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How to Freeze Cookie Dough (2 Methods!)

If you’ve got a million Christmas cookies to make this year, you’re probably wondering how to freeze cookie dough.

And luckily, it’s easy as pie! All you need to do is portion it out, freeze it until solid, then store for later use.

Cookie Doughs Laid on a Top of Parchment Paper on a Baking Rack

Why Freeze Cookie Dough? 

Freezing cookie dough is such a terrific way to ensure you’ve always got tasty treats on hand when the mood strikes.

It also makes last-minute desserts easy and batch-baking a breeze.

Better still, you can bake pretty much any cookie dough from frozen. All you need to do is add a couple of minutes to the oven time.

Here are a few more reasons why I try to always keep some on hand:

  • No time to bake from scratch? Toss the frozen cookies in the oven, and they’re ready 10-15 minutes later. 
  • Craving a midnight snack? Take two or three out of the freezer to bake. 
  • Last minute bake sale? No problem.
  • Mother-in-law stops by unexpectedly? Dessert’s handled. 
  • Need a gift on short notice? Done. 

There are countless reasons why freezing your cookie dough is a fantastic idea. Trust me, you’ll be so glad to have them ready to go. 

Homemade Cookie Dough Balls with Chocolate Chips

How to Freeze Cookie Dough Balls 

You can totally freeze a big block of cookie dough. Just double-wrap it in plastic and pop it in the freezer.

But for convenience, it’s best to portion the cookies and then freeze them. That way, you can pick out just a few and bake right from frozen.

To freeze cookie dough balls, you’ll need: 

  • Cookie scoop or spoon
  • Baking sheet
  • Parchment paper
  • Ziptop bag or airtight container

Once you have your supplies, don’t forget to make your cookie dough!

  1. Portion the cookie dough. Use a cookie scoop to make them even.
  1. Freeze the dough on a cookie sheet until solid. They can be stacked close together since they won’t be baked on the same sheet.
  1. Transfer the cookie balls to a freezer-safe bag. Be sure to label and date them, too.

Note: If your recipe says to chill the dough before baking, be sure to do so before you form the cookie dough balls. 

Tip: If your cookies are supposed to be rolled in sugar or sprinkles, wait until just before baking. Freeze them uncoated for best results.

Cut Leaf Shaped Cookie Dough

How to Freeze Cut-Out Cookies

What about cut-out cookies like gingerbread or iced sugar cookies? Since these cookies don’t get scooped into balls, the process is a little different. 

That said, there are a couple of methods:

1. Freeze in Blocks

Make the dough and wrap it tightly in disks. Be sure it’s smooth and double-wrap for freshness.

Then, thaw (in the fridge overnight), roll, cut, and bake when you need them.

The disks of dough will stay fresh in the freezer for about three months. 

2. Cut the Cookies and Freeze Them on Flat Trays Before Stacking

This method will take up more room, but you can’t beat it for convenience.

Make the cookie dough and chill it before rolling. Then roll and cut the cookie shapes in batches.

Do just enough to fill cookie trays with the cut-outs flat in a single layer.

Freeze the trays until the cookies are solid, then carefully stack them, with parchment paper between, in airtight boxes.

Plastic boxes are best to ensure the cookies don’t get damaged.

Repeat the steps until all the dough is rolled, cut, and frozen.

How Long Does Cookie Dough Last in The Freezer? 

I doubt you’ll be able to resist the urge to bake cookies every day. However, if you do…

Cookie dough lasts in the freezer for at least three months.

It needs to be double-wrapped in plastic or wrapped and placed in freezer-safe bags or airtight containers to prevent freezer burn.

The cookie dough will still taste fresh after six months if wrapped properly.

The trick is to squeeze as much air out of the containers as possible to reduce frostbite. It will also keep the cookies tasting fresh. 

Freshly Baked Cookies

How to Bake Frozen Cookie Dough 

Cookie dough can be baked completely thawed, slightly thawed, or straight from the freezer. 

To thaw: leave the dough in the fridge overnight (still wrapped). Then bake as you would normally, with the suggested oven time on the recipe.

To bake from frozen: pull out as many cookies as you need and bake with the oven about 20°F cooler (this method is best for lighter cookies). They should bake in the allotted time but may need an extra few minutes.

Alternatively, bake at the same temperature and add an extra few minutes to the baking time (this works well with chunky cookies, like chocolate chip).

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How to Freeze Cookie Dough

If you’ve got a million Christmas cookies to make this year, you’re probably wondering how to freeze cookie dough. And luckily, it’s easy as pie!


  • Cookie/Ice Cream scoop or a large spoon

  • Rimmed baking sheet

  • Parchment paper

  • Ziptop freezer bag or airtight container


  • Prepare the cookie dough as directed but do not roll in sugar or sprinkles if the recipe calls for it.
  • If the dough needs to chill or rest before baking, put it in the fridge before portioning.
  • Begin scooping the dough using a spring-loaded scoop. If using a spoon, scoop large tablespoons of dough and form into balls.
  • Place each dough ball onto a parchment-lined, rimmed-edge baking sheet. They do not need to be spaced out like they do when baking, but they shouldn’t be squashed either.
  • Set the baking sheet of cookie dough onto a level surface in the freezer.
  • Once the dough balls are firm and solid, remove the baking sheet from the freezer and place the dough into freezer bags or an airtight container.
  • To Bake
  • If adding a coating (i.e., sugar, sprinkles, or powdered sugar), thaw the dough in the fridge and roll the balls in the coating. Then bake as instructed in the recipe.
  • If baking from frozen, reduce the oven temperature by 20ºF and bake about 2 to 3 minutes longer than the recipe states.
How to Freeze Cookie Dough

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