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20 Best Carrot Desserts

These surprisingly delicious carrot desserts are just the thing for sneaking more veggies into your diet.

Kid-friendly and adult-approved, these fun recipes range from beautifully moist cakes to crunchy cookies and fluffy donuts. 

Sugar Glazed Carrot Cake
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No one will know that they’re getting a healthy serving of vegetables when they’re biting into carrot cake cheesecake bars.

Or when they’re enjoying carrot cinnamon rolls or guzzling carrot cake truffles.

In fact, they probably won’t even notice the carrot’s subtle sweetness.

But they will appreciate the moisture it adds to airy loaves, soft cake bars, and pillowy pies. 

Let’s get creative with carrots!

1. Carrot Cake Blondie Bars

These carrot cake blondies are made with pineapple, nuts, and grated carrots. And topped with a dreamy cream cheese frosting. 

Made in a brownie pan, they can be cut into individual portions, which is great if you have enough self-control to only eat one. 

2. Cream Cheese Carrot Cake Bars

Soft carrot cake with a cream cheese swirl, these beautiful bars look as good as they taste.

These cheesecake bars will keep for up to 5 days but, if your house is like mine, they won’t last that long.

3. Best Ever Carrot Cake

Classic carrot cake is a very traditional treat, dating back to a time when root vegetables were cheap and sugar was expensive.

The legendary dessert even gets a mention in a 1591 recipe book as “pudding in a carrot root.”

That might not sound so appetizing, but this modern-day version is definitely a keeper.

It’s made with a lightly spiced, nutty batter and topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting.

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I love carrot cake at Easter and Christmas, but this light snack is welcome any time of year.

4. Carrot Cake Cheesecake Bars

These fun cheesecake treats are a tasty team-up between New York-style cheesecake and carrot cake. 

And even though you’re technically making two desserts, they’re surprisingly easy to prep and assemble.

On busy days, you can use boxed cake batter, pre-grated carrots, and chopped walnuts to make things even easier.

5. Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies

Looking for a healthy breakfast that you can make ahead and grab on your way out the door?

Enter these oatmeal cookies. Packed with vitamin-rich carrots and heart-healthy oats, they’re full of fiber. 

These aren’t just cookies, they’re delicious, little energy boosters.

6. Italian Carrot Cake

Italian carrot cake is very much like the traditional English version, except for one important detail.

In this recipe, the carrots are pureed rather than shredded. Trust me, you’ll notice the difference.

Pureeing your carrots unlocks all their natural moisture, giving the cake a truly melt-in-the-mouth crumb. 

7. Vegan Carrot Cake

Have vegan or vegetarian friends coming for dinner? Make them this cake, and they’ll be friends for life.

Rich and buttery, you won’t miss the dairy. The secret ingredient is applesauce. This adds plenty of moisture, without the need for eggs. 

8. Carrot Cake Bites

These bites give you all the wonderful taste of carrot cake without actually having to make a cake.

They’re no-bake balls, made from a blend of carrots, nuts, spices, and dates.

With no sugar or grains, these are also Paleo, gluten-free, and vegan.

9. Fruit-Sweetened Carrot Cake Loaf

This luscious loaf is proof that nutritious nibbles can also be really, really tasty.

There’s no sugar in this cake. It’s naturally sweetened with dates and applesauce.

I love a thick slice, slathered with butter, for breakfast but this is an anytime sort of snack.

10. Mini-Layered Carrot Cake

This is the perfect recipe for parties and potlucks. Easy but elegant, they’re the ultimate festive finger food.

You’ll need a biscuit cutter to cut tiny cakes from your dough. These are then sandwiched together with a layer of cream cheese frosting.

Top with a dusting of cinnamon or chopped nuts and watch them disappear!

11. Carrot Cake Thumbprint Cookies

This fun and fruity recipe takes the basic formula of carrot cake and turns it into cookies.

The sweet, cakey cookies are decorated with a dollop of tangy goat’s cheese and apricot jam.

If you’re not a fan of goat’s cheese, just replace it with classic cream cheese.

12. Apple Carrot Cake Bars

These super healthy bars are packed with fruit and vegetables.

Perfect for picky kids, they’re both healthy and incredibly addictive.

Flavored with chunks of juicy apple, cinnamon, and vanilla, they’re delicious as-is but if you’re feeling fancy, top them with a swirl of creamy frosting.

13. Pumpkin Carrot Cake

I almost wish it was cold outside so I could make this amazing fall-flavored dessert.

Ideal for winter parties and the festive season, this treat is a classic layer cake sandwiched together with a creamy vanilla frosting.

14. Carrot Cake Dessert Pizza

If you’ve only had pizza for dinner, you’ve been missing out.

This fun dessert pizza is a great way to feed a crowd of hungry kids.

It’s made with a cookie crust, chocolate cream cheese, whipped cream, walnuts, and candied carrots. 

15. Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies

These zany whoopie pies are a fun twist on traditional carrot cake.

The carrot cake batter is piped into small circles for individual servings and sandwiched together with thick, creamy frosting.

These gorgeous goodies would be great for kids’ parties or family gatherings.

16. Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls

These pillowy pastries are a warm hug on chilly days.

Warm, gooey, and topped with a sweet glaze, they’re incredibly comforting and just the thing for lazy afternoons. 

17. Carrot Cake Donuts

People who eat cake for breakfast are my heroes.

And you can be one of those legends with this yummy recipe for carrot cake donuts. 

Fluffy and airy, they’re light enough to gobble down at breakfast and filling enough to keep you satisfied until lunch.

18. Carrot Cake Ice Cream With Cream Cheese Frosting Swirls

Carrot cake is traditionally served at Easter, but you can enjoy those wonderful tastes all summer long with this frozen dessert.

The ice cream is flavored with carrots, cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar, then swirled with streaks of cream cheese frosting. 

19. Carrot Cake Truffles

These fun truffles are a little like cake pops. 

They’re made with chunks of moist carrot cake, mixed with cream cheese, and coated in a white chocolate shell.

This is a fun weekend project for kids, who’ll love making their own homemade candies.

20. Carrot Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches

These scrumptious sandwiches aren’t just gluten-free and vegan, they’re also very adaptable.

You can make this recipe your own by using your favorite ice cream, adding chopped nuts, or dipping them in sprinkles.

However you make this DIY treat, one thing’s for sure, you’ll want to make them all summer long.

20 Best Carrot Dessert Collection


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Carrot Desserts

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