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20 Phyllo Cup Appetizers (+ Easy Recipes)

These phyllo cup appetizers are everything you could want in a party snack.

They’re buttery, crunchy, bite-sized, and perfect finger food for mingling.

Not to mention, phyllo cups work well with sweet and savory fillings, so you can easily make a selection of each.

Cranberry Brie Phyllo Cup Appetizers
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The fig and goat cheese recipe is especially delicious!

You should be able to find these ready-made in the freezer section of your supermarket, or you can go the extra mile and make them yourself.

Just be sure to make extra because any recipe you choose will fly off the plate.

1. Fig and Goat Cheese Bites in Phyllo Cups

Cheese and fruit are a classic combination, especially when the cheese is soft and creamy.

In this case, it’s soft, creamy, and wonderfully tangy. Since goat cheese is pretty tart, it pairs perfectly with something extra-sweet.

Figs have a honey-like flavor, and when you cook them down into a jam, they’ll get super sticky and syrupy. 

I prefer to make my own to keep it chunky, which helps when pairing it with smooth goat cheese.

But of course, you could always sprinkle over some chopped nuts or crumbled bacon for added texture.

2. Mini-Apple, Cheddar & Bacon Fillo Snack Tart Recipe

Here’s another terrific salty-sweet phyllo cup appetizer that I’ll bet even the kids will love. 

Start with diced ​​apple, cinnamon, and honey, tossing it all together until the apples are fully coated. 

Next, you’ll mix through shredded cheddar and fill the pastry cups. 

Finally, top them with bacon and pop the tray in the oven for a few minutes, just until the cheese melts. 

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3. Phyllo Shells Sweet Potato Bites

These mini-sweet potato pies will be the talk of your next holiday party. 

I love these because you can have a portion or two of sweet pie and still have room for other tasty dishes.

In fact, you could easily make mini-pecan, apple, or pumpkin bites, too.

I used regular marshmallows instead of adding a single mini-marshmallow to each.

Pop them on top for the last 5 minutes in the oven, and they will melt and toast over the whole top.

4. Mediterranean Phyllo Cups

I almost always think of olive oil, roasted red peppers, olives, and feta when I think of Mediterranean flavors.

Their food is always so bright and fresh, and there is usually a tangy dressing involved.

In this recipe, you use cucumber, tomatoes, and peppers for color, along with hummus and feta for a creamy finish.

You’ll get the signature tang from chopped kalamata olives. 

5. Bruschetta Phyllo Cups

Although there are endless different recipes for bruschetta, the original and most popular is a combination of garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, and sometimes balsamic.

It can also be served with cured meats or cheeses.

For a nice twist on such a classic, this recipe uses some delightful whipped feta, which provides a luscious and creamy base. 

On top of that, you’ll nestle fresh chopped tomatoes and a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

6. Spinach Artichoke Dip Phyllo Cups

After more than a year of social distancing and lockdowns, I understand why some people may be reluctant to share a bowl of delicious spinach and artichoke dip. 

So, instead of one big bowl, why not put out a plate full of individual dip and pastry bites?

This recipe uses low-fat cream cheese and non-fat Greek yogurt along with part-skim mozzarella cheese, making it pretty light compared to the heavier recipes you’ll get in restaurants. 

But it doesn’t lack in flavor! Between the garlic, red pepper flakes, spinach, and artichokes, these are anything but dull.

7. Jalapeño Popper Cups

Jalapeño poppers are such a tasty appetizer, but they can be a pain to make. 

First, you’ll need to prep the chilis and filling.

Then, you’ll have to pipe the filling into the peppers before coating them in egg and breadcrumbs and finally deep frying. 

Here, you’ll simplify things by chopping the jalapeños and adding them to the creamy filling.

Then, bake that in the phyllo cups and serve. They’re no-fuss and mess-free!

8. Whipped Feta Strawberry Phyllo Cups

Although these are billed as a dessert, if you drizzle over a touch of balsamic and maybe some cracked black pepper, they make such a light and bright little appetizer. 

When it’s blended with cream cheese and honey, whipped feta is super tangy but wonderfully creamy. 

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to complement those flavors is to add something sweet, in this case, fresh strawberries.

9. Green Bean Casserole Cups

I always make a batch of these when I know my vegetarian family and friends are coming over.

Between the beans and earthy mushrooms, they’re always a hit.

If you tried this Campbell’s green bean casserole, you’ll find these are super similar, using a creamy sauce and crispy onions.

As nice as it is to have chopped mushrooms in the mix, you can always use condensed mushroom soup instead.

It will speed things up and guarantee flavor. 

10. Pimento Cheese Fillo Cups

Pimento cheese is a southern dip made using cheddar and cream cheese, pimento peppers (typically sweet and not spicy), mayonnaise, and a selection of spices. 

I’m a big fan of spice, so I prefer mine with diced chilis and cayenne, like in this recipe.

But if you’re feeding a crowd, this version is perfect for kids and grown-ups alike.

It’s a simple blend of cheese, pimentos, mayo, bacon, and salt, though you can add a couple of jalapeños to the tops if you want.

11. Stuffed Mushroom Cups

As much as I love the flavors in stuffed mushrooms, I always miss a bit of crunch.

So, needless to say, these stuffed mushroom phyllo cups will be on the menu at all my future gatherings. 

Adding ground sausage to the mixture will impart a wonderfully meaty and slightly salty taste.

However, you could leave it out if you want them to be vegetarian-friendly. 

l also like to add extra cheese to the top and a few breadcrumbs for a nice golden crust.

12. Margherita Pizza Phyllo Bites

Pizza is always a good idea, but in terms of appetizers, it’s not the most practical.

This recipe incorporates the ingredients and flavors of a classic Margherita pizza and puts them into a phyllo pastry cup for more manageable servings.

Fresh tomatoes and mozzarella are a must, as is garlic.

However, since you won’t be cooking the tomatoes or garlic, be aware that the taste will be pretty intense. 

If you don’t want it quite as pronounced, try gently pan-frying the garlic with half a chopped white onion.

13. French Onion Phyllo Cups: Tartlets with Gruyère and Pickled Pomegranates

Caramelized onions and Gruyère are two of my favorite ingredients, so I get a little excited when I see them in the same recipe!

The key to getting your onions to the right consistency is patience.

Caramelizing onions takes time, so this is best to make ahead if you can. 

I found these were sweet enough without the pomegranate seeds, but you can’t deny they make the dish pop.

14. Fillo Taco Cups

This is the kind of phyllo cup appetizer you’ll serve on game day.

It’s loaded with spicy taco meat, cheese, sour cream, and fresh chopped tomatoes. 

For something a bit lighter, try using ground pork or turkey. After you add the spices, most people won’t know you’ve chosen leaner meat. 

For the perfect finishing touch, serve with a dollop of zesty guacamole.

15. Cheesy Bacon Rotel Cups

Every kitchen should have a couple of tins of Rotel in the pantry, just in case you need something last minute. 

Their blend of tomatoes, green chilies, and spices is perfect for chilis, soups, and a batch of these cheesy phyllo bites.

Since the tomatoes are so juicy (even after you drain them), this filling is relatively loose.

For something creamier, try using cream cheese instead of mayo.

16. Cranberry Brie Phyllo Cups

Cranberry and brie are probably among the most famous cheese and fruit combinations out there and for good reason. 

Cranberries are wonderfully tart with just the right amount of sugar, so they’re not overwhelmingly sweet. 

Add creamy and tangy brie to the mix, and you’ll have a winner.

17. Hoisin Mushroom Phyllo Cups

Mushrooms are a fantastic vegan ingredient because they’re plentiful, they come in various shapes and sizes, and best of all, they have a meaty texture that fills you right up.

This recipe calls for cremini and shiitake mushrooms, but if you have a favorite, go right ahead and add those in. 

For the sauce, just whisk together hoisin and soy sauce with a bit of honey and some chili garlic sauce.

Adjust this to your personal tastes (I used an extra teaspoon of chili sauce).

18. Baked Mini-Buffalo Chicken Bites

I couldn’t do an appetizer recipe roundup and not include buffalo chicken! It’s creamy, spicy, and pretty much mandatory in my house. 

That being said, with all that cheese, it’s not the healthiest recipe out there!

So, I’ve found a lighter version for those wanting to indulge, but not over-indulge.

You’ll use low-fat cream cheese and reduced-fat cheddar cheese along with a can of Rotel tomatoes. 

Adding tomatoes will boost the flavor and bulk this out a little bit, so you’re getting some veggies in the mix, too.

19. Mini-Hummus & Roasted Pepper Phyllo Bites

Hummus and roasted red peppers go hand in hand. So much so, this roasted red pepper hummus is always on hand in my fridge.

In addition to the hummus, you’ll need cucumber, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, and parsley for the filling.

This will give these a nice amount of crunch and some much-needed color. 

20. 15-Minute Phyllo Fruit Cups

As I said before, these phyllo cups will work well for both savory and sweet recipes.

However, since we’re talking about appetizers, I focused on the savory for the most part. 

But no rule says you can’t serve up a batch of sweet cheesecake-filled pastry cups with fresh fruit along with your other hors d’oeuvres.

And these couldn’t be easier to make!

Just blend the cream cheese with powdered sugar and vanilla and then pipe that into the pastry cups. 

Top them with sliced fresh fruit and keep them in the fridge until you need them. 

If you want to make these ahead, try brushing the inside of the pastry cup with melted chocolate (dark or white).

This will stop the pastry from turning soggy from the filling.

20 Phyllo Cup Appetizers

Try these cute phyllo cup appetizers for the perfect party snacks! From fig and goat cheese to spinach artichoke dip, these cups are sure to keep your guests happy.


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a phyllo cup appetizer in 30 minutes or less!
Phyllo Cup Appetizers (+ Easy Recipes)

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