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17 Simple Ramekin Desserts

I have a confession to make. I’m mildly addicted to making ramekin desserts. I know that seems like a bizarre addiction, but it’s true. 

If you’re an avid chef, chances are, you already know what a ramekin is and probably have at least a couple in your kitchen cabinets. 

Chocolate Pots De Creme in Ramekin
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However, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a ramekin is a small circular or oval-shaped dish (usually ceramic) used for cooking desserts, casseroles, and other tasty things.

I love them because you can make some of the cutest single-serve desserts in them.

In a lot of cases, you can even make them in the microwave, which is super convenient!

Whether you’re into rich, chocolatey desserts or sweet treats that are lighter and fruitier, you can easily whip up something to suit your tastes in a ramekin. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s check out 17 of the most adorable, tastiest ramekin desserts I know (and love!).

1. S’mores Dip

This s’mores dip is the perfect example as to why I love ramekins and ramekin desserts.

Say you’re home alone one night and desperately start craving s’mores. 

Are you really going to go outside, find, collect, and pile up sticks, light a fire, and roast marshmallows and Hershey’s bars over an open flame when you really only want one or two s’mores?

Of course, you won’t!

With a ramekin, you can spoon in two tablespoons of chocolate chips and microwave them for 30 seconds, then add two marshmallows and microwave for another 15 seconds.

Dip that gooey, chocolatey mess out with some graham crackers and satisfy your craving. It doesn’t get much easier (or quicker) than that.

2. Banana Bread

Yep! You read that correctly. You can even make a single serving of banana bread in a ramekin.

While it takes longer than the single minute it takes to make the s’mores dip, it’s still ready in less than an hour.

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All you’ll need is a ramekin, fewer than 10 common pantry ingredients, and your oven.

You’ll enjoy the dense, hearty yumminess of banana bread in only 40 minutes.

3. Coffee Souffle With Chocolate Sauce

Mmmmmm… this creamy, dark chocolatey, coffee-flavored souffle is unbelievably delicious.

It’s rich and bold, and it may be a little too sweet for some people. 

However, I think the coffee flavor helps tone it down just enough.

Still, if you try it and find it too sweet for your tastes, you may want to go a little heavier on the coffee next time.

4. Lemon Pudding Cakes

Best served warm, these lemon pudding cakes are a dream.

They’re bright, tender, and citrusy to the max. And if you add a dollop of whipped cream, you’ll quickly fall in love.

5. Sticky Toffee Pudding

This incredible pudding is more like bread pudding than Jell-O pudding, and it has a spongy, muffin-shaped base and a – you guessed it – sticky toffee sauce topping.

The taste is sweet and caramel-like, with undertones of dates and brown sugar. 

It may be a dessert, but I sneak around sometimes and have it for breakfast instead.

It would also make an exceptional brunch option. 

6. Chocolate and Blackberry Self-Saucing Puddings

With rich, chocolatey exteriors surrounding warm, tart, and gooey blueberry fillings, these self-saucing puddings are a hit at any gathering. 

Best of all, you can make a half dozen of them in about 35 minutes.

7. Creme Brulee

If you’ve always wanted to make creme brulee but have been too scared to try it, this recipe for ramekin creme brulee is perfect for you. 

They take a bit of time to make, but somehow, making these miniature versions is so much easier for me than trying to make a full-size creme brulee. 

Plus, you’ll get to play with a kitchen torch for these, and I’m sorry, but that’s just fun.

8. Individual Berry Crumbles

If fruity desserts are more your style, you’ll love these berry crumbles. 

Because of the fruit – blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc. – brown sugar, and cinnamon, they’re ideal for fall, but honestly, they taste good any time of year. 

The insides are fruity and ooey-gooey delicious, and they have a nice cobbler-like crust that’ll have you scraping the sides of the ramekin for the last few bits. 

9. Louisiana Bread Pudding

This recipe may be for bread pudding, but it’s the hot, buttery banana filling that really steals the show.

Of course, the thick, yummy crust, cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg don’t hurt either. 

10. Chocolate Pot de Creme

If you’re looking for something cool, refreshing, and vegan-friendly, check out this recipe for chocolate pot de creme. 

Each one is smooth, creamy, and full of chocolatey yumminess.

Plus, you’ll make them with tofu, so they aren’t all that unhealthy for you either, especially for a dessert. 

11. Baked Rice Pudding

All you’ll need to make this five-ingredient rice pudding is whole milk, rice, sugar, nutmeg, and heavy cream.

You can also garnish it with cinnamon if you like.

Including resting time, they take a little over 2 hours to prepare and cook, but they’re entirely worth it in the end. 

They’re creamy and filling and have an excellent mild but sweet taste that everyone will love.

12. Rice Krispies Treats

I love Rice Krispies treats! In fact, I love them so much that I can never make them, otherwise, I’ll sit and eat the entire pan in one sitting. 

Enter the ramekin! You can make a single Rice Krispies treat in one.

It’s absolutely perfect for someone like me who really loves these sticky, gooey treats but will eat way too many of them if given a chance. 

13. Lemon Cake 

Looking for a light, fluffy, perfectly golden-brown cake that’s packed with the tangy zestiness of lemons?

Look no further than these miniature lemon cakes for two. 

If you’re looking to cut back on the carbs, you can leave off the lemon glaze, but seriously, it’s so good. 

Please don’t leave it off unless you have absolutely no other choice but to do so.

The cake itself tastes fine, but without the glaze, it’s just missing something. 

14. Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie

Is there anything better than homemade chocolate chip cookies? 

How about deep-dish chocolate chip cookies that are buttery, fall-apart-in-your-hand soft, and full of chocolate chips and your favorite nuts? 

And did I mention that “deep-dish” means about as thick as the ramekin itself? 

To quote Macho Man Randy Savage, “Ohhhh yeahhhhhhh…” These things are insanely delicious and totally decadent.

15. Brownie Pots

These brownie pots are every bit as addictive as traditional brownies, but they take a lot less effort.

To put it simply, they are pure fudgy deliciousness.

With a couple of ramekins and your oven, they’re exceptionally easy to make, taking only 45 minutes from beginning to end.

Best of all, you probably already have everything you need to make them in your kitchen. 

All you’ll need is butter, granulated sugar, vanilla, flour, an egg, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt – basically, pantry staples.

So if you’re craving a chocolate fix, break out this recipe and get ready to enjoy some rich, gooey perfection.

16. Mini-Cherry Clafoutis

If you’ve had any type of fruit clafoutis before, you already know how incredible they are.

If you haven’t had one, then you’re in for a massive treat because they’re fantastic!

These miniature versions are even better because they’re so adorable. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I can make half a dozen of them in just 35 minutes, either.

Each one is buttery, tender, and jam-packed with fresh cherry flavor.

Thanks to the sugar, butter, vanilla flavoring, and all the other baking ingredients, they’re really sweet.

However, the cherries also give them a tart kick that balances out the sweetness flawlessly.

Plus, they just look beautiful – all golden yellow and red. These would be perfect for brunch.

17. Funfetti Cake

These miniature Funfetti cakes are perfect for small, intimate birthday celebrations or for when you’re sitting around, craving something sweet.

Even though you’ll make them from scratch, you can have two of them ready to enjoy in only 30 minutes.

They’ll both be light, fluffy, and have precisely the right amount of sweetness.

Additionally, anything with Funfetti on it is just automatically… well… FUN! 

17 Simple Ramekin Desserts

These easy ramekin desserts are the perfect single-serving treats! From pudding to creme brulee to brownie pots, everyone will love these individual desserts.


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  • Prep a ramekin treat in 30 minutes or less!
Ramekin Desserts

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