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How to Reheat Mashed Potatoes (3 Easy Ways)

To reheat mashed potatoes, there are three simple methods that will heat your potatoes evenly.

You can reheat them on the stovetop, in the oven, or in the microwave.

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Mashed Potatoes on a Bowl Garnished with Fresh Parsley and Bacon Bits

Whether you prefer the stovetop, oven, or microwave method, I have you covered. You’ll also learn some handy tips to ensure your creamy spuds don’t dry out during reheating.

Get ready to savor every spoonful of this comfort food favorite!

Mashed Potatoes Reheated in a Pan

1. How to Reheat Mashed Potatoes on the Stove 

To reheat mashed potatoes on your stovetop, follow a few easy steps.

  1. Transfer the mashed potatoes to a pot or skillet. 
  2. Add your choice of milk, heavy cream, or butter to moisten them. 
  3. Set the heat to low. 
  4. Warm the potatoes for approximately 8 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. (One to two stirs per minute should keep them from sticking.) 
  5. Remove them from the stove once they’re warmed through.

That’s all it takes to turn out fluffy, moist, reheated mashed potatoes on the stove. This method couldn’t be easier. 

Woman Regulating Oven Temperature

2. How to Reheat Mashed Potatoes in the Oven 

Reheating potatoes in the oven takes the longest. However, this is the best way to do it if you want them as fresh as possible. 

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Remove the potatoes from the refrigerator and let them sit for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. (Do this while the potatoes are warming to room temperature.)  
  3. Transfer the potatoes to an oven-safe dish. 
  4. Add your choice of milk, heavy cream, or butter to moisten them. 
  5. Cover the dish with its lid or aluminum foil. 
  6. Bake the potatoes for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes. 
  7. Remove the potatoes from the oven once they’ve heated through. 
  8. Stir them again to fluff them up, and enjoy! 
Woman Setting Microwave Oven Temperature

3. How to Reheat Mashed Potatoes in the Microwave

If you want a quicker method for reheating potatoes, opt for your microwave. Here’s how: 

  1. Transfer the mashed potatoes to a microwave-safe bowl. (Don’t use plastic.)
  2. Add your choice of milk, heavy cream, or butter to moisten them.
  3. Place a damp paper towel over the bowl. 
  4. Heat the potatoes for 30-second intervals on high power. 
  5. Stir the potatoes after every 30-second interval. 
  6. Continue the heat-stir cycle until the potatoes are warmed through. 

Tips for Reheating Mashed Potatoes Without Drying Them Out

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while reheating your potatoes: 

  • Don’t forget the moisture add-in. Add butter, cream, or milk to keep them moist and fluffy. 
  • Let the potatoes warm up first. If you have time, set the potatoes at room temperature before reheating them. Getting some of the chill off them first makes them easier to reheat.
  • Reheat smaller portions if necessary. You don’t have to reheat all the potatoes at once. If it’s easier to reheat smaller portions, do it that way. 
  • Keep it low and slow. Don’t reheat the potatoes too quickly or with high heat. The low, slow approach is best. (The microwave is the exception to this rule. Use high heat for that method.) 
  • Stir often. No matter what method you use, don’t forget to stir. Stir potatoes on the stove once or twice every minute. Stir potatoes in the oven after every 5 minutes and potatoes in the microwave after every 30 seconds. 
  • Don’t stir too vigorously. Stirring often is recommended, but stirring roughly is not. Keep your stirring slow and gentle. Otherwise, your potatoes will come out gummy. 
  • Add extra herbs and seasonings. Don’t be afraid to toss in some garlic or even a little cheese before reheating your potatoes. A little extra flavor can help combat any dryness or blandness from reheating them. 

Remember, the worst that can happen if you mess up is that you’ll have to trash your leftovers. And that’s certainly not the end of the world. 

So try reheating potatoes the next time you have some left over.

Mashed Potatoes Topped With Roasted Chicken Breast

How Long Are Leftover Mashed Potatoes Good For? 

If you store them correctly, you can usually keep mashed potatoes in the fridge for up to 5 days. Be sure to place them in an air-tight container with the lid tightly sealed. 

If the potatoes are dairy-free, they will last for up to a week. If you added lots of dairy products while making them, they won’t last as long.

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It really all depends on the ingredients you used when first preparing them. 

If you forgot to refrigerate your mashed potatoes, discard them after a couple of hours. The dairy in them can go bad quickly, and reheating them won’t correct that issue. 

How to Reheat Mashed Potatoes

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