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17 Father’s Day Cupcakes Dad Will Love

These yummy Father’s Day cupcakes are the one gift every dad loves to get!

Shopping for my dad isn’t always easy. And I’m guessing you’ve been there too.

There are only so many #1 Dad gifts you can give, and I’m pretty sure mine has them all.

However, there’s one thing my dad is always excited about, and that’s cupcakes.

Decorated Father's Day Vanilla Cupcakes
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The great thing about cupcakes is you can make them completely from scratch or throw them together from a box.

Either way, dad doesn’t care, as long as he gets sweets!

Whether your dad loves sports or prefers fishing, there’s a Father’s Day cupcake recipe here for every type of dad.  

1. Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes

The combination of dark beer and chocolate is a guaranteed winner. 

You’ll infuse these soft cupcakes with smooth Guinness stout and top them with a mocha buttercream frosting.

These are so decadent, your dad won’t be able to believe they didn’t come from the bakery. 

Keep in mind, this recipe does require some planning because the cake batter will need to meld for a few hours with the beer. 

2. Hamburger Cupcakes

If you want to impress dad with your baking skills, make him a dozen of these.

Each cupcake looks just like a hamburger! They have chocolate brownies as the burger patties and boxed yellow cake as the buns. 

They even use food dye in frosting to mimic ketchup and mustard. 

These are so realistic, don’t be surprised if your dad thinks they’re the real thing. 

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3. Bow Tie Cupcakes

Any dad will be happy to get these adorable cupcakes from the kids. 

From the cake to the decorations, kids will love making these. This recipe calls for boxed vanilla cakes, so this part is super easy. 

The fondant bow tie and white shirt will take a bit of shaping. But how your kids put on the final touches is what makes these cupcakes so heartwarming. 

4. Football Cupcakes

Got a football fan in the house? I have just the recipe.

These sports-themed cupcakes are full of chocolate and fun to decorate. 

For the football, you’ll melt Tootsie rolls in a glass and use vanilla frosting for the stitching. 

5. Baseball Cupcakes

Is your dad more of a baseball kind of guy? Then opt for these cupcakes instead.

These take a Funfetti base and decorate it with a super easy baseball theme. 

Simply layer on buttercream frosting, then pipe the baseball stitching with store-bought red icing. 

6. Funfetti Cupcakes

No one can resist the nostalgia of Funfetti! These rainbow cupcakes are full of fun and totally bite-worthy. 

From the cupcake to the frosting, this entire recipe is completely from scratch.

If you’re not much of a baker, you can use the classic store-bought Funfetti to make life easier.

7. Maple Bacon Cupcakes

I haven’t met a man yet who can resist these sweet and salty treats. 

You’ll mix up a box of Duncan Hines butter pecan cake mix and toss in some crisp bacon. 

When you dress each cupcake, you’ll pipe on the maple buttercream frosting and decorate it with bacon bits. 

8. Fish Cupcakes

My dad loves fishing and if yours does, too, I highly recommend gifting these cupcakes. 

This is another great recipe for the kids to do all the decorating. The fish scales and lips are colorful M&M’s while the eyes are Wilton candies. 

You can mix and match colors or stick with dad’s favorite. 

9. Superhero Cupcakes

Every superhero father figure deserves a batch of these on Father’s Day. 

Fluffy vanilla cupcakes get a clever disguise of buttercream frosting and superhero-themed icing. 

You’ll need some circular cutters to get the shapes just right.

10. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupcakes

My dad always stashes some Reese’s in the fridge because they’re his favorite.

If your dad loves them, too, he’ll be overflowing with joy once he sees these cupcakes. 

They are rich in peanut butter, chocolate, and his favorite candy. 

The best part is each chocolate cupcake has a miniature Reese’s peanut butter cup baked inside. 

11. Soccer Cupcakes

These are another excellent sports-themed goody. 

Vanilla or chocolate, you can choose whatever cupcake flavor you want.

Then all you’ll need is some chocolate and vanilla frosting along with some food coloring for decorating. 

Not only do these make for a wonderful father’s Day gift, but they’re great for birthdays, kid soccer games, and more. 

12. Lemon Cupcakes

Lemon cupcakes are a nice break from all the rich chocolate sweets. They’ll have a light lemony cake and a buttercream frosting to match. 

Avoid over-mixing to keep these nice and airy. You’ll also want some lemon zest to give the frosting a bright pop of citrus. 

13. Grill Cupcakes

Father’s Day and barbecues go hand in hand. So why not turn a special Father’s Day dessert into a grilling masterpiece?

This recipe uses red and chocolate frosting to look just like a fiery barbecue grill.

For the final touch, it uses pierced gummy candies with a toothpick to look just like skewers.  

14. Buckeye Cupcakes

Between the frosting and the filling, these cupcakes will be a smash. 

The peanut butter ball filling is a decadent surprise that’s even more delightful with the creamy peanut butter frosting.

As for the cake part, only chocolate will do. This recipe throws in some sour cream to make them rich and moist. 

15. Oreo Cupcakes

Next to Funfetti, Oreos are another nostalgic treat that is sure to please. 

These vanilla cupcakes are super soft and fluffy thanks to the whole milk, egg whites, and sour cream.

That’s made even better with chopped Oreos baked inside. 

But wait, these indulgent cupcakes aren’t complete without a sweet and crunchy Oreo buttercream frosting. 

16. Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Move aside red velvet, these cupcakes are all about being blue. 

The deep blue hue comes from the cocoa powder and food coloring. Meanwhile, the cream cheese frosting adds a luscious touch.

17. Banana Blueberry Cupcakes     

Every blueberry and banana pancake fan will go crazy for these. 

Ripe bananas make these naturally sweet while fresh blueberries add a tangy burst of juice.

What’s even more amazing is these are 100 percent dairy-free, making them vegan-friendly. 

17 Father’s Day Cupcakes Dad Will Love


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Father’s Day Cupcakes

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