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Easy Side Dishes for Curry (14 Tasty Ideas)

Looking for the best side dishes for curry? From naan bread to chutney to coconut rice, these tasty dishes are the perfect pair for your curry feast!

Whether sweet, spicy, full of meat or loaded with veggies, I love a good curry.

Spicy Curry with Rice and Naan Bread
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My issue, however, is knowing what to serve with curry. More often than not, my side dishes usually wind up being… well, rice. 

But there are so many more delicious options out there!

So, today, I’m sharing 14 of the top side dishes to serve with curry. Let’s get cooking!

1. Easy Naan Bread

This traditional flatbread is always going to be welcome at my table.

Whether it’s smothered in garlic butter or stuffed with coconut and raisins, I like to use this fluffy bread to mop up any leftover sauce. 

Though this is a yeast-based dough, it only needs one rise. This recipe can be made ahead by about an hour, and it will be hot and perfect for dinner. 

I like to use my cast iron pan for naan, as the direct heat cooks the bread much better, giving it those dark spots. But you can cook your naan in the oven, too. 

2. Roti Recipe

If you’d rather not worry about working with yeast, this recipe is a great alternative. Also a flatbread, roti will come out slightly thinner and less fluffy than naan. 

Much like naan, you will need to knead this dough for around 10 minutes until it’s smooth and everything is uniform.

After a quick 30 minute rest, you can knead and portion your roti to size. 

Roll with a rolling pin, or flatten with your hands until it reaches the desired thickness, and then cook over a dry pan until it starts to puff up. 

3. Mint Chutney

The vibrant colors of Indian food are what drew me to the cuisine. A table full of sauces, meats, and lentils, with dips, chutneys, and samosas is pretty hard to resist. 

This recipe is so much more than mint and calls for garlic, green chilies, lemon juice, and coriander.

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It adds such a fresh note to your rice, curry, or grilled meat.

4. Easy Samosa Recipe

Typically made with a spiced potato filling, samosas are such a great appetizer and side.

I keep meaning to try making the dough from scratch, but using store-bought wonton wrappers is such a time-saver.

Once your potatoes are cooked, you’ll want to mash them a little, but not completely. You’ll want some texture to go along with the onion and peas. 

5. Aloo Gobi

This dish makes for such a lovely, flavorful side to plain old rice. It’s also much more satisfying. Full of potato and cauliflower, it’s lightly spiced and great for vegans.

Being a one-pot wonder, you can make this in just one skillet, and it’s substantial enough to have as a main course. 

If you can’t find the fresh spices, feel free to use ground ginger and turmeric. And adjust the chili flakes to your own spice preference. 

6. Raita (Indian Yogurt and Cucumber Condiment)

Given that I really do enjoy Indian food and like it spicy, it’s essential to have a palate cleanser on the table.

This fresh yogurt is perfect for helping cut through the spice and gives your tongue a pleasant break. 

I like to make this and keep it close, adding it to everything from my samosas to my chicken biryani.

7. Creamy Cucumber Salad

Texture is super important at every meal we eat. For a lot of Indian food, the texture tends to be on the softer side, and I find myself missing some crunch. 

I don’t always have the time or supplies to make up a batch of samosas, but this cucumber salad is a light and refreshing alternative. 

Much like the raita above, it can act as a palate cleanser, with its creamy dressing and mild cucumber flavor. 

8. Mango Lassi

Not all Indian dishes are savory, and this is one of my favorite desserts. I’m a massive lover of mango and will eat it year-round.

Making it into a milkshake, though, is a stroke of genius. Greek yogurt will give you a nice protein kick, or you could use coconut cream to keep it dairy-free. 

I also like to add just a pinch of spice, with cinnamon or cardamom, but it’s just as delicious without. 

9. Perfect Jeera Rice

I think I don’t give my rice enough love. This recipe calls for multiple cleansings of the rice and a 30 minutes soak, which I know I always skip.

But the key to this flavorful rice is cooking the spices in butter before you add the rice, which also gets toasted in the spiced butter. 

Cooking the spices helps release all the oils and immense flavor, which will then soak right into the rice. It’s fool-proof!

10. Vegetable Pakoras

These spiced Indian chickpea fritters are everything you’ll want out of a crunchy side. Using chickpea flour adds such a unique flavor.

I wouldn’t recommend skipping it since it’s available in most grocery stores these days. 

Because it contains potatoes, you’ll want to cut the pretty thin to ensure they’ll cook through in time.

When frying, work in batches to not overcrowd the oil and reduce the temperature too much. 

11. Onion Bhajis

I know the dish is not very original, but onion bhajis are just so tasty! I can’t resist!

The batter will seem quite thick, but it will thin out as you coat the onions. They’ll need to be super thinly-sliced so they can cook in the oil. 

Like with pakoras, don’t overcrowd the pan. Fry in batches for a couple of minutes on either side until golden brown and crispy.

12. Beet Salad with Arugula and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Salad might not be the first thing you choose to have with a curry, but this earthy beet salad pairs so well with some of the dryer Indian dishes. 

Plenty of Indian dishes are served without a bowl of sauce, and this salad will stand up to even the spiciest of kebabs!

13. Avocado Salsa

Much like the minty chutney from above, this fantastic avocado salsa will help to cut through some of the spice with its creaminess. 

Try to use fresh jalapenos if possible, as they will give you a more Indian-inspired flavor. And I would probably throw in a pinch or two of cumin.

14. Easy Light Coconut Rice

This is one of my favorite ways to cook rice. Just by switching out the water for coconut milk, you’ll get a light and flavorful dish with so little effort. 

I like to make up a bigger batch and then use this coconut rice in other dishes. It tastes excellent with Mongolian beef and pineapple chicken.

14 Easy Sides for Curry (Authentic Dinner Menu)

Looking for the best side dishes for curry? From naan bread to chutney to coconut rice, these tasty dishes are the perfect pair for your curry feast!


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a side for curry in 30 minutes or less!
Side Dishes for Curry

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