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20 Traditional Argentinian Desserts

Looking for popular Argentinian desserts to serve at your next feast? You can’t go wrong with these delicious treats!

I have to start by saying, if you don’t like dulce de leche, then maybe these traditional desserts from Argentina aren’t for you.

Alfajores Cookies
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It’s in most of the recipes on this list. You’ve been warned!

But if you’re like me and can’t get enough of that silky, deeply caramel-flavored filling, then you’ll be in dulce de leche heaven.

I hope you have a sweet tooth because this list of 20 Argentinian desserts will get your heart racing!

1. Alfajores Recipe

You’ll find these super popular cookies all over Latin America. 

They’re buttery shortbread-like cookies that are wonderful by themselves. But sandwiching in a thick layer of dulce de leche makes them ultra indulgent.

Dulce de leche is used instead of caramel because it’s thick enough to not ooze out. Feel free to buy a jar, or if you have the time, try making your own.

2. Chocotorta

This Argentinian icebox cake is one impressive dessert. Between the soaked cookies and layers of dulce de leche, it’s incredibly rich.

Once the dulce de leche is mixed with cream cheese, it makes a silky smooth cheesecake-like filling that you’ll want to eat right out of the bowl. 

Try to keep the dulce filling thin (I know, it will be hard), but that’s the key to getting those tremendous contrasting layers. 

3. Homemade Dulce de Leche

You’ll notice as you go through this list that dulce de leche appears quite often.

It’s found in many Latin American desserts, which is why I love them so much!

This super thick caramel originates from Latin America, and it couldn’t be easier to recreate at home. 

Whether making it in the oven, on the stovetop, or in a slow cooker, the main ingredient is the same – condensed milk. 

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In fact, it can be the only ingredient. Cook it low and slow and wait for it to turn golden brown. 

4. Flan

This caramel custard is found at most, if not all, celebrations in Argentina.

It’s classic, humble, and is even better with a dollop of dulce de leche. As a plus, this Argentinian recipe only needs five ingredients. 

The only challenging part of this dish is the caramel. It can burn in a matter of seconds, so keep your eye on it. 

Once you’ve mastered that, you’ll make flan for every occasion.

5. Pionono Relleno con Dulce de Leche

You’ll recognize this as a “jelly-roll” or “Swiss roll” cake. It comprises a light sponge rolled up with a filling.

The sponge is almond flavored and is made light and fluffy by incorporating whipped egg whites. To keep it from cracking, roll the cake when it’s still hot!

And the filling? You guessed it: dulce de leche!

6. Medialunas and Vigilantes (Croissant-style Pastries)

Made in the same way as the traditional croissant, the medialunas and vigilantes are egg-washed and brushed with a sugar glaze after cooking. 

I know that making croissants can seem like a chore and can take a couple of days. But it’s so worth it when you take that first bite.

However, if you’re not into all that effort, feel free to use frozen dough.

7. How to Make Café Con Leche (Coffee With Milk)

One thing you should know how to pronounce when going to a Spanish speaking country is café con leche – caffay-con-lechay.

It may look and sound like a simple latte, but it’s much stronger. The lattes that we’re accustomed to in the US have very little coffee and are often overly sweet.

The amount of milk will be about double that of the coffee, but you’ll still get that fantastic roasted flavor if you make it strong enough. 

8. Coconut & Dulce De Leche Tart

This tart is as pretty as it is delicious. The combination of crunchy toasted coconut and creamy dulce de leche is perfection!

My favorite method to achieve the thickest dulce possible is to cook it right in the can overnight in a slow cooker.

Just be sure to submerge the entire can in water and keep the cooker on low. 

If you’re getting a little tired of dulce de leche, an excellent alternative would be to use a tart raspberry jam instead. 

9. Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

I know buying an ice cream maker might seem like a frivolous investment, but once you’ve seen how easy it is to make great homemade ice cream, you’ll never look back. 

The beauty of homemade ice cream is that it is totally up to you what goes in! This recipe is super creamy and would be amazing left alone. 

But what about adding some chunks of brownie? Or a handful of candied pecans?

I think some frozen chunks of cheesecake could be pretty darn impressive.

10. Dulce de Leche Crepes

The key to making the perfect crepes is to allow the batter to rest. It can be as little as 30 minutes, or you could make it before bed to rest overnight. 

Be prepared to lose the first one, and try to keep the batter thin in the pan.

Once you have a nice big pile, it’s time to lather them up with dulce de leche for one helluva decadent treat. 

If the dulce de leche is too thick, try mixing with some whipped cream to lighten it up a little. 

11. Homemade Dulce de Membrillo (Sweet Quince Paste)

Quince is a fruit similar to an apple or pear, though it is not usually eaten raw. 

However, due to the high content of pectin, it makes for a great paste or gel.

Its sweet and tangy flavor pairs perfectly with cheese, making it a welcome addition to any charcuterie board. 

12. Pasta Frola de Dulce de Membrillo (Quince Tart)

If the idea of sweet quince and cheese doesn’t work for you, then you’ll love this tart recipe.

The sweet pasty enhances the sweetness in the paste but lets the flavors really shine. 

Much like apricot jam, it can be used in addition to another jam for added flavor. Raspberry especially complements the tangy quince. 

13. Dulce de Leche Gooey Bars

I’m not sure if “gooey bar” is the official name, but it certainly got my attention. What’s better than a thick sugar cookie base slathered in dulce de leche?

I love cookie bars because of their simplicity. There’s no portioning out. You just press them into the tin and bake.

And with the extra creaminess of dulce de leche, they won’t last long. You could even throw in some dark chocolate chips to add some deeper flavors if you like.  

14. Dessert Empanadas (Chocolate & Dulce de Leche Empanadas)

I love empanadas for their flaky pastry and spicy filling. And being finger food absolutely enhances their appeal.

But dessert empanadas? I might just have found my new vice. 

Not only does the pastry include cocoa powder, but it also has a touch of cinnamon and some coffee for a wonderfully complex and warm flavor. 

As for the filling, the only thing that could make it better might be a slice or two of fresh banana.

15. Alfajores Cupcakes

Using the same great flavors, these cupcakes embody the same light and delicate texture of alfajores cookies and enhances it with some whipped coconut cream. 

Not only are they filled with dulce de leche, but they’re also drizzled over the top, making the flavor the star of the show. 

I adore the coconut cream on top and would also add some toasted coconut for texture. But you can use regular whipped cream if you prefer. 

16. Authentic Tortas Fritas Recipe

If you’re looking for something simple and sweet, it doesn’t get any better than deep-fried dough tossed in sugar. 

They are almost like flat donuts; only the dough is not made with yeast. You can have a batch of these on the table in under 30 minutes!

17. No-Bake Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

I think my love of cheesecake is pretty well known by now. I am obsessed. 

Although I have a preference for baked cheesecake, I’m more than happy to indulge in a no-bake recipe, especially in the warmer months.

I love the pretzels in the crust here and the addition of the almond brittle. But if you’re in a rush, this will be a super flavorful cheesecake without all that.

I recommend making it the day before you need it, so that it can fully set overnight. 

18. El Submarino (Argentinian Hot Chocolate Drink)

This drink gets its name from how it is made: hot milk with a square of dark chocolate submerged into the cup. 

For this, you really need good quality dark chocolate, and I would suggest adding extra. The more, the merrier!

If you like it a little sweeter, feel free to up the sugar in the milk, and serve with mini-marshmallows. 

19. Dulce de Leche Brownies

Remember when I asked, “What’s better than a thick sugar cookie base slathered in dulce de leche?” 

The answer is thick and fudgy brownies slathered in dulce de leche.

You can use a box brownie mix or your favorite recipe. All you’ll have to do is pour half of the batter into the pan and add your dulce de leche. 

I like to pipe mine. Since it’s so thick, it can be difficult to spread without pulling at the brownie batter.

I know they say you should always let your brownies cool and set before digging in, but with this recipe, that simply isn’t possible. 

20. Dulce de Leche Cronuts

I never made it to the Dominique Ansel Bakery to try the cronut. Did you see the lines? They still go round the block, even after more than seven years.

And for those of us that don’t live in New York City, making them at home might be the only way to try them out!

If you’ve made the croissant dough before, you’re already halfway there. But the frozen stuff is pretty impressive these days. 

Once you have those layers flaky and golden, what else could make them pop like a dulce de leche glaze?

20 Traditional Argentinian Dessert Collection

Looking for popular Argentinian desserts to serve at your next feast? From dulce de leche to flan to cronuts, these treats will give you a taste of Argentina!


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Argentinian Desserts

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