant zoodles or the creamy avocado sauce. 

It’s garlicky, crispy, tender, and full of protein. I recommend adding jalapeńos to the cream if you like things spicy.

19. Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bake

This lovely sweet potato and apple bake is a lot like crustless pumpkin pie.

It’s full of shredded apples and pumpkin, and you’ll add coconut milk and egg custard to the top.

Top it with raisins and pecans and bake until the custard sets. 

20. Whole30 Breakfast Sausage

Sausages are typically more filling than bacon, but many pre-made sausages contain lots of preservatives and added sugar. 

So, to be sure you’re sticking to the Whole30 plan, why not just make your own? That way, you can season them to your liking.

21. Easy Corned Beef Hash

This is the best breakfast to make when you have leftover corned beef, and it will be just as tasty for breakfast as it would for dinner. 

It’s so warm and comforting, plus it’s ready in just 20 minutes. Add an egg to the top for maximum protein!

22. Make-Ahead Whole30 Breakfast Sandwiches

If you don’t have time to cook in the morning, these Whole3 breakfast sandwiches will be a lifesaver. 

They’re freezer-friendly and packed with flavor. Leave the greens and avocado out if freezing, and just add them when you’re ready to eat.

23. Paleo Sweet Potato Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Sweet potato waffles filled with tender greens, fried eggs, and silky-smooth avocados will soon be your new breakfast fave. 

It’s crunchy, tasty, and best of all, it’s versatile! Fill it with everything from bacon or sausage to grilled chicken.

24. Sweet Potato Protein Breakfast Bowl

This Whole30 and vegan breakfast bowl is brimming with protein, flavor, and terrific texture.

Mix in dried fruits and chopped nuts if you want even more texture.

Or, for something warm, try adding some almond flour and an egg and baking it like baked oatmeal.

25. Eggs in Purgatory

This Italian version of Shakshuka uses a chili-flake spiked tomato sauce, along with mushrooms and sausage meat for added sustenance. 

The mushrooms and sausage aren’t traditional, but they make this so much more filling.

I find cherry tomatoes work best for this, but you can add any you have, or you can use marinara for faster prep.

25 Whole30 Breakfasts (+ Recipe Collection)

These Whole30 breakfast recipes make following the plan so much easier! From muffins to quiche to pancakes, doing Whole30 doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your morning meal.


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Whole30 Breakfast Recipes

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