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17 Best Cointreau Cocktails

Wondering what to do with that bottle of Cointreau you only used once? Try one of these rockin’ Cointreau cocktails

There’s an endless amount of mixers in the cocktail world. But Cointreau is one of the best.

Boozing Sidecar Cocktail with Cointreau
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This popular triple sec gets its citrusy flavor from sweet and bitter orange peels. 

Bartenders use it to balance and build complex flavors. But did you know you can even sip on it straight up?

If you bought a bottle to make a specific drink and it’s been collecting dust ever since, don’t worry. This happens to the best of us. 

Luckily, this orange liqueur has a wealth of applications fitting for your favorite libations. 

Popular Cointreau Drinks to Try Tonight

1. Cointreau Margarita

One of the best drinks to introduce you to the wonders of Cointreau is a margarita. A splash of this triple sec rounds out the sourness and acidity. 

Follow this recipe and you’ll get a smooth margarita with a clean citrus taste. I recommend opting for reposado tequila, but blanco works too.

From there, you’re left with the question of whether or not to salt your glass. If you prefer salt, rim your glass with quality flaky salt like kosher or sea salt.

2. Sidecar

Next up on your Cointreau adventure is the sidecar. This old-fashioned classic is an alluring mix of Cointreau, brandy, and lemon. 

It’s sweet yet refined without being snooty. Also, the minimal ingredients take out all the complications of mixing.

For a sweeter drink, rim your cocktail glass with lemon and dip it in sugar. This additional step is simple and truly makes for a remarkable drink. 

3. Cointreau Fizz

Simple and refreshing, the Cointreau fizz lets all the beauty of this orange liqueur shine. 

This is a very straightforward recipe that takes only a few minutes to craft.

You’ll add ice to a glass, pour in some Cointreau, add some lime, then top it off with soda water.

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The reason you’ll add ice first is to avoid an overflowing fizzy mess. 

Also, be sure to use fresh lime juice and not the bottled stuff made from concentrate.

Bottled lime juice usually has added preservatives that will distract from the clean taste.

4. Perfect Cosmopolitan

With this cocktail recipe, you’ll nail the cosmopolitan every time. There are many variations to this drink, but this one is utter perfection.

Starting with vodka, you’ll add Cointreau, cranberry juice, and a splash of fresh lime juice. The result is a tart and fruity refreshment that’s not overly sweet.

Plus, the cranberry juice adds a vibrant color that will allure any cocktail enthusiast.

5. French 75

The French 75 had me sold at first sip. This dazzling cocktail is classy enough for a party and tasty enough for a cocktail hour quencher.

At first glance, the ingredient list might look complicated. However, it’s remarkably easy. 

Simply add some Cointreau, gin, simple syrup, and lemon into a shaker and shake it up. Pour it into a glass, add some champagne, and that’s it. 

Collins glass or champagne flute, there is some debate about the right glass to use. But I say, make it your own and serve it how you like. 

6. Kiss the Ring

Inspired by the classic flick, The Godfather, kiss the ring is similar to a French 75. However, the twist to this ending is a blood orange kiss. 

Add fresh blood orange juice to gin, Cointreau, and prosecco for a drink so good even the Corleone family can’t refuse.  

If you like things on the sweet side, you could add a splash of simple syrup. Either way, this fizzy candescent cocktail will earn you winning acclaim.

7. R.B. Ginger

This drink is a dedication to supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

It’s a bright, refreshing blend of ginger, lemon, rum, and Cointreau. The ginger beer and lime make it similar to a dark and stormy. 

Except this recipe adds another level of supreme excellence by muddling fresh ginger and garnishing with candied ginger.

Sweet, spicey, and bold, this beverage does well to honor the legacy of R.B.G. 

8. White Lady

When I feel like sipping on a fragrant, creamy cocktail I mix up one of these. 

The botanicals of gin give this cocktail a layer of depth. Meanwhile, Cointreau adds even more complexity. 

The white lady gets its name from the creamy and cloudy body made from the egg.

It gives the cocktail a full body that pairs amazingly with all the fruity and citrus flavors.

If you’re wondering about brands, this recipe uses Burleigh’s gin. This adds impeccable notes of elderberry, dandelion, and birch.

9. Watermelon Margaritas

Put a watermelon drink into my hand and I’m a happy gal. Make it a Cointreau watermelon margarita, and I instantly go into vacation mode.

This is one of my favorite drinks to sip poolside. The watermelon juice makes them extra-fruity while Cointreau rounds out all the ingredients.

Blanco tequila is a solid choice to not distract from all the wonderful flavors. Plus, the fresh lime juice makes it even more refreshing. 

You can easily make this recipe a single, double, or pitcher to serve a crowd. 

10. Kahlua Cointreau French Coffee

This adult beverage makes a fine dessert if I do say so myself. I’m a big fan of Kahlua and coffee which gets even better in this recipe.

The Kahlua adds a luscious, creamy body while Cointreau adds a complementary orange twist.

Pair that with freshly brewed coffee and whipped cream for an after-dinner delight.

Be forewarned, the combination of Kahlua and Cointreau does lean more towards the boozy side, but it’s so hard to tell.

11. Orange Pomegranate Prosecco Cocktail

A sparkling glass of this shimmering drink makes for an exceptionally fine toast. 

It’s a great addition to holidays, birthdays, or weddings. I even love it for a Sunday brunch. 

The combination of orange and pomegranate makes for a fabulous winter cocktail.

However, this cocktail is so versatile you could mix up your ingredients to make it any time of year. 

With Cointreau and prosecco as the base, the possibilities are virtually endless. 

12. Apple Suicider Cocktails

What’s in an apple suicider? I’m so happy you asked! 

It’s a brilliant concoction of whiskey, Cointreau, and apple cider.

Some cinnamon and sugar add extra fall flavoring while lime juice adds a refreshing pop. 

If the blend of sweet spice and citrusy tang is too much, you can add a bit of soda water. But don’t go heavy-handed. Otherwise, you’ll dilute it too much.

This recipe also makes a fantastic mocktail for non-drinkers and little ones alike.

13. Creamsicle Float Cocktails

This is another extraordinary dessert cocktail recipe. It’s like an Italian soda, float, and creamsicle bar all combined into one alluring drink.

To get the creamsicle flavor, you’ll infuse vanilla ice cream with orange juice, orange zest, and Cointreau.

From there, it gets even better with gin and clementine Italian soda.

I think this tastes even better with a dollop of whipped cream. You can also make it a virgin for a whimsical treat.

If you choose the latter, replace the Cointreau and gin with more soda and orange juice. You could even blend it for a rich milkshake.

14. Rosebud

If you guessed that this adult beverage has something to do with Citizen Kane, you’re correct. And after a sip, you’ll agree this cocktail deserves the praise.

Keeping with the theme, this cocktail uses a splash of rosewater to enhance the aroma.

From there, you’ll need some quality vodka, lime juice, simple syrup, cucumber, and mint.

You’ll have to do some muddling, so you’ll want a cocktail shaker for straining. And don’t forget the Cointreau and Angostura to balance out the flavors.

Add some rose petals for garnish and you’ll have a red carpet award-winner in a glass.

No film geek, or craft cocktail lover, will be able to resist this. It’s bright, floral, and truly one of a kind. 

15. Frozen Coconut Margarita

Debating between a pina colada and frozen margarita? Why not have both at the same time!

No, I’m not talking about double-fisting drinks. I’m talking about this rockin’ recipe.

This is a tropical concoction of five ingredients that taste somewhere in between a traditional margarita and a pina colada.

To achieve the right balance, you’ll need quality tequila, cream of coconut, and coconut milk.

To cut through the creaminess, add a dash of Cointreau and lime juice.

If you’re not in the mood for a frozen drink, you can serve this one on the rocks. 

16. Escape From Alcatraz Cocktail

Given the trend, you’ll probably think this cocktail is named after the 1970s flick starring Clint Eastwood, but it’s actually an ode to Al Capone.

Why Al Capone? Legend has it the gangster snuck some Templeton rye whiskey into Alcatraz when he was doing time. 

The sweet, spicy, and woody notes of Templeton meld seamlessly with the orange burst of Cointreau.

Add in fresh ginger and a dash of lemon, and you’ll have one warming libation.

17. Mimosa

Before you finish off the bottle, save a drop of Cointreau for your next mimosa party. 

This bedazzling beverage takes the classic and spruces it up with a hint of Cointreau. 

Try a splash for yourself and see how this triple sec enhances the orange juice to impart more depth and flavor.

Pair this with your favorite brunch recipes, and you’ll have the makings of a fantastic weekend.

17 Best Cointreau Cocktails

Try these Cointreau cocktails the next time you’re feeling fancy! From margaritas to sidecars to cosmopolitans, Cointreau is a great way to jazz up happy hour.


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  • Prep a Cointreau cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Cointreau Cocktails

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