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What is Superman Ice Cream?

Any Marvel/DC fans out there? If so, I bet you’re wondering what is Superman ice cream.

This vibrant concoction is so irresistible, every kid (and kid-at-heart) has to have it!

Superman Ice Cream

Superman Ice Cream was one of my favorite treats growing up. It’s a sweet treat made of three different colors: the hero’s signature hues of red, blue, and yellow.

But what about the taste? Is it just colored vanilla ice cream? Or does each color represent a different flavor? 

Unless you’re from the Midwest, chances are, you’ve never even heard of this flavor.

That’s what we’re here to address today. I’ll give you the inside scoop about this superb ice cream flavor – its history, what it tastes like, and where to get it.

So, let’s dig in, shall we?

The History of Superman Ice Cream

While we all know where Superman came from, we can’t say the same for this colorful ice cream.

What we do know for sure is that it all started in Michigan. But other than that, its origin story is a little bit hazy.

Many believe the iconic flavor originated in Stroh Brewing Company, a brewery based in Detroit, Michigan.

Stroh Products Company

Now, what business does a beer company have with making ice cream? Well, it was back in the 1920’s, and Prohibition had just banned the production of beer.

The owner, Julius Stroh, had to expand the business if he wanted to stay afloat.

He rebranded his company to Stroh Products Company and sold birch beer, soft drinks, malt products, and ice cream.

Many historians believe it was its subsidiary, the Stroh Ice Cream Company, who came up with this unique flavor.

Although, it certainly wasn’t called Superman Ice Cream back then since the first Superman comic was released in 1938!

When Prohibition ended, the company went back to manufacturing beer, but the ice cream flavor remained popular all over the Midwest.

The ‘Super’ Name

The theory goes: it all came from the rising popularity of Superman and the resemblance the trio of colors had.

They were soon melded together and the nickname still remains today.

Though the dish is famous for its superhero namesake, Stroh’s, or any other brand, has not obtained a license from DC Comics to officially carry the name.

Instead, it goes by many other names, including “Scooperman”, “SuperScoop” and “Super Hero” ice cream.

Yup, while its name has been widely accepted, Superman ice cream does not bear DC’s official seal of approval. 

What Does Superman Ice Cream Taste Like?

Superman ice cream’s flavor combinations vary depending on where you get it. But here are the most common flavors: 

Blue: Bluemoon – an upper Midwest flavor famous for its Smurf-like hue. The taste is quite difficult to describe, but to me, it’s somewhat like a marshmallow or bubblegum flavor.

Red: Cherry, Red Pop (a type of fruit soda that tastes like a cross between cherry cream soda and strawberry), Black Cherry, Strawberry, or Raspberry

Yellow: Lemon, Vanilla, or Banana

While the flavor combination of Superman ice cream varies from one store to another, it has one dominant taste: super sweet. I would describe it as Froot Loops in ice cream form.

While some stores offer a sour contrast in the lemon yellow, the sweetness remains the overpowering flavor.

Where to Buy Superman Ice Cream

Fortunately, you don’t need to head to Smallville or Metropolis to have a scoop of this delectable treat.

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic and want a scoop of Superman ice cream, head to the Midwest! 

You’ll find it at:

Stroh’s: Now called the Super Rainbow, it’s made with Red Pop, Blue Moon, and lemon ice cream

House of Flavors: Blue Moon, Cherry, Lemon

Meijer’s Store: Called the Scooperman, it’s made with Blue Moon, black cherry, and vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company (Madison, Wi): Cherry, Blue Moon, and vanilla

Hudsonville Creamery & Ice Cream Company (Hudsonville, Mi): Called the SuperScoop, it’s made with Blue Moon, black cherry, and vanilla ice cream

If you’re from Stratford, Ontario, Canada, you’re in luck! Scooper’s Ice Cream Treats also offer a similar flavor called “Super Hero” ice cream.

Laura Secord Chocolates, another ice cream store in Canada, also has its own version called “SuperKid,” which is made of strawberry, banana, and blueberry.

And, if you’re at the Land Down Under, you can get your Superman ice cream fix by trying their Rainbow ice cream. But while it does have the same color scheme, the three hues all have one flavor: caramel.

What is Superman Ice Cream?



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  • Superman Ice Cream


  • It’s a variety of ice cream with 3 distinct colors: red, blue, and yellow (hence the name). It’s very sweet and is often described as Froot Loops in ice cream form.
  • The blue ice cream is bluemoon. It’s an upper Midwest flavor that tastes like a cross between a marshmallow and bubblegum.
  • The red is either cherry or red soda pop. Other flavor varieties include black cherry, strawberry, or raspberry.
  • The yellow ice cream is flavored with either lemon, vanilla, or banana.
Colorful Superman Ice Cream

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