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Granulated Garlic vs. Garlic Powder (+ How to Use Them)

I just love garlic, and I’m a die-hard enthusiast! So, of course, I’ve grown to appreciate the differences between granulated garlic vs. garlic powder. 

You may think you can use them interchangeably. But I assure you they have unique characteristics that make them stand out. 

Understanding their differences can elevate your dish to the next level. 

So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at these two popular garlic ingredients.

Granulated Garlic in Bowl

What Is Granulated Garlic? 

Granulated garlic has been dried out and ground into tiny, sandy-like particles. 

It combines the best of both worlds: the yummy garlic flavor without the teary eyes.

However, as with all other spices, the flavor slightly differs from the original. It lacks a bit of that zesty freshness. 

However, it’s still a decent contender when you don’t have fresh garlic.

Powdered Garlic and Cloves

What Is Garlic Powder? 

Garlic powder is a versatile seasoning derived from fresh garlic cloves. 

It’s made by dehydrating the cloves and grinding them into a fine powder.

The end product encapsulates the characteristic flavor in a concentrated and shelf-stable form.

I’ve found garlic powder to be an invaluable ingredient in my culinary pursuits. 

Garlic powder packs a stronger punch than granulated garlic because it’s more concentrated.

Powdered and Granulated Garlic Mixture in a Bowl

How to Use Granulated Garlic 

Here are some of the best ways to use granulated garlic:

  • As a meat and poultry seasoning – Sprinkle granulated garlic over meats like chicken, beef, pork, or fish before cooking. The granules will adhere to the surface and infuse the protein with a wonderful garlic flavor as it cooks.
  • To enhance soups and stews – Add a pinch of granulated garlic to your soups, stews, and broths. It disperses evenly and enhances the overall savory profile of the dish.
  • On roasted vegetables – Toss your favorite vegetables in olive oil, sprinkle with granulated garlic, and roast in the oven. The garlic granules will caramelize and create a delightful flavor.
  • In sauces and gravies – Stir granulated garlic into pasta sauces, gravies, and condiments to give them a subtle garlicky kick.

How to Use Garlic Powder 

Try these tasty ways to use garlic powder:

  • As a popcorn seasoning – Sprinkle garlic powder onto freshly popped popcorn for a savory and aromatic twist. Mix it with melted butter or a drizzle of olive oil for even distribution.
  • In homemade spice blends – Create custom spice blends by combining garlic powder with other herbs and spices like onion powder, paprika, oregano, and thyme. Use these blends to season meats, vegetables, or even roasted nuts.
  • On garlic bread – Mix garlic powder with softened butter or olive oil, spread it on slices of bread, and toast for quick and delicious garlic bread.
  • To flavor oils and vinegar – Infuse olive oil or vinegar with garlic flavor by adding a pinch of garlic powder. Let it sit for a few days to develop the flavor before using it in dressings, marinades, or dipping sauces.
Noodles With Granulated Garlic

Are Granulated Garlic and Garlic Powder Interchangeable? 

Granulated garlic and garlic powder can often be used interchangeably in recipes. However, there are important distinctions to consider. 

The main differences lie in texture, flavor intensity, and how they interact with dishes during cooking.

Granulated garlic is coarser with larger granules. Garlic powder is finely ground and has a smoother texture. 

For example, if you’re looking for a smoother blend in a sauce or marinade, garlic powder is more suitable. It also provides an immediate burst of flavor due to its fine texture. 

Granulated garlic has larger granules, which release flavor more slowly. It’s also less concentrated.

So, if the original recipe calls for granulated garlic, you should use half the amount of garlic powder.

Granulated Garlic vs Garlic Powder

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