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20 Traditional Korean Breakfast Recipes

What you eat in the morning sets you up for the day.

So have a spicy, tasty, tangy day with these unique Korean breakfast recipes

Kimchi Fried Rice with Egg
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Piquant pancakes, spicy pizza, nourishing pumpkin porridge.

There’s something for everyone on this list of Korean breakfast recipes, whether you like spicy, salty, or sweet.

So why not kick your day off with a Korean feast and get a buzz that lasts all day long?

1. Kimchi Toast

Kimchi is a staple of Korean cuisine. It’s a salty, tangy mix of shredded vegetables like cabbage and radish.

The fermented veggies in kimchi are packed full of healthy probiotics.

So if you have any kind of digestive upset in the mornings, have bacteria for breakfast with kimchi toast.

Kimchi is mixed with cream cheese, scallions, and cilantro before being thickly spread on toast. 

It’s crunchy, flavorful, and will definitely wake you up in the morning. Gut bugs never tasted so good! 

2. Kimchi Eggs

Kimchi eggs are a simple breakfast, with a taste you’ll be dreaming about all day.

Simply scramble eggs in a hot pan with plenty of kimchi. As the eggs set, the kimchi releases all its tangy flavors.

For a hearty brunch, serve your kimchi eggs over fluffy rice and garnish with fresh herbs.

3. Korean Scallion Pancakes

It’s not just Americans who love pancakes for breakfast.

Korea has its own version of the popular morning treat, savory crispy pancakes, also known as pajeon.

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They may be fried, but Korean pancakes are still nutritious.

Packed with plenty of veggies and protein, they’re a hearty breakfast that’ll keep you full until lunch.

If you’re having a lazy morning, serve with the sweet and spicy dipping sauce to make it more of a meal.

Dalgona Coffee

4. Dalgona Coffee

Some of us (myself included!) need a caffeine buzz with their breakfast.

If you love your morning mug of Joe, you’re going to love this rich Korean coffee.

Made with just four ingredients, this is a quick and easy frappe-style coffee. 

Become your own barista and whisk together instant coffee, sugar, and water to make a heavenly, fluffy, foamy beverage. 

There’s no whipping cream or shelling out for overpriced lattes. It’s just quick, easy, and amazing coffee.

5. Fried Rice

Fried rice seems like a simple dish, but nailing the basics can mean the difference between boring, bland rice and a tasty, filling meal.

This authentic recipe for traditional Korean rice shows you exactly how it’s done.

Cooked short-grain rice is pan-fried with crispy bacon and assorted veggies.

Perfect for breakfast, tasty at lunch, delicious at dinner, this is an anywhere, any time, kind of recipe!

6. Korean Street Toast

Whenever I travel, I make a point of trying the local street food. It’s the best way to find a cuisine’s hidden gems.

This Korean street toast is a delicious, on-the-go snack for when you’re rushing out of the house and need to grab breakfast in a hurry.

A classic street sandwich, this is a versatile recipe where you can add all your favorite fillings.

The basic recipe features egg, cheese, ham, and vegetables, but just use whatever’s in the fridge!

7. Kimchi Pancakes

These thin, crispy pancakes will definitely wake up sleepy taste buds.

Spicy kimchi goes right into the pancake dough and the mixture is then pan-fried until golden brown. 

This is a uniquely flavorful breakfast that’s also suitable for vegans.

If you’re really on your game, you can even follow the directions to make your own kimchi.

8. Korean Sweet Potato Latte

Part dessert, part breakfast, all yum. Sweet potato latte is one of those recipes you have to try.

Not least because it’s hard to believe sweet potatoes can be this delicious.

Blended with milk and a little sugar, the root vegetable miraculously turns into a creamy, thick milkshake.

Top with frothed milk, a sprinkling of cinnamon and some toasted walnuts if you’re feeling fancy. 

9. Korean Pumpkin Porridge

If you haven’t tried Korean pumpkin porridge, you’re missing out. It’s actually one of my favorite vegan Korean recipes.

Warming, nourishing, and creamy, this breakfast will chase away any winter blues.

It’s bulked out with soft rice for extra energy, so you won’t fall prey to the morning munchies.

10. Kimchi Breakfast Pizza

Good news, fast-food fans! You can (and should!) eat pizza for breakfast. 

Cram your pizza with shiitake mushrooms, avocado, eggs, and loads of fiery kimchi, and it’s practically a health food! 

It doesn’t take too long to pull together either. If you can set aside 30 minutes in your morning, you can have breakfast pizza. 

11. Korean Mushroom Pancakes

These traditional pancakes, known as enoki, are usually served with soup or stir-fries but they’re good enough to enjoy solo.

They’re tasty mushroom fritters that are a great meatless option if you have any breakfast-shy vegetarians in the house.  

12. Korean Chicken Porridge

This creamy porridge is a wonderfully warming Korean comfort food.

Made with rich chicken stock, and packed with veggies, this is a really great breakfast if you want something tasty and nourishing in your system before facing the day.

13. Korean Egg Bread

If you like the sound of protein-laden breakfast bites, give this delightful recipe a try.

A basic batter is poured into muffin tins and baked until light and fluffy. But there’s a twist.

Bite into these moist muffins and, surprise! You’ll find a hard-boiled egg nestled in the centre. 

14. Korean Breakfast Egg Dumplings

These healthy and quick egg dumplings are a Korean-style breakfast omelette.

Flavored with chili, soy sauce, and sesame, they’re spicy and salty in all the right ways.

15. Korean Savory Oatmeal Bowl

Sweet oatmeal is out, savory oatmeal is in. This tasty recipe will change your perspective on porridge!

Oats are simmered in a rich broth with ginger and lemongrass, then topped with kimchi and sesame seeds.

Just one spoonful will make your tastebuds sing.

16. Korean Egg Roll

Make an egg pancake, roll it up, and you’ve a delicious grab n’ go Korean breakfast.

You can serve this stuffed with ham, cheese, and veggies or keep it vegetarian by upping the greens.

17. Kimchi Stew

Another great option for cold mornings, this satisfying kimchi stew is rich and hearty.

It’s a one-pot breakfast, bulked out with juicy chunks of pork and tender tofu.

If you’re usually running around in a rush on weekdays, just make a big batch on Sunday and enjoy the complex flavors all week long.

18. Kimchi Brown Rice Breakfast Bowl

If you want all the taste of fried rice, but can’t handle greasy food in the morning, try this healthy breakfast bowl.

Brown rice is sautéed with probiotic-rich kimchi, garlic, and soy sauce, then topped off with a crispy fried egg. 

19. Breakfast Kimchi Tacos

What are the yummiest three words in the English language? Tacos. For. Breakfast.

Get your day off to a great start with these irresistible tacos, made with pickled kimchi, crispy bacon, and fried egg.

These would be ideal for a decadent weekend brunch, too.

Serve with noodles or a light green salad to make them more of a meal.

20. Korean Strawberry Milk

This is a popular Korean beverage made from ripe, juicy strawberries with no artificial flavorings.

Fresh strawberries and homemade strawberry syrup are blended with creamy milk for a refreshing and filling morning shake. 

It’s easy to adapt, too. Vegan? Skip the dairy and use coconut or nut milk.

Avoiding sugar? Cut the added sugar without compromising the taste.

Want something a bit more decadent? Top with chocolate sauce or ice cream.

20 Traditional Korean Breakfasts (Salty and Satisfying)

For something different, try out these tasty Korean breakfast recipes. Enjoy pancakes, spicy pizza, and pumpkin porridge, to name a few. You’ll love these easy dishes!


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Korean Breakfast Recipes

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