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10 Green Tea Cocktails You’ll Love

Green tea might not be the first ingredient you think of when you head to the bar.

But these green tea cocktails are so good, they’ll change your mind at the first sip.

Matcha Green Tea Cocktail
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Green tea is naturally grassy, earthy, and even nutty, though it should never be bitter. Some find it floral too, which works so well in cocktails. 

This list of recipes has a couple of bright and refreshing options as well as something more indulgent and sweet.

So go ahead and try them all, then let me know which is your favorite!

If you love matcha desserts, then you’ll love these 10 terrific green tea cocktails. 

1. Green Tea Cocktail with Vodka

Although some recipes will use regular brewed green tea, others call for green tea-infused simple syrup or liquor. 

Vodka is a terrific option because it has minimal flavor on its own, so the tea flavor can really stand out. Just remember to get the good stuff!

To infuse the vodka, just pour it into a pitcher and add green tea (and lemongrass if you want), then let it sit for 30 minutes or so.

Strain it with a coffee filter and enjoy.

2. The Gin Goblin – A Green Tea and Cucumber Cocktail

This cocktail is a thick blend of green tea, cucumber, mint, and lemon. It’s not super sweet, but rather refreshing and delicious.

To make things easy, start with cold-brewed green tea; unsweetened is the best choice.

If you want to brew your own, remember that green tea should never be boiled. So, instead of pouring over boiling water (212°F/100°C), ensure it’s no more than 185°F/85°C.

While that cools, blend cucumbers and mint and combine them with lemon juice and honey.

Finish by blitzing everything for a few seconds and serving over ice. 

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3. Green Tea Shot

Bizarrely enough, this recipe doesn’t actually include green tea. Instead, it incorporates a few key ingredients to mimic the color and taste. 

Just add whiskey, peach schnapps, and sour mix in equal parts to your cocktail shaker. Fill it with ice and blend until cold. 

Since it’s a shot, you’ll need to strain the drink into glasses and avoid adding ice.

4. Pineapple Green Tea Martini

Although this recipe calls for brewed green tea, it also calls for vodka, so you could use green tea-infused vodka if you have it. 

Pineapple has a lovely tart taste with a touch of sweetness, and it’s enhanced wonderfully by the earthy notes of the tea. 

The orange juice is optional, but I found it gave this a lovely light citrusy sweetness and a bit of extra color.

Feel free to use just lime if you like things zestier. 

5. Matcha Mint Julep

Did you know that the mint julep is the signature drink of the Kentucky Derby? It’s a classic for a reason, and it’s pretty strong to boot. 

Full of bourbon, sugar, crushed ice, and fresh mint, I can’t think of a better way to cool down at the races. 

Using matcha over green tea gives this an elevated flavor, as matcha is more concentrated. But you’ll need that power to stand up against the bourbon.

If you don’t have any matcha, try making simple syrup with green tea instead.

It won’t have the same kick of flavor, and it won’t be as vibrant, but it will be super tasty all the same. 

6. Green Goddess

If you enjoy green juices and smoothies, then you’ll love this spicy, boozy, hydrating, and surprisingly savory cocktail.

It starts with arugula simple syrup, which is equally as peppery as it is sweet.

Since you’ll blitz the leaves, don’t make too much at once (unless you’re feeding a crowd). 

Though it holds well in the fridge, the blender will bruise the greens a little, making them turn brown, which you don’t want in a drink. 

Another interesting ingredient in this drink is absinthe, which isn’t technically in the cocktail, but swirled in the glass to enhance the other ingredients. 

Then, you’ll shake ​​the arugula simple syrup with green tea-infused vodka, lemon juice, cucumber juice, and jalapeño juice for a lovely undertone of warmth.

7. Green Tea Margarita

I have tried all kinds of margaritas, but I’d never thought to add green tea before seeing this recipe!

Still, since it’s full of lime juice and agave, it only makes sense that the flavors will all complement each other, right?

For the most straightforward version, just use ready-made green tea (unsweetened), your favorite tequila (I’ve been drinking Teramana Reposado), and any kind of margarita mix. 

Another option is to use green tea and lime simple syrup along with triple sec, tequila, and Cointreau. 

8. Lemon Mint Matcha Champagne

Although dry, champagne is wonderfully sweet with plenty of fruity flavors in the mix. And those bubbles don’t hurt one bit!

Typically, you’d see it mixed with orange or peach juice to make something extra fruity and sweet, but this recipe goes another way. 

You’ll add lemon for something zestier and matcha for a big kick of grassy goodness. 

I didn’t have any sake, but since that more or less tastes like white wine, I didn’t miss it in the mix. 

I really enjoyed the familiar sweetness you get from using honey, but simple syrup would work just as well. 

9. Gin And Passionfruit Cocktail With Green Tea Syrup

Passion fruit has such a robust and vibrant flavor, and it’s the perfect mix between sweet and tart. 

I melt just from the smell, and now you can buy passion fruit puree for cocktails everywhere, making this a breeze to whip up.

As much as I love fresh fruits, they’re not available all year, and when they are, you’ll need a dozen just to make one recipe. 

Buying the puree makes it so much easier, and don’t worry, you’ll use it all! One sip of this, and you’ll be hooked. 

If you’re not a gin lover, this recipe works so well with white rum, too. 

10. Peach Green Tea Vodka Spritzer

I often buy peach-flavored green tea ready-made, so this was a fun one to try at home. 

Start with peach simple syrup, which is as easy as heating water with honey, and diced peaches.

Once they’ve softened, go ahead and mash them a little to get all their juices out. 

Let that steep until it’s syrupy and fragrant, then leave to cool before using. 

Once the syrup is cold, add peaches to your glass and muddle a little. Then, cover it with ice. 

Finally, pour over the green tea, vodka, and your peach and honey simple syrup.

Give everything a stir and garnish with a couple of fresh raspberries. 

10 Green Tea Cocktails You’ll Love

Try these green tea cocktails for something different! From martinis to mint juleps to margaritas, green tea adds such a distinct flavor to these drinks.


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  • Prep a green tea cockail in 30 minutes or less!
Green Tea Cocktails

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