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Aunt Jemima Waffle Recipe

Whip up this Aunt Jemima waffle recipe for an easy and delicious weekday breakfast!

Waffles are beautifully golden and crisp on the outside, super soft and fluffy on the inside, and rich and creamy all over. What a perfect way to start the day.

While making waffles from scratch is a fun weekend activity with the kids, it’s not that enjoyable when doing it on a weekday.

But does that mean you can only eat waffles twice a week?

Waffles with Honey, Strawberry and Butter
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Nah. That’s what the Aunt Jemima mix is for! The boxed mix takes care of all the dry ingredients for you.

Thanks to the Aunt Jemima waffle recipe, you’ll get to devour waffles any day of the week!

Aunt Jemima Waffle Recipe 

Waffles may look, taste, and smell terrific… but let’s be honest, they aren’t easy to make from scratch. 

The dry ingredients alone are a handful. Measuring, sifting, and mixing is a ton of work.

Who has all that energy in the morning?

Enter Aunt Jemima, a brand of pre-made pancake and waffle mixes that’s made the lives of moms and dads so much easier for over a century. 

With the measuring and mixing out of the way, all that’s left is adding the wet ingredients, and into the waffle maker, it goes. 

Apart from the pre-measured dry ingredients, a box of Aunt Jemima mix also comes with a simple and easy-to-follow waffle recipe.

That means you’ll get to enjoy the goodness of waffles, without all that effort.

Don’t worry about the flavor, either. Just because it comes from a box doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste great!

The Aunt Jemima waffle recipe yields wonderfully crisp and fluffy waffles that taste perfectly homemade. 

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  • Aunt Jemima mix. No need to sift and stir together flour, cornstarch, baking powder, baking powder, baking soda, and sugar. Aunt Jemima already has that covered for you! Just a cup of this mix is all you need. 
  • Milk. Milk gives the waffles that super-rich and creamy flavor. Buttermilk works fantastic, too!
  • Eggs. They give both structure and richness to your waffles. You can separate the whites from the yolk to get fluffier waffles, but it’s not a requirement. More on this in the Tips and Tricks section.
  • Oil. It makes the waffles ultra-moist and tender. Butter works, too! Not only will it add moisture, but so much flavor as well.

Tips for Making the Best Waffles 

  • Unless you have several waffle makers, it takes a while to cook multiple waffles. So, what do you do to keep them warm and toasty as you cook the rest of the batter? 

Simple. All you need is to place them in the oven preheated at 250 degrees. That’s the perfect temperature to keep your waffles warm and crisp. 

You can also reheat the waffles in a toaster. Just pop them in the toaster and voila! They’ll be warm and crisp again.

  • If you want your waffles to be extra crisp and fluffy, separate the egg whites from the yolk. Beat it until stiff and fold it into the batter. It’s an extra step, I know, but it’s definitely worth it.
  • Have you ever tried using a pancake mix to make waffles? If you have, you know perfectly well that it doesn’t work! Why? Because the consistency is just not the same.

Pancakes are made to be super light and fluffy. Waffles, on the other hand, are denser. They’re not as airy, but that’s what makes them super crisp. 

So while you can technically use a pancake mix to make a waffle, you definitely won’t get that iconic consistency.

Can I Freeze the Waffles? 

Very much so! Make a huge batch of waffles ahead of time, eat what you can, freeze the rest, and reheat when a craving strikes.

That means you can have waffles any time, any day, without starting from scratch.

Make sure you let your waffles cool to room temperature before freezing. Place them in a freezer-safe bag and squeeze out as much excess air as you can before you seal.

Don’t skip this step, as it will prevent freezer burn. 

Label the bag accordingly, and freeze. Frozen waffles keep well for up to 3 to 4 months.

To reheat, just take the waffles out of the freezer and pop them in the toaster. The microwave and the oven work as well.  

Homemade Waffles with Honey and Butter

Best Toppings for Aunt Jemima Waffles

There are a plethora of ways to make your breakfast even more fun and exciting. Here are some of the best toppings for waffles.

  • You can’t go wrong with the classics! Butter and maple syrup make a sweet and creamy addition to your crisp waffles.
  • Sweeten up your waffles with a dusting of powdered sugar. Simple, yet elegant.
  • Add a refreshing contrast to your hearty waffles by topping them with fresh fruit. Bananas, mangoes, peaches, blueberries – you name it! Compotes, jams, and jellies work great, too. Add a dollop of whipped cream while you’re at it.
  • Make it saucy! Whether it’s chocolate, caramel, strawberry, or blueberry, it will make your waffles taste even more awesome. 
  • Ice cream for breakfast? Why not! Indulge yourself with a waffle sundae complete with vanilla ice cream, sprinkles, and chocolate drizzle.
  • Want something savory? Pair your waffles with chicken or bacon for a well-rounded breakfast.
  • For a completely chocolatey treat, add chocolate chips into the waffle mix before you cook them! 

Aunt Jemima Waffle Recipe





  • 1 cup Aunt Jemima mix

  • 3/4 cup milk

  • 1 egg

  • 2 tablespoons oil


  • Grease and preheat your waffle iron.
  • Stir together Aunt Jemima mix, milk, egg, and oil until you get a smooth and lump-free mixture. Let the batter rest for 4-5 minutes before you bake.
  • Pour the batter onto your waffle iron and close the lid. Let the waffle cook until the steaming stops. Lift the lid and take out the waffle.
  • Repeat step 3 until you cook up all your batter.
Aunt Jemima Waffle Recipe

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