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25 Best Pecan Cookie Recipes

These pecan cookie recipes are perfect for snacking and sharing any time of the year!

What’s not to love about pecans? Their rich, buttery flavor and delightful crunch make them a perfect addition to cookies. 

Maple Pecan Cookies on a Parchment Paper
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There’s something festive about pecans, too, making these recipes perfect for the holiday season. But hey, don’t limit these treats to Christmas. They’re simply too good to resist all year round!

From buttery pecan to healthier oatmeal cookies, there’s a pecan cookie recipe out here for everybody. Whether you’re craving pecans or looking for the perfect cookie exchange recipe, I have you covered.

Ready, set, bake!

1. Butter Pecan Cookies

If we’re talking pecan cookie recipes, we have to kick things off with butter pecan cookies, right? These cookies are soft, chewy, and just a tad crispy. It’s the perfect texture combo!

The dough is infused with brown butter, vanilla, pecans, and brown sugar. The combination of sweet and buttery flavors is ridiculously good. Plus, you can whip them up in under an hour. 

Just seven ingredients go into these cookies. But the taste is far from simple. 

2. Better Than Pecan Pie Cookies

“Better than pecan pie cookies.” That’s a bold claim. But it definitely lives up to its name. If pecan pie is your jam, you’ll go nuts for these cookies. 

They’re chewy, slightly buttery, and have a gooey, brown sugar vibe. They’re like tiny, thin, caramelized slices of rich, buttery pecan pie. 

And the best part? They’re quick to make with simple pantry ingredients. 

3. Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

These chocolate chip pecan cookies are a classic crowd-pleaser.

Few things can beat the combo of pecans, chocolate chips, butter, and brown sugar. They meld together to make this cookie a decadent, sweet treat. It’ll instantly make your day better.

Think of these as a jazzed-up version of butter pecan cookies. The addition of sweet chocolate chips takes them to a whole new level.

4. Pecan Sandies

Pecan sandies are light and buttery shortbread cookies studded with crunchy pecans. They’re not just ordinary cookies. They have a fine, crumbly texture that melts in your mouth, making them a delight. They share similarities with sugar cookies or shortbread cookies. 

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If you’re a fan of snowball cookies, you’ll fall head over heels for these pecan sandies. Serve them plain or dusted with powdered sugar for a perfect, dainty dessert.

5. Pecan Snowball Cookies

Speaking of snowball cookies, here’s an excellent recipe for them. It only calls for six ingredients and yields about 48 delightful cookies. 

Their white, snowy look makes them perfect for holiday cookie swaps. Share them with friends to spread some cheer!

Tip: chop the pecans finely to ensure the right texture. It makes a huge difference.

6. Brown Sugar Butterscotch Pecan Cookies

This recipe makes sugar cookies with a twist. They’re loaded with browned butter, butterscotch chips, and pecans. Merry Christmas, indeed!

These thick, flavorful cookies pack a punch with their nutty butterscotch taste. One bite, and you’ll be hooked. 

7. Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans

Double chocolate chip cookies with pecans? Sign me up!

They’re loaded with chocolate chips and pecans. They emerge from the oven looking like a piece of art. These treats are rich and chocolatey, you’ll want to grab a glass of milk.

They’re puffy, gooey, and chewy, with a perfect crunch from the pecans. 

8. Thin Crunchy Chewy Pecan Cookies

These cookies are thin, meaning their texture is off the charts. They’re crispy at the first bite, then oh-so chewy afterward. What a treat!

They boast a rich, buttery brown sugar base with a hint of caramel. They’re packed with chopped pecans for that awesome crunch.

Flattened and baked until golden, these cookies are a sight to behold.

9. Caramel Butter Pecan Cookies

These caramel butter pecan cookies will rock your world. Simple drop cookies are packed with chopped pecans. They’re a dream come true for caramel fans.

Along with pecans and caramel, they’re also studded Skor bits. The result is an extra kick of sweetness and a delightful gooey texture. 

10. Caramel Pecan Thumbprint Cookies

Spiced cookies are topped with a pecan half and slathered in caramel sauce. They’re ridiculously good! 

This recipe is a unique spin on the classic gingersnap but with a sweet and crunchy twist. The cookies are rolled in sugar and adorned with a pecan half and a pool of caramel. 

And just when you think it couldn’t get better, they’re drizzled with melted chocolate on top. They’re perfect for the holiday season or any time of the year.

11. White Chocolate Maple Pecan Cookies

These white chocolate maple pecan cookies are nothing short of incredible. Imagine super soft and chewy cookies loaded with toasted pecans and white chocolate. 

They begin with a brown sugar cookie dough base, which gives them their chewy goodness. Then it’s mixed in chunks of white chocolate and perfectly toasted pecans.

The maple extract rounds out that perfect salty-sweet balance. It’s like autumn in cookie form!

12. Cinnamon White Chocolate Butter Pecan Cookies

Buttery brown sugar cookies are packed with pecans, white chocolate chips, and a kiss of cinnamon. These cookies are a joy to bake, filling your house with a comforting cinnamon scent.

As a bonus, these big, bakery-style cookies are dairy-free and eggless!

13. Oatmeal Pecan Cookies

These oatmeal pecan cookies are irresistible with crispy, crunchy edges, and soft, slightly underbaked centers. 

Melted chocolate is laced throughout, making them chewy, ooey-gooey, and simply divine.

14. Pumpkin Pecan Cookies

Are you a fan of frosted cookies? Then meet pumpkin pecan cookies, your new fall favorite! These goodies feature pure pumpkin and tons of tasty pecans. They’re soft and cake-like, and they’re delightful. But it doesn’t end there.

They’re topped with silky buttercream icing and sprinkled with chopped pecans. What a masterpiece!

15. Cranberry Pecan Cookies

Have a sweet tooth but craving something different? Meet cranberry pecan cookies! These gems marry tart cranberries with rich buttery pecans for an unforgettable flavor fusion.

They also feature white chocolate chips, adding another layer of sweetness. 

If you’re ready for a break from chocolate and peanut butter, give these cranberry pecan cookies a whirl. Winter never tasted so good!

16. Cream Cheese Pecan Cookies

Buttery cookies blended with cheesecake and pecan cake couldn’t be more exciting! These slice-and-bake beauties are tender, delicious, and loaded with tangy and sweet flavors. 

You’ll love how there are plenty of crunchy yet tender pecans, both in the batter and around the cookie edges.

17. Pecan Shortbread Cookies

For a sophisticated teatime snack, try pecan shortbread cookies. 

They’re sweet but not too sugary and robust yet delicate. They’re buttery and nutty. They get rolled in coarse sugar for extra sweetness to top things off.

18. Pecan Sugar Cookies with Brown Butter Icing

Raise your cookie game with pecan sugar cookies topped with brown butter icing. 

With brown sugar, toasted pecans, and cinnamon, these cookies are a fun spin on the classic sugar cookies. They look fancy, but the recipe is beginner-friendly. The rich, flavorful brown butter icing requires no piping skills. Just smother it on the cookies, and you’re all set.

19. Pecan Icebox Cookies

These pecan icebox cookies are buttery delights studded with toasted chopped pecans. Make a batch, freeze it, and then slice and bake whenever a cookie craving strikes.

They come from an old-school method where the dough is shaped into a log and frozen. After that, take the log out, slice it into rounds, and pop them in the oven. You’ll have freshly baked cookies anytime!

20. Nona’s Pecan Finger Cookies

Pecan finger cookies are a delicacy of buttery dough loaded with ground pecans. They’re baked to perfection and then coated in powdered sugar, creating a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

They go by other names like pecan crescent cookies, lady finger cookies with pecans, and nutty gingers. No matter the name, they’re delectable and bound to become your newest favorite.

21. Cinnamon Pecan Sandies

These cinnamon pecan sandies are for those who enjoy a blend of sweetness and savoriness. They’re rich, buttery, and nutty.

Warm cinnamon gives them a cozy touch. They’re the ideal companion for a hot cup of cocoa or coffee. 

22. Chewy Cinnamon Apple Pecan Cookies

These chewy cinnamon apple pecan cookies are a fun and tasty choice for a healthy treat. They’re loaded with warm spices, dried apples, and crunchy pecans. 

Oh, and they’re drizzled with maple sugar icing, to boot. It’s like an autumn festival in each bite! As a bonus, they’re Paleo, gluten-free, and vegan.

23. Chocolate Caramel Pecan Turtle Cookies

These chocolate caramel pecan turtle cookies are a must-try. Inspired by turtle candies, they embody the perfect fusion of texture and taste. 

They’re chewy, chocolatey cookies bursting with caramel and crunchy pecans. It’s a melt-in-your-mouth experience you won’t soon forget.

24. Pecan Praline Cookies

These cookies are chewy and crunchy, packed with pecans, and topped with caramel praline. I’ll give you a moment to soak that all in.

The hot caramel praline topping spreads over the cookies like molten lava. It creates a deliciously gooey layer that hardens as it cools. 

The result is a unique texture and a flavor that’s sweet, nutty, and beyond satisfying.

25. Easy Pecan Brownie Cookies

Combine the decadence of brownies with the convenience of cookies, and you get these pecan brownie cookies. 

Each bite delivers a deep chocolatey flavor, complemented by the crunchy, nutty goodness of pecans. They’re chewy, delicious, and just the right amount of sweet.

They’re a double delight for brownie and cookie lovers alike. 

25 Best Pecan Cookie Recipes

These pecan cookie recipes are too good to pass up! From sandies to snowballs to shortbread, each one is a delightful treat.


  • Butter Pecan Cookies

  • Better Than Pecan Pie Cookies

  • Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

  • Pecan Sandies

  • Pecan Snowball Cookies

  • Brown Sugar Butterscotch Pecan Cookies

  • Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans

  • Thin Crunchy Chewy Pecan Cookies

  • Caramel Butter Pecan Cookies

  • Caramel Pecan Thumbprint Cookies

  • White Chocolate Maple Pecan Cookies

  • Cinnamon White Chocolate Butter Pecan Cookies

  • Oatmeal Pecan Cookies

  • Pumpkin Pecan Cookies

  • Cranberry Pecan Cookies

  • Cream Cheese Pecan Cookies

  • Pecan Shortbread Cookies

  • Pecan Sugar Cookies with Brown Butter Icing

  • Pecan Icebox Cookies

  • Nona’s Pecan Finger Cookies

  • Cinnamon Pecan Sandies

  • Chewy Cinnamon Apple Pecan Cookies

  • Chocolate Caramel Pecan Turtle Cookies

  • Pecan Praline Cookies

  • Easy Pecan Brownie Cookies


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a batch of pecan cookies in 30 minutes or less!
Pecan Cookie Recipes

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