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20 Best Dry Ice Drinks and Cocktails

I am so, so, SO excited to share these dry ice drinks and cocktails with you!

Dry ice is so much fun! If you’ve never used it to up your cocktail game, now’s the time.

Adding dry ice to cocktails makes them smoky, spooky, and downright awesome. 

Multi-Colored Dry Ice Cocktails with Berries
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Do you know that cool smoky explosion you get in science experiments? Or the eerie appearance of a witch’s cauldron?

That’s what dry ice does for your cocktails. 

Plus, it doesn’t affect the taste at all. So jazz up your favorite mixed drink with dry ice.

Or check out these 20 dry ice drinks and cocktails for something new.

*Important reminder: Always wait until the visible effects of dry ice have finished before drinking. Also, don’t go overboard! Use only a small amount, and let guests know there’s dry ice in your drinks.

1. Professor’s Poisoned Apple

Imagine if Snow White relied on science instead of magic. In that case, the Evil Queen would have whipped up something like this.

Fortunately, this apple cider-flavored cocktail isn’t poisonous. It certainly looks like it could be, though.

It’s a lovely reddish-orange color with plenty of smog rolling off it.

It also features a bright, zingy flavor that mixes apples and cranberries. It’s sure to liven up any party. 

2. Black Widow Martini

This shimmery martini looks too beautiful to be genuinely spooky. It’s purplish-black and full of shiny glitter and glam. 

It has a robust, tartly sweet berry flavor and a slight kick from the ginger liqueur. 

Garnish it with blackberries and pomegranate arils if you like.

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However, I also enjoy adding plastic spiders to the rim of the glass. It adds to the overall Halloween vibe.

3. Halloween Punch

Want to ensure your punch bowl is the star of the show at your next party?

Dry ice can make it happen! You can add it to any punch bowl for the smoky effect.

However, Halloween punch also features a rich, blood-red color for extra spookiness.

Adding candy eyeballs, wax lips, and plastic spiders makes it even more eye-catching.

This version is 100% alcohol-free and ideal for kids’ parties. However, you can add vodka for your adults-only parties.

4. Vampire’s Kiss Halloween Cocktail

This exciting mixed cocktail has a unique appearance that’s hard to describe.

It’s dark and shimmery, with a bloody red core. Its flavor is sweet and Coca-Cola-heavy. 

It’s a quick and easy drink to make. Just don’t be surprised if its caffeinated fizziness tickles your nose.

5. 15-Minute Homemade Root Beer

Root beer is always a fun and festive treat. Like everything, it’s much better when it’s homemade. Oh, and when it’s boiling over with smoke. 

After all, what drink doesn’t look better when it’s smoky?

You can whip up this homemade root beer with four simple ingredients. You’ll need root beer extract, water, sugar, and dry ice. 

It’s non-alcoholic, too, so you can get the whole family in on the drink-making fun.

6. Poison Apple Martini

Here’s another variation on a poisoned apple drink. It’s a super sweet apple martini with just enough pomegranate to keep you in the underworld.

You’ll need just seven ingredients and 10 minutes to make it. And fortunately, it looks as good as it tastes.

It’s an excellent, show-stopping addition to any party table. 

7. Swamp Gasses (Green Halloween Punch)

This ghoulish green drink has the spooky, swampy name to match. Luckily, it tastes much better than the name implies. 

It has a tropical, fruity flavor that’ll remind you of a Bahama Mama.

Its unique appearance makes it perfect for Halloween, even with its summer taste.

8. The Witch’s Heart

This pretty purple drink is shimmery, elegant, and looks like magic in a glass. It’s simple to make and requires just 10 minutes of work. 

However, there’s one crucial thing to remember about this drink.

You’ll need an entire week to make the enchanting blackberry liqueur mixture. You cannot whip it up on the spot. 

Therefore, plan at least a week ahead if you know you’ll be making these drinks.

9. Love Potion #9 Martini (Triple Berry Pomegranate Martini)

This five-ingredient cocktail is perfect for Valentine’s Day or Halloween. It’s bright, berry-licious, and easy to make.

You combine pomegranate juice, strawberry vodka, and raspberry liqueur.

Add two heart-shaped strawberries and dry ice for the full effect. It may not make you fall in love with the first person you see.

However, if you drink enough of them, that could happen.

10. Mad Scientist Halloween Cocktail

Here’s another fun green drink that’s perfect for Halloween! Even better, this one has no alcohol, so the kiddos can enjoy it, too. 

You’ll make it with green gelatin, Sprite, and pineapple juice. It’s fizzy, foggy, and full of bright, tangy flavor.

It takes 5 minutes to prepare and looks even better served in beakers.

Give these a try if you want to look like a legitimate mad scientist.

11. Eye of the Storm (Halloween Dark and Stormy Cocktail)

These bloody, stormy drinks might be the scariest on the list. Especially if you add the optional ice cube eyeballs, which – let’s be honest – are fantastic.

It’s a fruity, citrusy drink that might make your mouth pucker a little. Still, if you enjoy drinks on the tarter side, you’ll love it. 

And again, don’t forget those lychee/blueberry eyeballs. They look so neat (and are surprisingly easy to make!) 

12. Spooky Old-Fashioned Cocktail

Put a smoggy, smoky spin on the traditional old-fashioned with this recipe. All you need is dry ice and a slice of blood orange.

If you have that, you can use any recipe.

This one is quite good, though. It’s spiced, whiskey-forward, and just a tiny bit citrusy. Plus, you can pull it together in 10 minutes or less. 

13. The Grave Digger Cocktail

This four-ingredient drink combines hard cider, whiskey, ginger ale, and ice. (Use dry ice for the cool witch’s brew effect.)

The best thing about it is its spectacular seasonal flavor. The ginger and apples make this the perfect fall drink.

It’s a comforting, warm-your-bones combo ideal for sipping around a campfire.

Put it in some spooky glasses and add some gory garnishes. Of course, even without all that, people will love them.

14. Vampire Cynar Negroni – Cynar Cocktail

This Halloween version of the classic Negroni is delectable. It’s flavorful but on the dry side, infused with spice and herbal delights.

It’s a bold drink with a slightly bitter, smoky finish. The taste compliments its enchanting look flawlessly. 

15. Smoking Blueberry Lavender Martini

This stunning drink has a light, sweetly tart taste that’s hard to describe. (It’s even harder not to love.)

It’s not overly floral, but you’ll get hints of lavender in every sip. 

Mostly, you’ll taste the bright, summer flavor of blueberries. Regardless, its eerie appearance makes it a good choice for Halloween. 

16. Ghost in the Graveyard Vodka & Kahlua Cocktail for Halloween

The ghost in the graveyard puts a spooky spin on the regular White Russian.

You’ll use Blavod vodka (black vodka) instead of regular and ice cream instead of cream.

The coffee liqueur remains the same. Drop in the dry ice for a smokier, sweeter White Russian. (With a much cooler name.)

17. Absolut Elyx Black Magic Martini

This herbal-infused, berry-heavy martini tastes fantastic and looks even better. 

Black drinks are quantifiably awesome. Walk by someone drinking a black cocktail, and you’re bound to take a second look.

That’s why I love these black martinis so much.

They taste wonderful, but their appearance is what makes them extraordinary.

18. Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita

This rosy red drink is tart and tangy, with just a hint of citrus and sage.

If you prefer sweeter drinks, go a little heavier on the maple syrup. 

Otherwise, you’ll get a bright, refreshing drink that works for Halloween or summer. If tequila isn’t your favorite, give it a try anyway. 

I don’t always love the taste of tequila, but I barely notice it here. You’ll get a slightly boozy flavor, but mostly, it’s all berries and juice.

19. Halloween Cherry Vodka Cocktail

Remember the One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater? If he had a favorite drink, this would be it.

It takes 10 minutes to make, is bubbly and purple, and tastes like Heaven.

It’s a fun, fizzy, sweet, and sour masterpiece that’s impossible not to enjoy.

If you need a Halloween-themed drink for minors, leave out the vodka.

It tastes just as good and looks just as festive. Your kiddos are sure to love it! 

20. La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)

I’d never heard of the Weeping Woman. But according to this author: La Llorona is a folklore legend in Hispanic America.

It’s kind of a grim tale, but the wistful smoke of the dry ice is a lot like the lonely woman wandering the afterlife, looking for her kids.

Don’t worry, it tastes brighter than the backstory!

20 Best Dry Ice Drinks and Cocktails

These dry ice drinks and cocktails are just so much fun! From martinis to punch to spooky spirits, you’ll adore these incredible beverages.


  • Professor’s Poisoned Apple

  • Black Widow Martini

  • Halloween Punch

  • Vampire’s Kiss Halloween Cocktail

  • 15 -Minute Homemade Root Beer

  • Poison Apple Martini

  • Swamp Gasses (Green Halloween Punch)

  • The Witch’s Heart

  • Love Potion #9 Martini (Triple Berry Pomegranate Martini)

  • Mad Scientist Halloween Cocktail

  • Eye of the Storm (Halloween Dark and Stormy Cocktail)

  • Spooky Old Fashioned Cocktail

  • The Grave Digger Cocktail

  • Vampire Cynar Negroni – Cynar Cocktail

  • Smoking Blueberry Lavender Martini

  • Ghost in the Graveyard Vodka & Kahlua Cocktail for Halloween

  • Absolut Elyx Black Magic Martini

  • Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita

  • Halloween Cherry Vodka Cocktail

  • La Llorona (The Weeping Woman)


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a dry ice drink in 30 minutes or less!

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