Home Dinner 13 Linguiça Recipes With a Smoky Finish

13 Linguiça Recipes With a Smoky Finish

Explore a whole new world of flavor with these lively linguiça recipes!

One bite of this delicious sausage, and you’ll see why it’s so beloved.

13 Linguiça Recipes featuring Homemade Linguica Sausage with Onions
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Linguiça (lin-gwee-suh) is a chili smoke-cured pork sausage that’s hugely popular in Portugal and Brazil.

Filled with yummy spices like paprika and garlic, it’s insanely flavorful with just a touch of heat. 

Using this one ingredient will elevate any dish, bringing outstanding notes of smoke, spice, and meaty goodness.

If you can’t resist spicy chorizo or smoky andouille, give these linguiça recipes a shot. It’s kind of the best of both worlds!

1. Mom’s Portuguese Rice

Bursting with flavor, this one-pot Portuguese rice dish is easy to make and seriously delicious.

It’s pretty hearty, too, and it’s definitely worth trying!

You’ll start by sauteing linguiça coins in a Dutch oven until they’re brown and crispy.

Then, you add veggies, seasonings, and tomato paste. Once everything is caramelized and fragrant, add the rice, and let it cook. 

The end result is a meaty, soft, and seriously seasoned rice dish. Your whole family will love this. 

2. Baked Spaghetti Pie with Portuguese Linguiça Sausage

This weird but tasty creation is like the love child of pasta and quiche. It’s eggy, crusty, and… well… made of spaghetti.

It’s totally amazing and surprisingly elegant! 

Every ingredient is carefully selected and prepared to bring out the best flavors. It’s rich, savory, and well-crafted.

It also has a lovely crust, with a creamy and chewy inside.

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Honestly, it’s exciting! Each slice is a whole meal since it’s filled with veggies, grains, and protein. 

3. São Tomé Sausage Sandwich 

While every African nation has its own culinary culture, they do have one thing in common: big, bold flavors.

This popular sandwich comes from the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe, and it doesn’t disappoint.

All you need is grilled linguiça, bread, and tangy mustard. It may not sound like much, but the combo is *chef’s kiss.*

It’s filling, flavorful, and fantastic! 

4. Caldo Verde

If you’re familiar with Caldo Verde, you’ll know that this isn’t actually it.

Rather, this recipe is for potato salad instead of soup. Still, it’s just as delicious and totally inspired by the original dish. 

This salad version has all of the main components of traditional Caldo Verde, including tender potatoes, linguiça sausage, and leafy greens (kale in this case). 

Rather than soup stock, though, everything is slathered in garlicky, salty, and creamy sauce.

I mean it when I say this is one of the best potato salads around. 

Bring it to your next potluck, and I guarantee it will disappear quickly.

5. Butternut Squash Soup with Linguiça and Thyme

This hearty soup is perfect for when the weather starts to get cold. If you love rich, flavorful, and creamy soup, then you’ll love this one. 

The absolute best part of this recipe is that the squash is roasted first. That allows its sugars to sweeten and its flavors to deepen.

It’s oven magic. 

This soup also features linguiça, white wine, cream, extra veggies, and thyme. Did someone say umami?

This soup is sweet, spicy, savory, creamy, and fabulously indulgent. 

6. Cheesy Linguiça and Potato Bake

This cheesy linguiça potato bake is the definition of soul food, and I just know your family will love it!

If you have any parties coming up, make this – everyone will beg you for the recipe.

Ooey-gooey cheese, hearty potatoes, and smoky-spicy linguiça… what’s not to love?

It’s fan-freaking-tastic! 

This dish is also straightforward because you don’t even have to chop potatoes! Instead, you’ll use canned, sliced potatoes. 

How easy is that?

You will have to chop onions and garlic – unless you buy those pre-chopped too! You might as well save time and effort where you can, right?

7. Chicken and Linguiça Sheet Pan Dinner

There’s nothing easier than a sheet pan dinner. And this one is super flavorful, so it’s even better!

It’s also pretty darn healthy, so there is no reason this shouldn’t be in your weekly rotation. 

Picture this – juicy chicken thighs, smoky linguiça sausage, and lots of veggies flawlessly seasoned and baked to perfection.

It’s a tsunami of flavor! 

8. Dad’s Famous Stuffies

These delicious stuffed clams definitely deserve their place in the spotlight! If you’re a fan of surf and turf, I know you’ll like these. 

They’re tender, filling, and very tasty.

The spicy smoke of linguiça balances the brine of the clams beautifully. A little herb stuffing adds even more flavor. 

9. Francesinha 

Meat lovers, meet your match. This insane sandwich is a vegan/vegetarian nightmare. 

It features three savory types of meat and a fried egg on top. It also has gobs of melted cheese.

This is certainly a delicious way to get in some protein.

What separates the Francesinha from other meat-stuffed sandwiches is that it’s DROWNED in special sauce. And the sauce is very important. 

It’s served with french fries, because… why not? Honestly, it’s pretty fabulous. 

Unfortunately, making this is a little time-consuming as there are a lot of layers and even more steps.

But it’s worth every second!

10. Linguiça Breakfast Sandwich with Avocado and Salsa Verde

Spice up your morning with this delicious breakfast sandwich.

One bite of this, and you may never go back to that boring old bagel with cream cheese. 

First of all, this creation has all of the tenets of a good breakfast sandwich: bacon, eggs, cheese, and delicious bread.

But then it goes a step further. 

Linguiça adds even more meaty flavor. Plus, the creamy slices of avocado and herbaceous salsa verde bring delightful freshness.

As if all that isn’t enough, Piri-Piri hot sauce adds a touch of heat.

I’m already drooling!

11. Portuguese Sausage Skillet 

Sometimes simple is best, and this sausage skillet is simply delicious.

It has uncomplicated but flavorful ingredients, and it’s effortless to make. It’s also pretty healthy. 

You can’t go wrong with that!

12. Portuguese Potato Hash with Linguiça, Peppers, and Olives 

If you want a hearty breakfast that will fill you up until dinner, this is it.

Okay, you may still need a light lunch or a quick snack, but this hash is definitely filling. 

It’s loaded with fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Each of those macronutrients will keep you full and energized for a long time. 

Did I mention that it’s delicious? Because it is! 

13. Roasted Cod with Linguiça 

This roasted cod stew is based on a Portuguese classic, and it’s so so tasty.

The flavorful red sauce is made with linguiça, tomatoes, peppers, and wine, plus herbs, aromatics, and seasonings.

You roast the cod in the sauce, so it soaks up all that good flavor. 

You can easily adjust the number of ingredients to feed any size group, and you can add/change the veggies and fish as you like. 

Also, it’s made in one pot, so clean-up is a breeze.

13 Best Ways to Cook Linguiça

Explore a whole new world of flavor with these lively linguiça recipes! One bite of this delicious sausage, and you’ll see why it’s so beloved.


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Linguiça Recipes

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