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23 Easy Cranberry Christmas Cocktails for the Holidays

These cranberry Christmas cocktails are guaranteed to make your Christmas merrier!

It’s the season to be jolly, so why not make a cocktail?

These festive drinks are perfect for sipping by the fire or celebrating with friends. 

Hot Punch Cranberry Christmas Cocktail with Cinnamon
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Whether you’re looking for something sweet or tangy, I have you covered.

In this roundup, you’ll find ways to mix cranberry with wine, rum, gin, vodka, and more.

Best of all, these concoctions boast a vibrant and festive look.

Not only are they flavorful, but they’ll also look good on your holiday spread!

So grab a glass and get ready to toast for the holidays!

1. Cranberry Mistletoe Martini

Take out your martini glasses and make this cranberry mistletoe martini!

It only features four ingredients: vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, and lemon juice. This drink is so simple yet so festive.

As you sip on this tart and zesty cocktail, you’ll feel the holiday spirit.

Plus, it has a vibrant red hue and citrus wheel topping to match your Christmas decor.

This sipper will make you want to dance under the mistletoe!

2. Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa

Have a toast to the holidays and raise a glass of this vanilla cranberry mimosa!

This holiday mimosa contains champagne, vodka, cranberry juice, and vanilla extract.

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It’s tart, fruity, and subtly sweet with a fizzy kick that you’ll love.

Add a garnish of fresh cranberries for a festive look. 

3. Cranberry Pomegranate Cosmopolitan

Add a holiday glow to your Christmas feast and mix up this cranberry pomegranate cosmopolitan!

This vibrant red cocktail gets its flavors from cranberry and pomegranate juice.

It’s infused with a shot of vodka and orange liqueur for a bolder taste. 

A spritz of fresh lime juice gives this drink an extra zing. It’s the perfect cocktail to whip up for your holiday party.

4. Cranberry Holiday Punch

Looking for a drink that will make you think of all things merry and bright? This cranberry holiday punch fits the bill!

It’s a blend of cranberry juice, ginger ale, and prosecco mixed with pomegranate seeds and cranberries.

This drink is delightfully sweet, fruity, and aromatic.

 Let your holiday stress magically float into the winter air as you take a sip!

5. Cranberry St. Germain Cocktail

Grab a bottle of St. Germain elderflower liqueur and get shaking!

This cranberry St. Germain cocktail is perfect if you want something light and flavorful.

The cranberry juice brings fruity tartness that blends beautifully with the delicate flavor of elderflower.

It’s spiked with vodka and lime for an extra zing.

6. Jolly ‘Ole Cranberry Christmas Cocktail

Looking for a festive holiday cocktail for when you’re decking the halls?

This jolly ‘ole Christmas cocktail will bring out your holiday spirit!

It features cranberry juice, lime juice, and vodka that are shaken until bubbly.

This fabulously fruity drink will become your go-to holiday drink.

Everyone will be jollier than ever when a glass of this cocktail is in their hands.

7. Cranberry Gin Christmas Cocktail

Are you on the hunt for something comforting and festive at the same time? This cranberry gin cocktail is the one!

It has a lovely creamy sweetness thanks to heavy cream, whole milk, and maple syrup.

It’s infused with gin and cranberry juice for a boozy, fruity kick.

Add more holiday cheer by topping it with fresh cranberries for garnish.

8. Cranberry Rosemary Old-Fashioned

Kick off the holiday season with this cranberry and rosemary old-fashioned!

The bold, malty whiskey is sweetened with cranberry and rosemary goodness.

A spritz of aromatic bitters amps up the flavors for that classic old-fashioned taste.

Whether you serve this drink on the rocks or not, you’ll feel the spirit of Christmas.

9. Cranberry Whiskey Mule

The classic mule is always a great choice on any chilly day. 

But if you want something with a festive flair, make this cranberry whiskey mule!

It contains whiskey, ginger beer, lime, and cranberry juice.

The flavors are refreshing, crisp, and fruity. You’ll love every sip of this drink.

10. Poinsettia Cocktail

Bring glamour to your holiday spread and serve this poinsettia cocktail in champagne flutes.

It’s spiked with orange liqueur for a citrusy taste that blends with the tart cranberry.

This drink has a champagne topping for a fizzy kick that’ll tickle your nose.

One glass of this sparkling cocktail will leave you feeling merry in no time!

11. Christmas Sangria Recipe

Give everyone a festive lift with this holiday-inspired sangria.

This delightfully sweet and fruity drink features cranberries, oranges, and a hint of cinnamon. It’s spiked with red wine for a bolder flavor.

The best part? It has a bright hue and fresh fruits for a festive element to your holiday spread.

12. Cranberry Smash Cocktail

Holidays mean it’s cranberry season.

And this cranberry smash cocktail is the perfect way to showcase them on your holiday table!

Deliciously sweet and tart, this cranberry cocktail is perfect for light drinkers.

It’s infused with cranberry syrup, rosemary, and a kick of gin.

This drink is topped with soda water for a touch of bubbly sparkle.

You can just skip the alcohol if you want a booze-free drink.

13. Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail

Are you on the hunt for a drink that’s Santa-approved? Try this cranberry bourbon cocktail!

This cocktail has a complex composition with just the right sweetness and tartness.

It’s spiked with bourbon that complements the sweet-tart maple syrup and cranberries.

Serve this on the rocks, and add a rosemary sprig for an elegant presentation.

14. Cranberry Whiskey Ginger Cocktail

The holidays are about family, friends, and lots of cozy drinks.

And this cranberry whiskey ginger cocktail is the perfect way to kick off the festivities!

This cocktail is the best way to bring together two things you love in one glass.

The combination of whiskey and spicy ginger ale makes for a heartwarming holiday drink.

It’s mixed with cranberry juice for a fruity balance to the bold, rich flavors.

15. Spiced Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

Christmas won’t be complete without sparkles and bright colors.

That’s why this spiced cranberry champagne is a staple for our celebrations.

This drink is so festive it’ll get your party started even before you’ve had a sip.

It’s full of cranberry flavor and just a little spice with a bubbly delight.

Once you try this drink, you’ll want to make this every year!

16. Easy Cranberry Margaritas

With one sip, these cranberry margaritas will bring out your inner holiday spirit.

Simply mix tequila and lime juice and shake it up with lime juice and cranberry juice.

A dash of orange liqueur brings a dose of boozy, citrusy goodness.

The result is a fruity, refreshing drink that’ll instantly brighten your mood.

17. Cranberry Manhattan

Lift your glasses and say cheers to the season with this fruity cranberry Manhattan cocktail!

This drink is tart and sweet but not too much of either. It’s got the perfect balance of fruity flavor and warm holiday spirit.

The secret is a blend of bourbon, vermouth, and bitters to contrast the cranberries and oranges.

18. Cranberry Screwdriver

Get ready to have your mind blown. This cranberry vodka screwdriver boasts jolly flavors.

This drink is made with cranberry vodka, orange juice, and a splash of Grand Marnier. It’s boozy, citrusy, and subtly sweet.

With just three ingredients, this drink is a plunger of refreshing, festive goodness in one glass.

19. Slow Cooker Orange Cranberry Mulled Wine

Your Christmas table is about to get much merrier with this mulled wine!

It boasts the rich flavors of wine, orange juice, and cranberries steeped in a slow cooker.

The cinnamon sticks add warmth and spiced deliciousness.

Steeping the ingredients brings out the flavors and aroma of this drink for a cozy concoction.

This drink is a great way to beat the winter chill. 

20. Cranberry Pomegranate Bellini

Lighten up this holiday season with this cranberry and pomegranate bellini.

This unique drink was inspired by the flavors of the season.

It has sassy sweet-tart flavors, thanks to the cranberry and pomegranate juice mixed with prosecco.

Serve this with whole cranberries, rosemary sprigs, and lime slices for a fun holiday look.

21. Cranberry Fizz Cocktail

Nothing says Christmas like a sweet, bubbly boozy drink. And this cranberry fizz cocktail is just the thing!

This drink is so simple to make that it’s almost like magic.

Mix gin, Cointreau, and cranberry sauce, then top it with club soda.

Add more magic by topping it with fresh cranberries and rosemary sprigs. Stunning!

22. Cranberry Sparkler Cocktail with Cinnamon and Sugar Rim

Are you hit with the holiday blues and need something to lift your spirits? This cranberry sparkler cocktail will do the trick!

Made with champagne, cranberry sauce, and rosemary, this sparkling drink is sweet and rich.

It’s poured into a glass with cinnamon and sugar rim for a hint of spice.

A sip of this drink feels like a holiday kiss under the mistletoe!

23. Holiday Cranberry Mojito

The holidays call for festive cocktails, and this cranberry mojito is just the ticket.

It’s got a sweet cranberry flavor mixed with zesty lime juice and cool mint. 

The rum lends a full-bodied heat for a bold contrast to the fruity flavors. A splash of sparkling water makes this drink more refreshing. 

It’s not just for Christmas, though. This drink would also be a great addition to any New Year’s Eve party!

23 Easy Cranberry Christmas Cocktails for the Holidays

Be the life of the party with these cranberry Christmas cocktails! From martinis to sangria to margaritas, happy hour has never been so festive.


  • Cranberry Mistletoe Martini

  • Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa

  • Cranberry Pomegranate Cosmopolitan

  • Cranberry Holiday Punch

  • Cranberry St. Germain Cocktail

  • Jolly ‘Ole Cranberry Christmas Cocktail

  • Cranberry Gin Christmas Cocktail

  • Cranberry Rosemary Old-Fashioned

  • Cranberry Whiskey Mule

  • Poinsettia Cocktail

  • Christmas Sangria Recipe

  • Cranberry Smash Cocktail

  • Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail

  • Cranberry Whiskey Ginger Cocktail

  • Spiced Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

  • Easy Cranberry Margaritas

  • Cranberry Manhattan

  • Cranberry Screwdriver

  • Slow Cooker Orange Cranberry Mulled Wine

  • Cranberry Pomegranate Bellini

  • Cranberry Fizz Cocktail

  • Cranberry Sparkler Cocktail with Cinnamon and Sugar Rim

  • Holiday Cranberry Mojito


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a cranberry Christmas cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Cranberry Christmas Cocktails

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