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How to Store Green Onions (3 Easy Ways)

Ever find yourself wondering how to store green onions? 

It’s easy! Store rooted scallions in a jar of water on your windowsill or in your fridge. Or keep them in a bag in the fridge, wrapped in a damp paper towel.

How to Store Green Onions featuring Green Onions on Wooden Cutting Board And Chopped Onions on the Side

How to Store Green Onions

We’ve all been there- bought a bunch of green onions (scallions) and used a few. And then, we watched the rest wilt away. *sigh*

Or we just forgot about them. 

But with these top-notch tips, you’ll be able to turn the tables on waste.

From sitting on the windowsill to chilling with paper towels… find the method for you. 

Any of these simple methods will extend the life of these green veggies.  

Ditch the crisper drawer and embrace these easy ways to keep your scallions fresher longer!

Using Paper Towel & Bag

This method works well for green onions that don’t have the root intact. It’s a great way to keep onions you’ve already chopped. 

  1. Grab a damp paper towel and wrap your green onions in it. Don’t drench it—too much water can encourage rot. 
  2. As the days go by, check the paper towel. If it dries out, give it a little sprinkle of water. If the towel is too wet, swap it out for a fresh one.

They should last 2-3 weeks

In a Jar in the Windowsill

Like onions, green onions are just fine at room temperature. In fact, they love to sunbathe on your windowsill. 

  1. Grab a big jar tall enough to support your scallions with no flopping
  2. Nestle them root-side down into the jar. 
  3. Pour cold or room temp water to give those roots a nice little soak. 1 or 2 inches is ideal.
  4. Place it on your windowsill.  

Your onions will stay fresh for months if you keep the roots covered! Switch out or top up the water every few days.

In a Jar in the Refrigerator

To store green onions in the refrigerator, follow the windowsill approach. But add a little twist…

  1. Pop a plastic bag over the leafy tops of the onions. This could be the same bag they came home from the store in. Or a zip-top bag. 
  2. Secure the bag around the jar to keep that vital humidity from escaping.
    • A rubber band or string will work perfectly for the grocery bag. Or, squeeze the zip-top bag a smidgen from each end. 
    • Remember, you’re not aiming for an airtight seal, just a cozy humidity-friendly environment. 
  3. Stash your jar in the fridge in a safe spot. Refresh the water every few days.

Your green onions will last for 2-3 weeks

Fresh Green Onions with Roots

Tips & Tricks for Storing Green Onions

  • Whichever storage method you use, check up on your green onions every few days. Spot any dried, shriveled, or slimy parts? Off with their heads!
  • Found some limp scallions? Do not fret; they’re not past their prime, just a little thirsty. Chop them up and throw them into a cooked dish—they’ll soften, anyway.  
  • Ensure your green onions are in the coldest part of your fridge. This is usually at the back. But remember, you are aiming for chilled, not frozen.
  • Keep your scallions cool and fresh. Add ice cubes to the water if you are doing either jar method. 
  • Storing your scallions in water? Circle a water change day on your calendar every few days. Fresh water helps prevent quick spoilage.

How to Freeze Green Onions

Got more green onions than you know what to do with? Forgot about a few bunches hiding in the back of the fridge? 

Pop those scallions into the freezer if you will not use them quickly. This helps to keep their freshness intact.

When you’re ready to start the deep freeze, follow these steps:

  1. Wash the onions well, pat them dry, and slice ’em up. 
  2. Toss your chopped scallions into a sealable, airtight container and into the freezer.

Need a pinch of green onion for your soup or stir-fry? These frozen gems will thaw in no time.

They will keep in the freezer for up to 6 months. But remember they will change in texture after being frozen and thawed!

Green Onions Growing in a Jar of Water on a Windowsill

How to Regrow Green Onions

Give your green onion roots a second chance before tossing them in the compost! 

Those seemingly useless scraps are ready to sprout into a brand-new batch of green onions. Here’s what to do: 

  • Grab your aged onions and cut off an inch from the green part. Leave the white part with the roots intact. 
  • Plant them root-end down in your garden or a pot perched on your windowsill. They are not fussy about their new home. They only want to snuggle in the soil.

Need a pinch of green onion for dinner tonight? No problem! Snip off a little from the top. 

But remember to leave the white part with the roots undisturbed in the soil. 

Your onions will sprout anew, ready for the next harvest.

How to Store Green Onions

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