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35 Easy Punch Recipes for Parties

It’s always a good idea to have a variety of punch recipes available to enjoy at any gathering.

Whether you’re preparing for the holiday season or just throwing a weekend party, drinks are an essential part of your menu. 

You’ll want to tailor your punch to the occasion. 

Boozy and Refreshing Strawberry Punch with Lemon
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For example, a Moscato or watermelon rum punch wouldn’t be appropriate for a six-year-old’s birthday party, but they’d be great additions to your bestie’s bachelorette party. 

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 35 fantastic punch recipes. Some are fruity, some are minty; some are tart, some are sweet, some have alcohol, and some don’t. 

No matter what, they’re all delicious and will be the perfect addition to whatever event or occasion you’re pulling together. 

1. Moscato Punch

If you’re looking for something elegant, delicate, and pretty in pink, you can’t beat Moscato punch. It’s lovely and bubbly and makes a stunning addition to your drinks table.

Best of all, you can whip it up in just 5 minutes. All you’ll need is Moscato wine, frozen pink lemonade concentrate, Sprite, fresh raspberries, lime slices, and ice.

It’s sweetly tart, and you’ll love its flavorful fruity taste.

2. Watermelon Rum Punch

Watermelon rum punch has the light, summer taste of watermelons combined with the citrus flavors of oranges and lime. 

The ginger beer adds another depth of flavor, and the cup of rum packs just enough of a punch to have your guests feeling ready to dance. It’s a refreshing drink that’ll cool you down on a hot day.

3. Sparkling Grapefruit Party Punch

Sparkling grapefruit punch has that amazing bittersweet flavor that you can only get from grapefruits with a bit of sweet tanginess thrown in from the ginger ale and lime juice.

It’s fizzy, tasty, and completely alcohol-free. Along with its lovely pink color, that makes it the ideal choice for baby showers.

4. Holiday Punch Recipe (Easy Christmas Punch)

Holiday punch is fun, festive, and full of Christmas cheer. It takes 10 minutes to make and combines many of your favorite holiday elements. 

You’ll make the punch itself with cranberry juice, orange juice, sparkling apple cider, ginger ale, and your choice of vodka. 

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It’s pretty potent, but the taste is light, and once you add the cranberries and orange slices, it looks as impressive as it tastes.

5. Peach Champagne Punch Brunch Cocktail

It’s hard to believe that something so lovely and elegant can take 5 minutes or less to prepare, but that’s the case with this peach champagne punch brunch cocktail. 

All you’ll need is your favorite champagne, simple syrup, and lemon juice. Then, add berries and fruit slices to make it look even nicer. It’s a sweet, sparkly delight.

6. Aloha Party Punch Recipe

This four-ingredient, tropical pink punch is thick and 100% alcohol-free, so you can serve it for all of your summer occasions, no matter the age of the attendees. 

It’s a little bit fizzy, somewhat slushy, and entirely delicious, too. 

7. Pink Punch

Whether you call it pink punch, party punch, or baby shower punch, you’ve probably enjoyed this drink at least once or twice in your life.

You’ll make it with Sprite, pink lemonade mix, and pineapple juice, and its fantastic tropical lemonade flavor is what makes it such a popular punch. 

8. Watermelon Cocktail Vodka Punch

Thanks to the three cups of vodka, this vibrant red punch is definitely for adults only. You’ll make it with watermelon juice, lime juice, vodka, and simple syrup, adding watermelon balls as garnishes.

It’ll remind you of the classic cosmo, but any watermelon lover would agree that this one is much better (and a little sweeter, too). 

9. Sparkling Cranberry Pineapple Punch

If you prefer your drinks a little on the tart side, sparkling cranberry pineapple punch is the beverage for you. It’s crisp, chilled, and colorful – perfect for the winter holidays. 

It’s such a refreshing drink, and it’s one that the whole family can enjoy. (Of course, you could always add a splash (or three) of vodka if you wanted to give it an extra kick.)

10. Mint Tea Punch

Mint tea punch is the ideal drink for anyone looking for something lightly sweet, fruity, and refreshing. It’s citrusy, minty, and alcohol-free. 

If you’re looking for a way to liven up your typical tea, this is an excellent way to do it. 

11. Pomegranate Champagne Punch

This sweet, bubbly, and gorgeous champagne punch is sure to draw the eye of anyone who sees it. Thanks to its bright red color and floral aroma, everyone will want to try it. 

It looks great as is, but once you add pomegranate arils, orange slices, and lime wedges, it looks even prettier. 

12. Rainbow Sherbet Punch

If you like your punch with big chunks of floating sherbet in it, this is the recipe for you. It’s unbelievably fruity with pineapples, strawberries, raspberries, lemons, and more. 

Plus, the cold, creamy scoops of rainbow sherbet add even more sweetness to an already sweet drink. 

13. Cherry Party Punch

This sweetly tart cherry party punch needs only five ingredients and takes just 5 minutes to make. 

It combines tart cherry juice, cream soda, and Everclear for a vibrant, refreshing punch that’s almost a bit too sour. That’s why you’ll also add four or five generous scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Not only will it sweeten the drink and make it thicker and creamier, but it will also give it a nice, white, frothy swirl that makes it look downright magical.

14. Tropical Rum Punch

Tropical rum punch is a hard-hitting punch whose sweet taste belies its strength. 

It contains a ton of great fruity flavors – mango, strawberries, and pineapple, to name a few – and is icy cold and full of fresh fruit. The coconut rum base provides a nice underlying sweetness.

15. Lime Sherbet Punch

If you prefer drinks that are more on the tangy side (but still creamy and somewhat sweet), check out lime sherbet punch. 

Its light, minty green color makes it ideal for St. Paddy’s Day or other green-themed parties, and the maraschino cherries add a vibrant splash of color. 

It’s alcohol-free. And that’s a good thing, too, because kids love it!

16. Sparkling Apple Punch

This yummy, kid-friendly drink is somewhere between apple juice and apple cider. It has the dark, rich color of cider but the refreshing, crisp taste of juice. 

There are also some citrus flavors mixed in, as well. The seltzer water makes it just fizzy enough to tickle your nose without making it too bubbly. 

Mix in some Crown Royal Apple for a more adult-themed drink.

17. Pineapple Orange Punch

This stunning yellow drink combines unsweetened pineapple juice, orange juice, key lime juice, Sprite, fresh berries, and orange slices for a fizzy, fruity summer drink that’ll cool you down by the pool.

It takes 5 minutes to whip up a pitcher, and while it may not be the most nutritious punch option, it’s probably one of the most flavorful. 

18. Fruity Pimms Punch

All you’ll need for this simple, four-ingredient punch is lemon juice, simple syrup, Pimm’s No. 1, and ginger ale. 

You can jazz it up with blood orange slices, strawberries, lemon wedges, and other fruits, but when something tastes this good, it doesn’t even really need all the extras. 

19. Sparkling Grape Lemonade Punch

Sparkling grape lemonade punch is the perfect drink for people who want their beverages to look as good as they’ll taste. It has a lovely, almost fuschia-like color and smells wonderful, too. 

It’s definitely the drink you want if you’re throwing a Barbie party or a Sweet Sixteen. Luckily, it tastes great, too. 

20. Adorable Ducky Baby Shower Punch

There are some occasions where presentation matters just as much as flavor, and a baby shower is one of them. And you can’t go wrong with this ducky baby shower punch. 

Even though the ingredients are simple –  blue, unsweetened Kool-Aid packet, ginger ale, white grape juice, sugar, and pineapple sherbet – the result looks extraordinary.

The blue Kool-Aid and ginger ale make the punch look like bubbly blue bathwater, and the sherbet furthers the comparison by making it look fluffy and fun. 

Add the rubber duckies, and voila! Baby bath time! (And completely food-safe!)

21. Green Punch

Green punch is an easy-to-make party punch with only three ingredients: ginger ale, green Hawaiian Punch, and pineapple juice. 

You can have it ready in 5 minutes or less, and everyone – especially the kids – will love its green color and slightly tropical taste. 

22. Melon Ball Punch AKA Bottled Summer

Melon ball punch is one of my favorite summer punch recipes because it’s so fun to make and drink. Its nickname is “bottled summer” because it honestly tastes like summer in a bottle.

That comes from combining white grape juice, lemon-lime soda, lemonade, and fresh mint. The fun part is making the melon balls.

You can use whatever melons you like, but honeydew, watermelon, and cantaloupe give you the best colors. Simply scoop them out, freeze them, and drop them in. 

It looks great and tastes even better.

23. Tropical Strawberry Lemonade Party Punch

This amber-colored drink is a fantastic party punch that’s sweet, tart, and zesty all at once. 

If you’re making it for a party with kids and adults, I suggest making two batches – one with alcohol and one without – because it tastes so good that everyone will want to try it. 

Just be sure you don’t get the two punch bowls mixed up when you serve them. 

24. Raspberry Sherbet Party Punch

Everyone will enjoy raspberry sherbet punch for its sweet and tropical flavor and its colorful presentation. It’s delightfully fruity, and the raspberry sherbet adds a delectable creaminess.

25. Summer Sangria with Watermelon and Pineapple

Summer or not, there’s never a bad time for sangria, especially when it’s filled with juicy chunks of watermelon and pineapples. 

It’s an invigorating, bubbly drink that’ll delight your tastebuds, and you can have it ready in 10 minutes or less. 

26. Sparkling Strawberry Punch

Despite containing strawberry daiquiri concentrate, there’s no alcohol in this five-ingredient strawberry punch – just strawberries (daiquiri), strawberries (Kool-Aid), and more strawberries (fresh).

Mix in some 7Up and sparkling water, and you’re all set. Its ruby red color is striking, and once you add the frozen strawberries as “ice cubes,” it looks even better. It tastes great, too!

27. The Best Coffee Punch Recipe

If you’re looking for a punch recipe that’ll satisfy your guests’ craving for sugar and give them a big boost of energy, coffee punch is what you’ll need. 

It’s thick, creamy, and caffeinated, featuring whole milk, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, instant coffee, white sugar, and water. 

If Starbucks was hosting a party, this is the punch it would serve.

28. Banana Brunch Punch

Banana brunch punch is another thick and creamy, non-alcoholic punch that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s citrusy and tropical, and it features the bold flavor of four ripe bananas. 

If you want to ensure the punch is slushy and cold, freeze the bananas the night before making it.

29. Holiday Eggnog Punch

Kick your eggnog game up a notch by turning it into an eggnog punch for your next holiday party. 

You’ll mix it with Sprite and vanilla ice cream to give it that fizzy, creamy consistency that makes punch so addictive.

Add a sprinkling of crushed candy canes, or simply hang the candy canes around the sides of the punchbowl if you prefer. 

30. Pirate Punch

Pirate punch is the ideal drink for chilling by the pool, on the beach, or in your backyard while dreaming of the Caribbean.

It has a fruity, tropical flavor and packs a wallop of a kick, thanks to the white rum, dark rum, and amaretto liqueur. 

To make people love this drink, you don’t necessarily need the groovy garnishes (pirate flags instead of umbrellas and pirate sword skewers filled with fruit instead of toothpicks). 

But why not go ahead and add them, anyway? They’re just so fun!

31. Champagne Punch

Champagne is always festive, especially when you mix it with Grand Marnier, vodka, pomegranate juice, ginger ale, tons of fresh fruit, etc. 

Like most options here, it takes practically no time to make, but you’ll want to ensure it has plenty of chill time, so make it the night before if possible.

If not, leaving it in the fridge for at least an hour should do.

32. Halloween Harvest Punch

This rum-based harvest punch combines plenty of your favorite fruity flavors, including cranberries, melons, apples, and more.  

It has a beautiful orangey-yellow color and looks like something a clever witch would brew up in her cauldron. 

33. Quick 5-Minute Cranberry Ginger Ale Punch

This sparkly, sweetly tart punch is perfect for entertaining, especially once you add the cinnamon stick, star anise, and orange slice. 

It takes 5 minutes to whip up and tastes like holiday heaven.

34. Mulled Wine (Easy Winter Punch)

Many people would argue that mulled wine isn’t a proper punch, but I disagree. It might taste best when served warm, but it’s still a punch. 

This particular recipe combines red wine, rum, maple syrup, oranges, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and star anise, and it smells every bit as fantastic as it tastes. 

35. Hot Spiked Apple Cider

Here’s another hot, punch-like drink for the holiday season. It’s the perfect mixture between mulled wine and hot apple cider, and everyone you know will love it. 

It takes only 5 minutes to prepare, but you’ll need to let it simmer for about 2 hours, so that all the flavors come through in the final product. 

35 Easy Punches for Parties


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