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17 Best Pear Vodka Cocktails (+ Easy Recipes)

Are you in the mood for something fruity, boozy, and delicious? Give these pear vodka cocktails a try. They’re crisp, refreshing, and totally pear-licious. 

Of course, not all pear vodka drinks are created equally.

Some are sweet, while others have tart or tangy flavors. A few are somewhat dry, while others are wonderfully sugary and aromatic. 

Two glasses of pear vodka cocktail with floating slices of pears garnished with mint.
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The combination of pear and vodka is the one thing tying them all together.

Most of these pear vodka drinks use actual pear-flavored or pear-infused vodka. 

Others combine regular vodka with sliced pears. Either way, they’re all sure to delight your palate. 

1. Spiced Pear Martini 

Even without its gorgeous garnishes, the spiced pear martini is a lovely drink.

It features a radiant amber hue and a dusting of cinnamon sugar on top. 

It’s very Autumn-esque and perfect for all of your fall events.

Make a couple to enjoy after dinner, or whip up a whole batch for your harvest celebrations. 

2. Fall Harvest Cocktail 

If you really want to dial up the fall flavor, try the fall harvest cocktail. It combines many of your fall favorites: pear vodka, apple cider, and cranberry juice.

It’s refreshing, not too sweet, and bubbly enough to make your nose tingle.

Plus, its lovely pinkish-red hue makes it a total head-turner.  

3. Pear Martini with Elderflower Liqueur 

Did you know that scent is one of our most powerful senses? We can smell something familiar, instantly creating a vivid sense of memory in our minds. 

That’s why I appreciate when my cocktails smell as good as they taste. That’s certainly the case with this particular drink. It features a bright burst of citrus and pear flavor. 

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But the elderflower liqueur makes it smell wonderful. It also gives it an enjoyable, lightened flavor. 

4. Pear and Lime Sangria

I love a good sangria, and typically, I prefer white to red. And this pear and lime sangria is top-notch!

It has everything you love about a white sangria, from the crispness to the slightly dry bite. However, it’s also infused with pears, basil, and limes. 

The result is a perfectly balanced, somewhat sweet and tart sangria perfect for fall or summer. 

5. Pear Moscow Mule 

The pear Moscow mule is simply a classic Moscow mule made with pear vodka. (You can also pair regular vodka with Asian pear garnishes.)

It’s a zingy, zesty, delightfully tart cocktail with the warming undertones of ginger beer. 

6. Asian Pear & Ginger Sparkler

This elegant drink is ideal for parties, brunches, and special occasions.

It has a sparkly, almost golden appearance and a perfectly balanced flavor.

The ginger syrup tones down the sweetest of the pear’s edges. And the pear softens the ginger’s sharpness. You’ll love it!

7. Pear Vodka Tonic

Move over, classic gin and tonic. This pear vodka tonic is about to blow you out of the water.

It’s fresh and crisp, with only four ingredients: pear vodka, mint, tonic water, and ice. 

It’s ideal when you want something cool and invigorating in the hot summer months.

If you like mojitos you’ll appreciate this drink. 

8. French Pear Martini 

This stunning, delicate cocktail is gorgeous, elegant, and impossible to resist.

It seamlessly blends the flavors of Champagne, pear vodka, and St. Germain. 

It’s light, floral, and fruity but not overly sweet. It’s also lovely enough to serve for more formal occasions. (Such as weddings and anniversaries.)

9. Thanksgiving Margarita

The Thanksgiving margarita is everything you love about Turkey Day in a single glass.

Craving pears? How about apple cider? Cinnamon and brown sugar? 

This festive cocktail has it all! It’s beautiful, it smells great, and it tastes even better.

Serve it alongside a big slice of pumpkin pie, and your holiday dinner will surely be a hit.

10. Pear Prosecco Cocktail

Looking for a pear-flavored drink to wow a crowd? Whip up a batch of this pear Prosecco.

It’s a pear-forward, boozy punch all your guests will enjoy. And since it only requires three ingredients, it’s easy to prepare.

Note: If you don’t have pear simple syrup, you’ll have to make your own. That requires a bit more time, so be sure to plan accordingly. 

11. Lotus Blossom Martini

Something about lotus blossoms just seems so exotic to me, and the same is true of this drink.

With unique ingredients like lychees and sake, it’s wonderfully exotic. 

It’s sweet, fruity, and mega-flavorful. But despite all that, it takes a mere 3 minutes or less to prepare. The hardest part is finding the lychees to make the drink! 

Fresh lychees are best, of course. If you’ve exhausted all options, Amazon sells canned lychee that’s already pitted and peeled.

12. Pear Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Though there’s never a bad time for a cosmo, this particular version tastes best at Christmas. The combination of cranberries and pears is just so “holiday season” to me. 

As written, I find the recipe slightly too tart and a little dry. So, I always increase the simple syrup to about 1 ounce when making it.

Experiment to see what ratios you like best. 

13. Triple Pear-tini

You’ve heard of the appletini, of course. It’s been hugely popular for the last several years. But did you know you can “tini” other fruits, too? 

Take the triple pear-tini, for example. It’s absolutely loaded with pear flavor. You use actual pears, pear vodka, and pear liqueur!

It’s a triple threat of pear goodness, and I’m here for it! Take a single sip, and you’ll be on board, too. 

14. Pear Berry Fizz Cocktail

I’m crazy about pear vodka cocktails. Unfortunately, most of them lack color.

Sure, they look nice and sophisticated with their golden hues. But gold, white, or amber are about the only colors they ever have. 

That’s not the case with this one! It’s an adorable, pretty-in-pink drink with a berrylicious flavor.

It’s sweet, flowery, fruity, and delicious. It’s really hard to turn down seconds of this one. 

15. Apple Pear Sangria

Speaking of pretty colors! The apple pear sangria’s brilliant yellow hue is worth celebrating.

It’s bright and rich, and almost shimmery in certain lights. 

It has a wonderful blend of flavors, too. Caramel, apple, cinnamon, and pear all combine to make this drink an easy fall favorite. 

16. Pear Tree Cocktail

This drink has a bit of everything in it. It started as a twist on the Moscow mule and then just kind of grew. 

People are sometimes shocked when they first look at the lengthy ingredient list. After all, what kind of cocktail requires 10 ingredients? 

However, it’s just as easy to whip up as the others on this list. Many of the ingredients are garnishes, anyway.

You can have a couple of these ready in about 5 minutes.

17. Sparkling Rosemary Pear Martini 

The name of this cocktail pretty much tells you everything you need to know about it.

It features rosemary simple syrup, pear puree, and a lot of vodka. 

It walks the line between sweet-n-fruity and dry-and-herby. It has a rich, nuanced flavor and a zesty, bubbly finish.

Plus, it works well for practically every season. 

17 Best Pear Vodka Cocktails (+ Easy Recipes)

These pear vodka cocktails are fruity, light, and refreshing! From martinis to sangria to margaritas, pear vodka will be your new best friend.


  • Spiced Pear Martini

  • Fall Harvest Cocktail

  • Pear Martini with Elderflower Liqueur

  • Pear and Lime Sangria

  • Pear Moscow Mule

  • Asian Pear & Ginger Sparkler

  • Pear Vodka Tonic

  • French Pair Martini

  • Thanksgiving Margarita

  • Pear Prosecco Cocktail

  • Lotus Blossom Martini

  • Pear Cosmopolitan Cocktail

  • Triple Pear-tini

  • Pear Berry Fizz Cocktail

  • Apple Pear Sangria

  • Pear Tree Cocktail

  • Sparkling Rosemary Pear Martini


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Make a pear vodka cocktail in minutes!
Pear Vodka Cocktails

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