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What to Serve with Nachos (11 Perfect Ideas)

Wondering what to serve with nachos? From tacos to jalapeno cornbread, these tasty side dishes will make you say, “Ole!”

Nachos are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, whether you’re entertaining friends or having a weeknight dinner with the family.

Loaded Beef and Cheese Nachos
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What’s not to love?

Between the crunch of the tortilla chips, the gooey goodness of the melted cheese, and the spicy and savory toppings you add, nachos make for an appetizer that’s impossible to resist.

They’re also easy to make, no matter what size group you’re trying to feed.

Fill up a huge cookie sheet for a larger gathering, or simply line the tray in your toaster oven with some foil to make a small batch for two. 

I like to have a little extra fun with mealtime whenever I can, and nachos are an ideal starter for hosting a Mexican-themed dinner.

When it comes to what goes well with nachos, there are so many delicious possibilities.

From main courses to appetizers and sides, I’ve rounded up some brilliant suggestions, so what are you waiting for?

Have your very own fiesta with these 11 dishes that pair perfectly with nachos!

1. Tacos

Tacos and nachos go hand-in-hand since a lot of the same toppings can be used to put on top of both, which means your grocery store list just got a little bit shorter. A win-win!

Tacos are great with beef, chicken, or pork. When it’s grilling season, I even like to serve tacos with fresh shrimp or grilled mahi-mahi.

Pick whatever meat is your favorite, or better yet, offer a few different options and set up a taco bar so everyone can have them with their own preferred fillings.

2. Burritos

If you’re looking for a hearty dish to pair with your nachos, you really can’t go wrong with burritos.

Fill them up with meat, rice, beans, veggies, and cheese, and wrap them in a warm flour tortilla.

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Or, if you have any carb-conscious dinner guests, make sure to have an extra bag of shredded lettuce on-hand so they can make their own burrito bowls.

It’s like having “make your own” takeout!

3. Quesadillas

Who says appetizers can’t be the main event of the meal?

Quesadillas take all the melted cheese goodness to the next level, and they’re impossible to resist when dipped in salsa and sour cream.

For a little bit of added crunch, you can heat the tortillas for an extra minute or two before adding the fillings. 

Nachos and quesadillas really are such a dynamic duo, too.

As a bonus, they’re both finger foods, which means cleanup will be a breeze. The less time spent doing dishes in the kitchen, the better, right?

Sloppy Joes

4. Sloppy Joes

I don’t know about you, but Sloppy Joes remind me of being a kid.

I remember my mom whipping them up for an easy family dinner, and even though they made a mess, they were always a staple in our house.

The sweetness of the sauce is such a great complement to the salty crunch of nachos, with a dash of nostalgia thrown into the mix for good measure.

5. Spanish Rice

Spanish rice works well as a side dish for nachos, especially if you’re serving nachos as the main entrée.

With the flavors of garlic, tomato sauce, cumin, and other spices, Spanish rice has just the right amount of kick to it without being overly spicy, so even those who have milder tastes will eat it right up. 

6. Refried Beans

If you want to truly capture the experience of dining at a Mexican restaurant, then add refried beans to the menu.

They often come as a side dish, whether you order enchiladas, a burrito, or tacos.

They’re so yummy when topped with a little bit of melted cheese, and you can even use them as an extra topping for your nachos if the mood should strike you.  

7. Black Bean Soup

For chillier months, warm up your dinner guests’ bellies with a heaping bowl of black bean soup.

It’s filling, satisfying, and when paired with nachos, it’s a comfort-food filled meal that everyone is sure to enjoy.

For an extra kick, top it off with chopped red onion, fresh cilantro, salsa, and a big dollop of sour cream.

8. Chicken Wings

Who doesn’t love chicken wings? There are a variety of sauces that you can toss them in depending on how spicy you like them.

For a traditional flavor, try buffalo sauce, or to keep with a Mexican theme, try a habanero or jalapeno-based marinade, if your taste buds can handle the heat!

Just make sure to have extra napkins on hand. This meal is bound to be a messy one!

9. Mexican Street Corn (Elote)

Mexican street corn, also known as elote, is a gourmet version of corn on the cob that’s like a flavor explosion.

Made on the grill, it has that smoky, charred flavor that you get with grilled vegetables, but then it’s topped with a mixture of cotija cheese, chili powder, and lime juice.

Give this corn a try, and you may never go back to regular old corn on the cob ever again. Trust me, it’s that good!

10. Jalapeno Cornbread

The sweetness of cornbread can’t be beat, and jalapeno cornbread offers the perfect blend of spicy and sweet.

Made with scallions and extra-sharp cheddar, it’s an irresistible treat with a Mexican twist.

Pop a loaf into the oven to bake while you’re enjoying your nachos, and you’ll have a second course you’ll want to serve again and again.

It’s also delicious for breakfast the next morning.

11. Beer

C’mon, you knew that beer, or shall I say, cerveza, was going to make the list, right?

A Mexican fiesta just wouldn’t be complete without a cold, crisp beer (or two!) to wash everything down.

To keep things authentic, skip the American brews you usually have and pick up a case of Corona or Dos Equis to make your dinner a genuine party for your guests.

Between the beer, nachos, and whatever other delectable dishes you serve, the only thing missing is the pinata!

What to Serve with Nachos (11 Perfect Ideas)


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What to Serve With Nachos

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